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  1. I'd like to throw down this claim on Awakend Forest, to all official peeps. PLZ!
  2. Seems senseless to discontinue a product in demand, especially when a newer version of the library is some time off.
  3. This is all finished now. Please enjoy it!
  4. Oh yeah, I made this shit last night. I was trying to get used to sidechaining in FL9, and I whipped this up real quick. Haha, like a quickie. WOO! Have a Quickie
  5. I know alot of people that mix live with ableton, without turntables, and they do some pretty intricate shit. I'd say that is a valuable skill.
  6. Ah yeah, sorry man, I listened at school earlier, didn't listen to the whole thing, or pay enough attention really. Great mix though. Do you have turntables?
  7. Maybe a tad less distortion, but great mood, you really captured the feel of a hurricane's devistation.
  8. Seriously great stuff man. I absolutely love that growling bass texture.
  9. Fucking Yes, I doubt I need to tell you that this is bitchin.
  10. Pretty great dude, kinda evil too. And if famitracker is getting boring, chop up some 4 measure phrases made in fami. Trust me, you'll just have fun!
  11. Tepid, great song. I might actually participate as well, but you have my vote.
  12. Geoffry Taucer does not harmonize with other people. He harmonizes with himself and the colors red, brown, and blue. Fuck Yellow and Green.
  13. If you got GR3 with the controller Fishy, then no, you didn't waste money. Shit is sweet. And yeah, I'm going to update probably. I like the new multitracking, and the notation looks nice, and I don't want to buy finale or sibelius. Money I could spend on turntables. Soundtrack Pro 3 looks sick too.
  14. Just as long as dear Geoffry gives us a post to let us know it's blue, I'm cool with that too.
  15. Pretty relaxing. If anything, just do more with that bassline. Otherwise, i like the atmosphere, and i think it's a great foundation.
  16. Yo, So I made this all last night. I chopped up Flying Lotus's "Paper Crane Gang", and used the chops all throughout the song, but I dont think that the original is even recognizable anymore. Wootness! Enjoy it!
  17. I just hope he takes the theme to new places. Like, say the theme was like the color red, I'd like it if DJP could make it like the color brown.
  18. OH SHIT! RED TO BROWN! That's a goddamn update right there.
  19. I can't even tell what you updated. You post to point out an update that you can't even notice. updatefgt.
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