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  1. This has to be the best christmas song EVER! I loved the not too soft, not too strong strings. I also liked at the end when he put in a part from "Have Yourself a Merry Litle Christmas." Wow. Only bad thing is being able to wait until next Christmas
  2. Now this boss was probably covered,(I didnt bother to read 62 pages) But Omega Weapon from Final Fantasy 8 wiped me out 6 times before I finally beat him.
  3. All I have to say is that this is not your average ReMix, and I feel that that is one of its strong points. I must also give props to the variety of different sounds, especially the drums. I also liked the fact that it stayed true to the original, but he also made it his own. Props.
  4. The changeup at the beginning was the attraction to the song for me.
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