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  1. Hey guys, Just finished a brand new original track, I have no idea what to classify it as, but I can honestly say I've never had more fun working on a track. This is actually meant to be an audition for my college (Arizona State University), which among a few other tracks, will determine if I will be a music composition major, and thankfully they said anything goes with audition peices. I'm also going to use this peice as an entrance to the synthesis / sound design classes down there, whenever I can actually get around to taking those classes. Anyway, I digress, here's the song: Ross Kmet - It's the Algorithm Thanks for listening, and for your feedback!
  2. Yeah, I did the work early to make sure using mine is a breeze (MIDI/Audio routing right through FL). The few weeks when I didnt have any of that set up though, it was the biggest dust magnet in my room.
  3. I order you to go out, get inexplicably drunk, and attempt sex with the hottest, easiest girl you can find. You too.
  4. I like the SH-32(I have one too), and all the fancy software boxes.
  5. This is as done as it will be now. Enjoy, and thanks for your comments!
  6. I only had about 3 hours to work on this, and I know it's far from perfect (I can still pick out alot of stuff I want to fix in the long run), but I wont have much time to work on this for awhile, so I'm posting it now as good. Even if it could use some work, I'm still rather proud of it. The Inamorata Complex Thanks for your feedback guys, and enjoy the song!
  7. Exactly, I dont even use MIDIs when I remix. Everything I do is by ear. Bitch.
  8. Your right. Your logic is flawless. Look at you, bein all smart and shit. Congratulations on being so damn awesome.
  9. Total mood music here, I absolutely adore the atmosphere. The structure is really solid, and the drum stuttering / destroying is really cool. Great work, perfect film-style stuff.
  10. Hey, I'd love to try my hand at portal. Might have to be a day or two until I start, but I'd love to try.
  11. This one seems to be easy to interpret in many ways. I'll try something.
  12. Just bought it on iTunes. Really great stuff all around. Congrats on a fantastic release.
  13. Hey SGX, thanks alot man. You are the supreme badass.
  14. Hey SGX, Check your PMs man, I've sent you a concern. Thanks!
  15. That's badass man, really a great gesture. I'm all for it, and as you said, I highly doubt anybody will have a problem.
  16. I actually rather like this alot. The piano comping is good, good harmonies. Nice moving bassline. Decent production, good dance beat. It's all here. The only problem is a few odd (I dont want to say "wrong") notes by the vocalist (0:17). I actually didn't mind that much, it made things interesting to be sure. Pretty neat stuff.
  17. Honestly, this is supremely kick ass. It reminds me honestly of some type of film score to a modern thriller, the first minute being ominously suspicious and the rest is just everybody getting killed or something. In all seriousness though, so far this is coming along quite well, and the mood is terrific.
  18. The deadline is close so I finished this up today. The entire ending section is all Haven, so I got two of the songs in there. Enjoy!
  19. Yeah, really, thank god for Kontakt. Just ordered it, should be here tomorrow. That was a killer deal. Thanks for consistantly pointing these things out zircon.
  20. As far as original works go, I really dont have any solid way of starting, those just flow I guess. Remixes however are a totally different story. I always start by mapping out (usually by just playing in some piano parts with a controller) all the melodies and progressions I want to use from the original song. Then I usually write original stuff around that, get all my basic sounds loaded into the project, and write from there, usually starting with the main section of the song, then going back and writing an intro up until that point. It might be and ass backwards way of working, but It's how I work.
  21. Hmmm... I actually think this song is fine on the bass, I've actually thought too many artists (including myself) are going a bit TOO heavy on the bass end of things, so I actually really liked your bass. If you still want to add a tad more bass to the mix, besides a slight boost on the current bass sound, you could try a more prominent kick drum. I can see why you wouldn't want too heavy a kick, this song doesn't really call for it that much, but even adding a bit more punch and presence on the kick might fill out the soundfeild more. Just an idea. Really great work though.
  22. This really reminds me of a classic Kirby or sidescroller theme; it's really well written. You've got the greatest feel going on, very driving yet bubbly. Really good work all around.
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