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  1. Ah I see, but those definitely sound worth the wait.
  2. I am really diggin this album. *plus reading "No Pink Ponies" makes it even more fun. Btw Malcos, any more ideas in the works? Maybe a weekend chill album. Something fun.
  3. Honestly this reminds me of a boss fight on any NES game. *the voice bit, haha hey gotta have a lil fun messing around This is addictive
  4. Just dl the demo track mp3.. wow these are very fluent. I love the ambient - 8bit beats you have ongoing. Looking forward the full album.
  5. Gotta say these mashups are pretty darn good. What sorts of mixes do you have planned?
  6. I know I missed something. Antigravity has definitely evolved into something worth its while. Its neat to see you trying different things. I am definitely going to purchase a copy pretty soon.
  7. I do remember Zircon having a demo setup awhile back. But wow, this lil symbiote is back, and finally out in the world. Never can have enough "Streets of Rage" tributes. =D
  8. Really enjoying this "tricked" out CV mix. Haven't heard anything with trip-hop and CV together before. Holy water!
  9. Was a bit surprised to read this note over @ kotaku recently. Really enjoyed those classic titles.. sigh, a shame he passed away. Rest well old friend.
  10. One word, excellent. Must keep listening, even with a smile on my face.
  11. Dunno what else to say, but great job on this SF2Turbo project. Honestly love all the tracks. "Round 1 FIGHT!"
  12. Pixie, wonder what happened. Hope he sends an email your way. Letting you know if recordning the show's been delayed for today. Something at least.
  13. Just listening to a bit of CS.. excellent work. Honestly moved to hear this soundtrack in full orchestral. Though a bit of the artists have dev'd into other styles, goes to show a huge amount of talent. (*plus kudos to pixie! words just can't describe the angelic voice you have)
  14. As always, the OCR podcast is a fun listen. Curious when the next ep is on the way.
  15. Honestly always felt that Earthbound (Mother), went its own way in bgm tracks. It felt ambient, yet spooky. Yet the artist behind this tribute, did a nice cover, yet gave it their own spin. If only 8-bit could sound like this now. Ness fights on to save Earth! *never will forget that crazy adventure..
  16. Really lovin' this unique take on Dan's Theme. SFA-series was always mixed in different ways. From tough beats, to jazzy synth. Then again Dan felt the love of music. His stage was just vibrant, as he was goofy. This well done mix, really incorporates a labor of love. Never heard something like this before, especially done with an arcade character's theme. Nice job JM & Po! We'd love to hear more from both of you!
  17. Guardian Legend is quite a gem, that's overlooked. Very glad to see a rendition done, plus with 8-bit vibes. And to tell the truth, I was an Ace of Base fan. Even though for a few songs. Overall, an excellent song, and is a must listen for everyone that loves classic games. Best of luck out there Beatdrop.
  18. Just listened to ep 017, interesting. Pretty cool to hear you on the Podcast Pixie. Been awhile since I tuned it. Its fun to catch up.
  19. From the depths of heck, one person stands alone, with a BFG taking down anything that moves.. I remember playing the first Doom, the controls, beasts, and the gunfire. Just exploring the labyrinth was a ticket, to (A) getting lost, ( winding up dead But most of all, I remember the ambience, sometimes you could hear atmospheric bgm tracks, or the sounds of monsters growling, and rushing towards your lone warrior. It was that intense from start to finish, every nerve wrecking move could be your very last. <-end note to doom-> About this Doom tribute- Completely sweet tracks, some memorable, and some new.. all the tracks intertwine so very well, it could very well be the next Doom soundtrack. Plus the collaboration of different artists added even more creativity within the unique sounds. Overall, excellent project. And very glad that things worked out in the end. Again, great job to the group of artists that worked on this project together.
  20. The pink one rides the star once again!! To be honest, I've been a fan of Kirby since his early beginnings. Sure it may be cute & cartoony, but some games in the series were quite a treat. From the usual rush, to side-scrolling, and even teaming up with critters. It made the series very unique, might even say its an action rpg of sorts. But nothing can stop the lil guy. What to say about this OCR project? Just one word. Sweet. Sweet like cotton candy, the kind you enjoy during a fair. It just melts in your mouth, and you enjoy it till its done. Its like the ultimate sugar high, but with positive effects. And this collaboration is something to also chill out with. Awesome job on this Kirby project!
  21. 80's trip anyone? dang i cant stop listening to this! I'm hooked to the song. Awesome job AkumaJoBelmont!
  22. A very different take on Bowser's theme. Plus its a good one too, didnt think this kinda mix could be done with this theme.
  23. One of the most memorable tunes in SMW. Gotta admit, this tribute is very well done. *why didnt he release this piano solo sooner!?
  24. Very interesting.. any final date made up yet?
  25. Trent, never one to let down. How's your job goin btw? Can't wait to hear the finished songs.