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  1. VIDEOS: Armcannon (Danimal highlight): Armcannon FF7 and more: Jamspace with Xenotones: A_Rival (on my cellphone):
  2. MAN - that sounds like my kind of family-friendly-indie-fun!! (; It was wonder to meet everyone, you guys were all great, and another apology to biggiantcircles who crashed on our floor when the heat was broken. I was there too man, cold floors are NO fun. I only took a FEW PICTURES - click here!
  3. This is pretty good - there is a lot of good material. I personally think the constant percussive beats that come on 1, 2+, and 4 are too repetitive as they continue through the entire piece in some voice. I also think there could be more original material and a better outro by far, there simply isn't enough material here for a submission I'd say. Even still, this is pretty good, keep at it!
  4. If anyone is in need of a last minute room, we have one available form 31st-(night of) 3rd. Please contact me if this is you!
  5. Maybe this will get finished: http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=13392 And here is an FF8 Fragments of Memories remix: www.youtube.com/watch?v=OZFfwYjgBug
  6. Generally speaking I do like it, I feel like the production is fairly solid but the biggest element missing is a "push" factor or that "umph" element in the mix. I think it could come from a lack of velocity variation in the guitar (it is pleasant to hear, but it is bland) or tempo variations or anything. For a mix like this with an acoustic component I try to not quantize right on the beat to add a little bit of humanity. It could also be coming from the mixing, but I'm not so sure about that because everything else seems fine. On an arrangement note it seems to be slightly repetitive and lack a real sense of direction of evolution, I really feel that the piece needs to progress in some direction, but instead we have the same pleasant idea continuing onward. There are some nice variations that proceed, but nothing quite like what you'd need to really make it a solid arrangement. Keep at it, and I'll try to have another listen later on. (:
  7. I... I don't know how not to love this - the attention in the drums makes it shine. I agree about over-delayed synths, but still they sound so sweet! Great arrangement, solid mix, and happy birthday!
  8. Erm: New. Sorry if you caught the wave of edits I was doing there. This should be it.
  9. The BX5a's are where it's at. Also, souliarc, I'm from Louisville myself!
  10. I will be at MagFest 8 - (http://magfest.org/musicians) and am coming from Cincinnati, OH with two others - is anyone interested in a room or rideshare? Thanks, Josh
  11. Last version probably. I'm thinking that before I submit it to OCRemix I'll make a version more heavy on the glitchiness of the original, but I cannot decide this yet. Thoughts? Specifically this brings up the male vocal more and has some mixing changes. Here it is: http://blog.jwmusic.org/post/267247679/like-it-like-it-a-thousand-times-like-it-i-play
  12. http://blog.jwmusic.org/post/245613484/shine-tonight-now-with-200-more-melinda-which Version 6 now posted with a female vocalist.
  13. http://blog.jwmusic.org/post/242925765/poolside-shine-tonight-the-fourth-version Added guitar and general gooeyness.
  14. New version uploaded with extended lyrics: http://blog.jwmusic.org/post/207180068/poolside-shine-tonight-v3-more-poolside-vs you know what i need, some time away to get some air i just can’t stay you know what i think, i oughta be chasing my dreams and you’re bringin’ me down i’ve lost my way she’s like the stars above you know she’ll burn in your heart forever she sings her song and she will shine tonight she’ll light up the whole sky like fire when her heart sings out she’ll know you know what i miss those days they were just you and me they’ve got me holdin’ on to those fragments of my memory and girl, you know what i wish that you were missin’ me and longin’ for my kiss and then she’ll see, she’s never been so sure she wipes away the tears that set her free and i can see, you’ll never be that sure of me so wipe away your tears and we can be like the stars above, you know you’ll burn in my heart forever so hear my song and we will shine tonight, we’ll light up the whole sky just like fire you and me so sing your heart baby please (you say your lost your way but i’ll never leave your side you got me tangled and i know i want you mine you say you lost your way girl, you say you lost way just look to the sky and you’ll see me shine we’ll light the sky ablaze and sing our song they’ll hear our voices carry on our passion it knows no fear and when you say you just don’t know you’ll look and you’ll see me)
  15. Thanks! I'm planning on fixing it up soon. The source is the music box theme from FF8. Thanks for the mixing advice, I'll definitely clean it up and turn it down, I've noticed it's a bit loud. (:
  16. (new) Last version, but who's counting? And here's a remix (of a remix?): http://www.thesixtyone.com/poolside/song/ShineTonightSkysAblazeExtendedRemix/pj14Hz12Y5g/
  17. http://songsforthecure.bandcamp.com/track/shane-lu-medley-of-melodies-feat-gabler-saulesco-holowka-whelchel-uematsu?permalink This piece of music was written to fight cancer! http://www.jwmusic.org/relayforlife.html This particular medley features music from World of Goo, Aquaria, Eternal Daughter, Final Fantasy, and Bonesaw. It was written in early 2009 and was wonderfully performed by Shane Lu.
  18. The best way that I know of to do this would be to do a podcast, with each new release as a new entry. It's gimmicky, but it's been done.
  19. I am the person to get in touch with directly - you can email me, or contact me via AIM (soundofjw). If you'd like to simply donate music, you can do so by using your piece as the submission/application piece - but it must be exclusive. You have until OCTOBER 15 to do all this. Here are the steps summarized on this page 1) Prepare a short biography about yourself, including a brief statement on why this cause is important to you. 2) Prepare a full-length piece of music similar to the style you plan on contributing (This is important so we can gauge how much of any particular genre we may have). This MAY be a piece you have already put together - it is not important. We need to see that your production skills and recording quality are on par with what we’re looking for. 3) Prepare a high-resolution image of yourself (or your intended performing group). We will use this to assemble the pre-order page and also the extended about page for the album. Don’t worry, we’re not going to be selective on looks. 4) Optional, but recommended: Prepare or send an Electronic Press Kit to songsforthecure10@jwmusic.org. If you don’t have one available, please give us an estimate of how many fans or contacts you will be able to reach. The success of the drive is partially dependent on how many listeners can be attracted by each artist. 5) Send all of these materials to songsforthecure10@jwmusic.org before October 15th, 2009. We will notify selected artists shortly after this date.
  20. That would definitely be one way to apply, certainly - if you even do a draft you're happy with you have plenty of time to clean it up if you are asked to participate - with the amount of response we've gotten at this point it's feasible that we may do two albums this year.
  21. Hey everyone! My name is Josh Whelchel and last year I helped organize and sponsor the "Indie Music Cancer Drive" by producing an album with several talented musicians (including big giant circles and Mustin, as well as the composers for World of Goo, Aquaria, and Eternal Daughter). We managed to send over $5,000 to the American Cancer Society - and we're still sending money their way. Anyway, we're extremely excited to get started for the 2010 year, and we're now accepting applications for musicians that would like to be involved. There are a lot of reasons to be involved, including having your music available on iTunes, Amazon, and other retailers, but most of all it's a great cause. If you're interested in checking out this year's album, you can do so here: http://www.jwmusic.org/relayforlife.html If you are interested in being a part of the album, please have a look here: http://www.jwmusic.org/relayforlife-artists.html Thank you for your interest and I look forward to hearing from everyone! - Josh Whelchel
  22. I'm glad to hear your interest! Please shoot me an email at josh AT jwmusic.org - I'd love to have you included!
  23. Well I'm glad somebody remembers me (: Thanks for the well-wishes!
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