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  1. Hey all! I just wanted to formally announce that my latest big soundtrack to a freeware game has been released, along with the game itself. It's got a live violinist, guitarist, and even a mezzo-soprano (track #26!) Let me know what you think: http://music.jwmusic.org/album/gungirl-2-original-soundtrack (I reposted this from original-release/workshop at suggestion of K.L.)
  2. Hey all! I just wanted to formally announce that my latest big soundtrack to a freeware game has been released, along with the game itself. It's got a live violinist, guitarist, and even a mezzo-soprano (track #26!) Let me know what you think: http://music.jwmusic.org/album/gungirl-2-original-soundtrack
  3. So you liked the lyrics? To be honest, I don't usually do the lyric writing, it's not my strong suite - but for this I was really venting some personal expression. Any critical comments about anything are always welcome! I'd love to make the next one better (:
  4. Thank you SO much for your comments everyone! I'm looking forward to the next mix we put together and I'm listening to your feedback. In the meantime, we've got a remix of this song (yes, a remix of a remix) which was a bonus track for the Songs for the Cure '10 album: http://music.cancerdrive.org/track/shine-tonight-skys-ablaze-remix-bonus-track Thanks!
  5. Not a big deal - but technically the "ARTIST" tag refers to the "PERFORMING ARTIST," in most cases this IS the person who made the music - but in a lot of cases this is someone else. For the sake of OC Remix this is nearly entirely moot. Back to your regularly scheduled thread.
  6. Off topic: Saw your email, saw uc.edu, laughed. I'm a CCM student. (: resume topic.
  7. LYRICS: you know what i need, some time away to get some air i just can’t stay you know what i think, i oughta be chasing my dreams and you’re bringin’ me down i’ve lost my way she’s like the stars above you know she’ll burn in your heart forever she sings her song and she will shine tonight she’ll light up the whole sky like fire when her heart sings out she’ll know you know what i miss those days they were just you and me they’ve got me holdin’ on to those fragments of my memory and girl, you know what i wish that you were missin’ me and longin’ for my kiss and then she’ll see, she’s never been so sure she wipes away the tears that set her free and i can see, you’ll never be that sure of me so wipe away your tears and we can be like the stars above, you know you’ll burn in my heart forever so hear my song and we will shine tonight, we’ll light up the whole sky just like fire you and me so sing your heart baby please (you say you lost your way but i’ll never leave your side you got me tangled and i know i want you mine you say you lost your way girl, you say you lost way just look to the sky and you’ll see me shine we’ll light the sky ablaze and sing our song they’ll hear our voices carry on our passion it knows no fear and when you say you just don’t know you’ll look and you’ll see me)
  8. Obvious cheesy percussion and transitional issues to be worked out: http://www.syntesis.org/bank/Beast%20Like%20None%20Other%20(D1).mp3
  9. From what I've read and otherwise come to understand, the only possibility that exists of an FF7 remake is one where all of the original leads for the project were all involved and 100% committed. Seeing as SE is branching out as prophet pointed out, I really doubt this will happen - in fact, the only situation I could see this occurring in is in a world where SE is not doing well financially and they need something guaranteed to revive the flow of sweet money honey. Not saying I wouldn't like to see it, though!
  10. WIP on April 1st? Gotcha - should be good!
  11. Hey all! I'm pleased to announce that "Songs for the Cure '10" was released yesterday on March 1st. This year we've got killer remixes from big giant circles, Bradley Burr, FFMusic DJ, Stemage (Metroid Metal), and tons of other insanely talented artists - including Rellik's band Battlecake doing a Chrono Cross remix! (There's even a Final Fantasy 8 pop remix by yours truly). Also, we've got Meteo Xavier and Michael Huang, two fantastic musicians collaborating for a wonderful solo piece, in addition to a lot of extremely talented singer/songwriters like David DiMuzio and Melinda Hershey. Additionally there are lots of CHIPTUNEs coming from veterans like Zen Albatross, Inverse Phase, and others. For those who like the new side of classical music we've got two WONDERFUL new compositions by composers Danny Clay and T.R. Beery ("In the morning," and "7 breaths") which are both live performances. The CD is free to stream on the website (http://music.cancerdrive.org), but we're really trying to raise money for the American Cancer Society, so PLEASE consider buying any tracks you like, or hopefully the entire album. Also, you can purchase the 2disc set for $22 - which is an amazing buy. Please check out the fundraiser and let us know what you think. Thanks! Josh Whelchel
  12. I LOVE the Duke Nukem II track - if you're going to try to submit it you'll have to cut the sampled intro, but I personally like it very much as it is. Great work.
  13. Oh I know that guy! He slept on my floor at MAGFest. No floor of mine has ever been so honored.
  14. Perhaps you want this: http://www.chronocompendium.com/Term/Music_(Chrono_Trigger).html
  15. All of this and Lufia 2. Especially Kirby. Geeeez.
  16. Thanks everyone for supporting this! The donations are coming in pretty steadily - but we've got a LONG way to go to hit $10,000. Still, I am confident we can do it!
  17. Hey everyone, I am in charge of the "Indie Music Cancer Drive" which puts out an album every year to raise money for the American Cancer Society. Last year we had huge success in raising over $6,000, but this year our goal is $10,000. Please take a moment to check out our website and video here: http://www.cancerdrive.org This year's artists include: Select Start Big Giant Circles Stemage (of Metroid Metal) Prophet of Mephisto (Bradley Burr) FFMusicDJ Rellik's Band Battlecake and a TON of others that aren't OCR related creating an extremely diverse mix of music. If you donate $25 or more by March 1st, 2010 you will receive a FREE physical disc as a gift from us, but all donations of $10 or more receive digital copies when the album is completed. Thanks for your time! - Josh
  18. Hate to be a pain but my claim on "Immoral Melody" appears to have vanished! (:
  19. I KNEW I had bumped into you - I was waiting for an elevator whilst you were describing that counting mechanism. You went into how you'd end up with your shirt off. XD
  20. I utilize EWQL Symphonic Orchestras Platinum, but here is a piece I did with gold: http://music.jwmusic.org/track/finale-and-a-lost-dream?permalink It is a few years old at this point, but I think it's still a worthy example of what you can do with the EWQL package. PLAY has gotten to the point where it's quite fine, for me - but I'm going from a DAW with WinXP and (at the time 2gb) 4gb ram. I have no hiccups with it in Sonar. MY BIGGEST ADVICE, regardless of tools you use: Grab a book on Orchestration or Digital Orchestration specifically. It's best to have one that focuses on traditional training and one that focuses on the MIDI side of it (There are a few REALLY good books for this). oh... and listen. and listen and listen and listen. ps you can download that whole album for free, I didn't change the minimum price on a track-by-track basis.
  21. Ok, sure, I can play too (;
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