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    VGMix Revival

    Been way too long without VGMIX, I remember checking the site daily for any new tunes. Just to help get by the day, or even night (like OCR here) Seems like a lot of our old friends have come and gone (or super busy). I do hope that 2.0 turns out great.
  2. Didn't see the fine print regarding this game, except kudos all around. I feel bummed out for the PC gamers out there, this doesn't make sense. Hope they listen, and just maybe make the game worthwhile for pc users, as much as console players.
  3. Nicely done remix, voted with a 5 star & favorite =D
  4. Just started listening, and I already love this mash up remix soundtrack. o.o sweet lord! "Blood on the Asphalt" on its own was a treat, but man the crew really went all out. Kudos to the entire SF2THDRMX OST crew, you are all awesome!
  5. That is some awesome news Jill, I am definitely adding to my must buy list. I do have a certain someone in mind that would love a cool gift for the holidays
  6. Really enjoying the tunes so far on your album's playlist. I enjoy even hearing a midi-mix tribute. Kinda adds a bit more of a "spin", that most look over. I will definitely add your tunes to my favorites. =D
  7. Listening to the album right now, I have to admit I wasn't sure at first. But after tuning into a few tracks, I am really enjoying this tribute album. Crazy title though, but overall a fun bevy of tribute songs. =D
  8. Followed the trail from Dale, and found a treasure trove. Awesome job guys! Hope we'll hear another group collab project like this one, more often. =D
  9. Just several to list during my childhood =D Gradius Ghosts n' Goblins Prince of Persia Castlevania Super Mario Brothers Metroid Legend of Zelda
  10. Something just made me click this thread. Just been trying to find new music, and voila.. I find a new beat. Gotta say, these demo tracks are splendid, just the right amount of creativity. I remember the tag Mark_Li (I've been a member of this forum for quite awhile) as a listener, never as a producer. But I enjoy music altogether Can't wait to hear more of your stuff in the future. Keep up the great work (and who knows, you may even get featured beside many other fun, talented people) =D
  11. That was a humbling surprise, given Martin's history (and quite a bit of fun interviews). Plus getting a reprise of how OCR's involvement as an indie project, and within the industry. Who knows, maybe even more talents may get positive recognition.
  12. Holy cow.. that video is insane. Well favorite moments, ok all of those segments were great. * Snake + box + the lovely ladies = win * Snake's comeback at the end = nuff said Whomever produced these fun videos, is just genius.
  13. Quite humbled by this interview with Beatdrop. Wow, I've been a member just as long as his first track. Its actually what brought me here in the first place. Just a search for MegaMan, and voila. Plus I remember his early demo tracks that he let us sample, until he felt sure enough things were "set in motion". Glad to see him moving to better things, and alot of possibilities. Congrats! (and excellent interview)
  14. Just watching the new trailer @ GT. Amazing, just getting to see more of this project getting attention. And alot more impulse is building. *reading the notes from users, it is very positive. I'm sure some of our community have given it kudos, but this is pure sweetness.
  15. Happy birthday Shael, creative character that you are. Go Groin! (saving the world once again)
  16. Interesting bgm tune, but whatever the case may be, whats done is done. And I can't disagree maybe hip-hop is running out of ideas. Might be fun to hear a Zelda beat going to some lyrics (battle theme maybe?) *ok i kid, but you never know how the industry is these days.
  17. Sweet, sweet. Just we, the community have to be patient and see whats next. And gotta hope for the best. =D
  18. Just catching up with stuff going on. But this is some great news, kudos Virt, you've really taken things to the next level. Being able to see your name in the game credits of Contra IV, is gonna be quite an honor. Whenever I went to check out "Dwelling of Duels", your Contra cover just "sang" from start to finish. Hope things are going great for you. And hey whenever VGMIX comes back, the wait will be worth it. =D
  19. Oh wow, old blue. I remember that skin. Curious though if there may be anymore surprises in the years to come.
  20. Kadosho


    wow, ocr-tan, that is pretty cool. and seeing jill dress up = major amounts of awesome in one year. something how it all worked out. and you cant beat a modded guitar like that one.
  21. I'm picturing the new series, and old one meshing together one last time. My gosh its beautiful to hear this again. Is this the final edit? hope we get to hear a full cover.
  22. i am really enjoying your cover of "Take On Me". Was wondering for the longest time if anyone was going to try a crack at it. And the vocals are hard, but sounds like you were having fun at the same time. Just keep trying you'll find what you like. Overall, this is pretty darn good. Dont beat yourself up about it. =D
  23. the feline can sing.. fun music. I know my cats do the same thing, its funny. XD
  24. Congrats Jill! =D This is gonna be great to hear your voice on many game soundtracks for years to come.
  25. congrats BeatDrop! DDR man, some world we live in.