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  1. Nothing to do with "Friday" but we SO EXCITED, 'CITED!
  2. I started a Final Fantasy Remix once, and it's since not been touched. I should resolve that. http://blog.jwmusic.org/ramza-was-a-cool-dude-a-remix-appears/
  3. Mojang is not making an RPG (unless you're calling Minecraft an RPG). They have Minecraft, and now scrolls (www.scrolls.com) Anyway, thanks guys !
  4. Aloha! Just wanted to formally announce that Mattias (Anosou) and I have been announced as the composers for Mojang's next game Scrolls. You can read more here: http://blog.jwmusic.org/scoring-scrolls/ http://www.pcgamer.com/2011/05/09/minecraft-dev-diary-maps-scrolls-music-documentary/
  5. haha, yes you did leave some fun notes to seller. i'm not sure if i'm supposed to tax those services or not ;O
  6. That is a SNAG. Congrats man!! I'm super excited about T7G on iOs. Whoa.
  7. Update: We've raised $2,270. That's a big 'ol number!
  8. Hey everyone! Just wanted to let everyone know that me and Melinda FINALLY got our Poolside album fit together and we love it. So here it is, on APRIL 1st (no joke), droppin' hot hot hot featuring some OCRemix stuff among other things. I'm really proud seeing as this is the first real release I've had in a long time (besides SFTC) and I'm really proud of it. $5 or just stream it until you die, POOLSIDE: CHILDREN OF THE SUMMER. It's VIDEOGAMEMUSIC INSPIRED POP. (ftw!)
  9. that too. Definitely that as well, sir, good call.
  10. Posted a "MAKING OF" this remix on my blog which has eight full drafts leading up to this final version. http://blog.jwmusic.org/the-making-of-shine-tonight/
  11. Yay! Thanks for the response guys! Getting the lyrics for all the songs isn't a bad idea. Most songs are not remixes, but these are: Battlecake, Poolside, djpretzel, DannyB, Kunal, A_Rival on Esuna, David Saulesco's is the only remix (it's of SHINE TONIGHT). (: Also: $2,144 / $10,000
  12. Holy shit man. This is gorgeous ear music! Tight production, especially on track 5. I liked track 5 so much I paid $5 for the album. I got tired of listening to SFTC anyway (;
  13. It's because all of the text comes from Latin Mass text, some of which is from Libera Me. Naturally, "Libera Me From Hell" uses the same text in that instance. I composed an actual "Libera Me," for which R.A. is a spiritual sequel, for GunGirl 2: http://music.jwmusic.org/track/libera-me-feat-stephanie-schoenhofer-and-rachel-denlinger
  14. Yup, I sent you an email! Sounds great - you guys are in for a treat (or 30). ;D
  15. Oh - we could use some LOVE ON REDDIT: http://redd.it/g571h Thanks! ;D
  16. Thanks! It's an AMAZING a capella (like, a capella done RIGHT) cover by David Saulesco, who has PIPES. We'll be seeing more of him around OCR I hope ;D
  17. Through advanced hypnosis we've acquired the mad talents of A_RIVAL, WILBERT ROGET, VIRT, and KUNAL (KTRITON). Seriously, why haven't you donated!
  18. Stevo, I was at the Sega office today. How do you feel?
  19. Yay! Thank you so much! *watches cancer die* (a little bit anyway)
  20. Okay people! One month until release, and I'd love to see us break $2,000 before release. Why should you? How about the guaranteed of value of VIRT/Jake Kaufman and KUNAL "ktirton!" Both masterminds. Both killing cancer. What do you say?!
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