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  1. Nah Sadorf didnt mean it that way. Plus it seems to be one of the tougher songs to make your own way. *guess some songs can be a hassle then Btw why not let us hear the original to compare the two? Just an idea.
  2. Just gotta say the crew behind the Sonic2 project, did an awesome job. *and Sadorf, your mix on Aquatic Ruins is alright. Quit belittling yourself. Again, i just gotta say this is just sweet.
  3. Who doesnt like something a lil dark once and awhile? "Dancing Mad" goes that path, as some of the tracks from that installment. This is the boss theme.
  4. Super C -the other one I havent played it in long while. Excellent composition with Stage 2's theme.
  5. Ah Sakura's theme, timeless and a sweet track. Its pretty much what got me hooked to how her style was goin in her first debut. *gotta boogie! This is a nice remix. Dance Sakura! Dance!
  6. Wonder how I missed this one.. This version of "Kraid's theme" is alright. Sure some notes may be offkey, doesnt really hinder the song from still being good. Never thought Kraid's theme could be done in violin..
  7. I remember playing this on the NES. holy cow! **its been way too long! The "moon stage" theme was another fav track of mine. Its great to finally hear this one. Nice mix Star.
  8. Metroid II This was one of the lost gems in the GB collection. Plus it was an alright game too. It may not have been like its older sister, but it really felt like another level of Metroid for a different system. +====+ BGC's cover "Anthem of a Bounty Hunter" Nicely done piece, it also reflects the end credits theme too. After the missions done, she can relax. Its also laidback, but in a cool progressive way. Great job BGC!
  9. "Phendrana Drifts" The original track kept that level of ambience within the ice caverns. Plus it changed whenever you delved deeper. It was so different from the rest of the game, it really kept itself apart from the rest of the soundtrack. This remix does the same, but even better. It makes the song even more level, in a different way. Its like hearing it from a different perspective, as if from the various critters you come across. Nicely done job DarkESword.
  10. A very well done remix. Hope more tunes from Chronicles will be featured soon.
  11. On the note of PH, odd fellow. *and most obscure moment (a bit of a "ahem" subject to speak of) +==== Another note on Metatron, its given that of the "hero" or "anti-hero" what they want to do, how to change this world. Its why they are there in the first place, as a test. +==== But for Heather, it was more re-awakening to being who she actaully is, even though at a cost. +==== How Silent Hill, it reflects on you and all about it.
  12. A compelling tune on its own, different from the original tune. Nah, doesnt matter. Its great on its own. Just letting the fingers fly in the solo.. juicy.
  13. This is one of those songs you would hear during a bad dream. Somethings there, but you dont see it. It hits you, the minute you wake up. On the tv, the screen is all static, but there's no remote. Can't change the channel. Is it broken? =====+ This is really sounds more like a BGM track. Just with added noize to bring that effect to life. And it really messes with you after awhile.. Good stuff, that should never be forgotten.
  14. Gotta admit, this track is addictive. Even though it dabs a bit into grunge, nothing wrong there. It actually brings out the song even more.
  15. Soft hearted, yet dark melodic tune. really liked your take on this. Its fine. Not by its sound alone, but you can really feel like you're totally alone when you hear it. Is that a good, or bad response?
  16. This rendition of the Snow stage reminds me of the Phendrana area from Metroid Prime. (a liberate dark mix with the area's effects surrounding you) If there was another 3d Sonic ice stage this song would fit perfectly.
  17. Who doesnt mind something different? Its got a beat you can dance to, plus a S&K stage rolled into one. Excellent tune.
  18. Brings back alot of memories..hopefully someday they may release a sequel to Flashback.
  19. Either you hate it or love it..I'm one thats a part of the latter category. This literally fits just right for Metroid,there's alot of tension.Plus the fact you're all alone in your quest.So you never know what could happen next. The song makes it seem like a dark place where you can only get by the sounds..great work on this tune.
  20. Never heard this tune before,and this is pretty darn good! F-Zero X brought in a new sweet style to tunes we've come to know and love. But what a better way than grunge! Cuz it just fits perfectly. Btw you should work on a special tribute to F-Zero GX when ya get the chance Tony! Excellent work on this tune.
  21. This tune would make Tommy Tallarico proud. Plus its a great classic title that anyone must have played during the SNES days.Sweet old-school style.
  22. This is an excellent rendtion of CV3's opening theme. It has the right pitch and tone ..everything about is just great.
  23. You've done many remixes before this...but my gosh this is great! Plus its a special remix..every single one is! The tune plays off just right.Another excellent tune DjPretzel!
  24. This is an excellent rendition of various FF Battle themes. But then hey I'm a grunge nut! =D Great work on this one!