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  1. Hehe. They killed the whiny Tidus bitch. That was a great ending. Actually... I liked it all. Someone should try to explain Final Fantasy Tactics though, that'd be neat.
  2. I wouldn't say it's Kickstarter's doing - I'd say that's all based on how awesome Shael and co. are (;
  3. Try both, but to answer your question I use IO4.
  4. On a side note, this thread is tagged with vocals, but the common tag up to this point has been vocal. http://ocremix.org/forums/tags.php?tag=vocal (;
  5. Hi. My name is Josh, and I'm a Shael-aholic. My SR shirt, six-o-clock shadow and I all agree - back this album. (I normally only wear this shirt when I'm preparing to get very, very drunk - so all my housemates are confused)
  6. The longer version is here: http://www.syntesis.org/bank/fsod/JW-08212009-GooRevolt.mp3 The evidence to this music not being for the game is here: http://kylegabler.com/WorldOfGooSoundtrack/ - my source specifically is "Best of Times." Thanks (:
  7. And then, remember you can layer drumkits! Two kicks is (sometimes) better than one!
  8. I'll say it again, love this remix. Huge fan of Jimmy's, obviously, and I'm very happy this is finally up! Happy birthday!
  9. This was done about a year ago for a game called "Indie Brawl" which features remixes and rearrangements of indie-game themes. The source here is "Best of Times" from World of Goo. There are a LOT of things I'd do differently, but I'm pretty happy with it all said and done. Besides the sub-par production in this track, WoG material isn't eligible for OCR as it wasn't originally written for the game. Just a heads up. (longer version here: http://www.syntesis.org/bank/fsod/JW-08212009-GooRevolt.mp3)
  10. I'd say if you have the choice to get more RAM on an audio device, go for it. I'd honestly say avoid using a laptop as an audio-workstation, but I see the situations where it could come in awful handy - anyway, if you can afford it, go 8GB, but I'd imagine you'd be fine with just 4GB.
  11. Okay, so I looked back at "Rhymes with Elixir," the precedent in this situation. djpretzel said it all: This mix is actually ahead of RWE in terms of those things in my opinion. That's why this is a few (by few I mean many many) levels above OLRemix.
  12. I for one don't think they need to be about the game at all, mine weren't. I've slept on this whole thing and everyone's made some pretty important points - we do this for fun, you don't have to love it, but here instead is OCR supporting us artists in what we do well - super serious or not, about the game or not, explicit or needlessly vulgar, call it what you will - but it's here. Time to embrace it.
  13. I'm entirely in agreement here, production is gold. Anywho, I've stated my opinion and that's all I really care to do - as I said, life goes on, no big deal. And I'll be honest, I do enjoy this kind of thing generally, and I'm not saying that I don't enjoy this mix for what it is - and since that's what it's really all about, I do support this post, I just wanted to make the point. At the end of the day all that's really left for me to say is keep it up guys, and I'd like to see something in this direction again, and I know there's potential for more "potent" lyrics in mixes like these, or that is to say, this genre also has potential for arrangements that talk about some deeper things and I'd love to see them. Maybe that was obvious, though. (: EDIT: I'd also like to go on record as saying that this is one of my favorite remixes ever, and I would have made the same point had it gotten posted.
  14. This is an incredible point that I entirely agree with - at the same time, with such high standards across the board I most definitely believe it should be held to lyrical content. If you let that slide then why shouldn't joke remixes also be allowed, and this immediately comes to mind (granted, I get the production, arrangement, etc and stuff is way subpar, I'm just making a point). I'm not trying to make too serious an ordeal and detract from what you've suggested - that we do this for fun, ourselves, and for people who appreciate the music. That's a pretty strong point, but I still have to sit on my side of the grumpy fence on this one, as it more subtracts from the genre in the way its presented, saying: "hey we can do this too," and then doing it poorly, or as a joke (as you've suggested), is an awful way to start. I think my argument is more that Lyrics -are- a part of arrangement, and should be a serious factor in the evaluation of any piece of music.
  15. It isn't the vulgarity, it's the laziness - and I agree about everything else you've said - except this is the equivalent of having someone with a really great sounding track but an AWFULLY recorded lead guitar or keyboard. 99% of the time I'm pretty sure that's grounds for at, the very least, a resub - but here we're looking at poor execution. As vulgar as Ludacris is, he's got execution. Part of me is simply arguing for the sake of voicing a strong opinion, this doesn't detract from my respect for the artists involved or anything quite like that - it really just is a matter of standards that are clearly not in place for this genre, and this is an awful place to set the bar. Life goes on (:
  16. Here it is. Production wise, this is gold (bar minor picky things with some vocal mixing). Source usage fine, of course. And as for reaching out to new genres and not discriminating, that's also great. Now, it's always been my belief that when we have mixes come in, we rate them as arrangements, their production values, but also as stand-alone works and how they'd sit alone in their own genre. I gotta say that I don't think this stands as a work in its own genre, and to say that this is "good rap" is kind of degrading to the genre - there's nothing witty in the lyrics, there are no strong meaningful thematic material, and there's really no meaningful inspiration to this work; and yes this is coming from a guy who knows exactly what an everclear hangover feels like. Unfortunately, this devalues what I considered the standards of this community to be - which may be a step in the right direction. I feel like an inside-joke between a few friends, regardless of their status in the community, is not really the kind of material you guys should be promoting. This seems like a painful excuse to post this mix - lyrical content is equally important, if not MORE important than production values - arrangers and composers do not include anything in their music "lazily," and every piece of the puzzle should be quite important, so why in the world does a central element to this track get by as being lazy. Furthermore, djpretzel's writeup feels more like a list of reasons why this was let through, or an excuse, rather than a confident post, as it really should be. Just my two cents, of course - I very much support this community and I stand by the decisions made with faith that you guys have been doing this for quite some time now and more a hell of a lot more than me, but I also have to say... Vinnie, bad call. This should have been paneled, at the very least. I'm not really out to start some great debate or anything, but I know that can't be avoided and I know it was coming anyway.
  17. Thanks! I'm glad you're enjoying it. Hopefully part 5 is a little more applicable: PART FIVE: Mixing
  18. All's well and good - I trust you'll do a fantastic job - even doing the volume work is a time-consuming and otherwise pain in the a, so I for one am thankful you're joining. Nothing pathetic about it! (:
  19. Hey Flex - I'm pretty pleased to see someone stepping up to do this. I don't mind sending you a copy of mine unmastered, but I tweak my mixes (depending on the mix, of course) with a chain that ends in a limiter with dithering. Compression comes before that, and I've got a harmonic exciter and sometimes stereo imaging on the way, so I think that I'd also prefer just having volume tweaks done on that. Mastering is a complicated task, as I'm sure you know, so it's pretty impressive you're willing to do it for 50-60 tracks!
  20. Version 1: Vocals are drafty at best. Lyrics: (Verse) Far off the edge, of time and space eternal. I see those days... Long to see your face... An absent smile, scorched in frozen flame, yet I'll still call out your name: ([Pre-?]Chorus) Forever, young Rachel the sun shall set before you, and the stars will take this chance, to forever keep your hand. You'll awake in the flame of our embrace...
  21. This really wants to be my new favorite OCRemix. Oh manana.
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