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  1. Coming here to say Berlioz, Debussy, Wagner, and others, and I see this. Now I'm just
  2. Hey everyone! Songs for the Cure '11 is HERE!! Songs for the Cure '11 is an original compilation of music created to raise money for the American Cancer Society, and features some of our favorite musicians, including a HEALTHY SERVING OF OCREMIX MUSICIANS. THE TRAILER IS HERE: Check out all these hotties: Alexander Brandon (DEUS EX, JAZZ JACKRABBIT 2, UNREAL!?) Alec Holowka (Aquaria) ambinate A_RIVAL / WaveTheory (OCR, 8-bit pimp, more) Barry van Oudtshoorn Battlecake (ocr) Brandon Strader (ocr) C418 (Minecraft) Chris Geehan (Hyperduck) Craig Stern Danny Baranowsky (Super Meat Boy + OCR) Danny Clay David Saulesco (Eternal Daughter) Disasterpeace (Rescue Beagles) djpretzel (duh?) Fever Pitch FFMusic DJ (ocr) George “Android-Music” Dziov (Super Meat Boy remixer) Inez S. deDeugd-McComas Inverse Phase (Mr. MAGFest and chiptune hero) Jamie Jamieson Jake (VIRT) Kaufman Jay Tholen Jennifer Jolley JH Sounds Jimmy “Big Giant Circles” Hinson (ocr, Mass Effect 2) Josh Whelchel (me?!) Joshua Morse (bad dudes + ocr) Julian Shah-Tayler Kara Ali Kunal (KTRITON) Level 99 (ocr) Mattias Häggström Gerdt (Anosou / OCR + COBALT) Michael Tanenbaum Midnight Prophet Morgen La Civita Natalie Draper Prophetik (ocr) Poolside (ocr) Rich Brilli Robert Keller (Xenon Odyssey) Sara Celina Souleye (VVVVVV) Stemage (Metroid Metal) Tina Lundelius Whitaker Blackall Wilbert Roget, II (OCR, LucasArts) Okay, get it! Songs for the Cure
  3. shawty! Sonar has a great built in tool called "V-Vocal." AutoTune can be set to overdrive and create the T-Pain effect, or you can use it appropriately which even has its uses on an excellent performance. The V-Vocal tool is great because you can also fix timings and dynamics pretty intuitively.
  4. This is the best suggestion I've read yet. An OCR formal dinner!
  5. I dig-doug'd it, with a video interview too! I've got a 40~ second video of Jon St. John crashing my room party with Larry Oji inside and then we "Ragriaohrgohaweuoahewf" etc for a continuous 15 seconds. MAGFest is God.
  6. What if I like... you know... +1'd this idea. (;
  7. Thanks all! I had a very meaty birthday
  8. Dear you guys, I google image searched this stuff for you.
  9. Well, then we're all ruining his fun then, aren't we. insensitive schmucks!
  10. Great, now going by my real name isn't unique anymore. *throws trout*
  11. I'd vote for espernet as well, but anything with a nickserv is good. That said, ETG works fine for me.
  12. Hey guys! Thanks for the overwhelming positive feedback We have a ReMix kit available for you here as well as the INSTRUMENTAL VERSION of the song. http://blog.jwmusic.org/remix-the-meat/
  13. Hahahahaha, WHAT? Chiplove. Also, stupid saws and such: You really shouldn't listen to this
  14. I'm still looking for REMIXERS for this album, please apply within!
  15. I don't know. Your videos and music and everything else out your senses is sexy... so I guess that deserves a happy birthday. (; also my spanish name was jose.
  16. Fishy, I've sent you a few PMs now regarding "Ambush Attack," have a looksie, eh?
  17. You should check out Girl Talk or the Super Mash Bros.
  18. AE is A_RIVAL, and besides all the awesome OCRemix stuff, that in itself is worth mention. of awesomeness.
  19. There's a whole LP here (: Rip off the rippers I say!
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