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  1. I'm sure the crew from Kotaku or Destructoid will have an update from PAX. But wow more coverage from TGS. Time is flying so fast.
  2. Episode 8 = awesome I love the intro tune, it would be fun to open with a classic tune every episode. Best intro yet +very different playlist loved this episode *FiXt (*haha nice job man!) **that crew is something else, lots of talented people there too
  3. Just found one of your collab treasures. From Orta, "more than a weapon".

    Oddly enough I managed to find Orta from a used books store.

    *and the music is something I can never forget.

    Even though I've been a member here on OCR for years. Its fun to catch up with other members.

    Btw, I hope your current projects are going well too.

  4. Now that's some great news! *music to everyone's ears.. ahh =D ** and balance! amen! prayers have been answered!
  5. I gotta be honest, I wasn't too crazy about ep.7 Too much dnb, even though its great in small doses. Did love Tachyon, and the bizarre mix of a lost classic from White Town *that song always haunted me since Hope ep.8 has more fun stuff next time around. - Artist of the Week Great idea! maybe a mini-playlist of early stuff, and some lost tunes we've never heard before? - Classics? Curious how far back in everyone's library we could go like a top 5 list maybe?
  6. By Thor's Hammer! *sniff* I am crying manly tears This is what I love about SDCC, more fun details about things we love. I may just start playing MVC 1&2 again =D
  7. Now this is a fun mix worth checking out. *mostly the CV tribute's have been rock or symphony This is a bit of a rarity, but defintely a fun tune. *opening reminded me of some horror movie =D **breakdowns are great too, who knew a cv mix could have a sound like this?
  8. O.O I think my heart skipped a beat. Oh my
  9. Now that is something we have definitely been waiting to see. Hope the current projects are going great man =D
  10. Listened to the awesome mix and I remember some of these trax. Extra notes.. Vixtrola - Gunboat (was featured on the WB series "Birds of Prey" OST) Imogen Heap - Headlock (also on BoP surprisingly) MasterKraft - Work On You (was on a car commercial some years back) And BT's "Satelite' forever awesome =D As always the "Drop" is a wild ride. Can't wait till the next one. Btw how was your girlfriend's trip to Hawaii? *Song request - Steppenwolf - Magic Carpet Ride (Steir's Mix) (From the "Go" movie soundtrack)
  11. Just dl and loving the mix, keep the music alive man! XD
  12. Oo, whoa.. that would be a trip. No wait back to reality. Er never mind that actually I can't make up my mind!! Any crazy mish-mash would be fun
  13. Music - The sounds in the Sonic-verse have been insanely crazy, and a techno masterpiece. (going back to the early 16-bit days). Then the "rock" era with Adventure - and present. Yet there is still a mix of music that carries the tradition. Still its fast paced, engaging, and some songs that "crank up to 11". *for those who get the reference, bonus points to you! On the plus side I have been an electronic music fan for a long time. And I could never get enough of bpm, that keeps going like a heartbeat. I just wish the classic Sonic tradition could make another comeback. Gameplay - Just Sonic zipping past the Green Hill Zone, or taking on an Egg Carrier. No teams, just pure adrenalin rush.
  14. Nice playlist, and who could forget those tunes!? Can't wait!
  15. Nice to see you again GT, been awhile. Looking @ the playlist, awesome. Mixing stuff from then & now is fun. *Always been a long time BT fan since the early works. Heard he's working on some new surprises!! =D Plus Blind's work is sweet! Maybe an OCR exclusive mix could happen?
  16. Been looking forward to the Nights "Dreams" project for awhile. =D Can't wait for the the finished project!
  17. This mix reminds me of "Chu Chu Rocket" on speed. (see Sonic Rush, or JSR for reference) *Hideki Naganuma Overall "Feel Good Inc" has been one of my favorites. Sadly I never could find the G singles in stores. Keep up the great work, can't wait to hear more.
  18. Could be fun to check this out when its finished. Library pc not allowing to goto site. =.= ^^; Don't mind waiting, GY always awesome
  19. Maybe there are variant unlockable music tracks? After taking a fun trip with Rush, I could definitely see each stage theme interlace with "invisibility". Curious though who may just be composing the soundtrack for 4 altogether. Just one producer, and several artists? hmm
  20. Amen, Ferret does share a good point. Even though I've mostly been a listener to music. Being creative, and having fun, that's why OCR exists.
  21. What a lovely take on DOAA. =D I love the intro, it felt like a Santana song. Awesome. With a more laidback tone, its still a fun tune.
  22. Just listented to "Kindred" from the Reserve Tank album.

    Such a beautiful, yet haunting tune.

    Hope things are going great for you. Take care. =D

  23. Read the recent newsletter, shared the linkage via Twitter. Now this is a sweet project idea, as ambitious as OCR has been over the years. I have faith
  24. Congrats to this diverse and fun collab everyone. Hope for many more projects from this group sometime soon.
  25. Congrats OCR! I can't believe its already been ten years. Feels like it was just yesterday when things came together. Plus its been a great 10 years. Hope for many more ahead, and tons of fun collaborations in the years to come.