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  1. Apparently Project Dark is Demon's Souls 2. http://kotaku.com/5641393/yup-project-dark-is-basically-demons-souls-2
  2. I never got to play PSO I heard it was amazing though. Does anyone have Phantasy Star 0 for the DS, and is it any similar?
  3. Apparently Epic Games wants to buy APB. http://www.massively.com/2010/09/17/rumor-epic-games-in-talks-to-buy-apb/
  4. These days, you can get a decent HDTV for $500-$700(I understand you mentioned 3D TVs), but yeah, the whole 3D thing is silly imo. I don't see it taking off. It's way too expensive to invest in the TV and glasses for anyone that wants to play/watch.
  5. I haven't really been keeping up with info on this, but are they still doing the whole Nature/EV training?
  6. Contact is amazing. I love the "attack its weakpoint for massive damage" part
  7. If I really like a game, I'll try and get them all. Other than that, I don't care that much for them. A lot of them are fluff anyway.
  8. Happy 25th anniversary. Thanks for all of the joy and fun you've brought to myself and millions of others. Oh, and thanks for pretty much saving video games.
  9. Even Metroid II has a few good tracks. One of my favorite Metroid songs is as soon as you start your game in Metroid II. The boss fight theme with the Queen Metroid is pretty sweet too. SR388 Main Theme http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YL95FXfY0Rk Metroid Queen Battle http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L1lu5tUdXOE
  10. If all of that is true about Guile, that is pretty ridiculous. I'll still main Guile either way.
  11. What's sad, to be honest, is that I didn't even realize that was him until you mentioned it. Maybe if they played the boss battle theme from Super Metroid or something.
  12. Btw, today would have been Gunpei Yokoi's 69th birthday.
  13. Hey, Alan Wake was a novel. It just happened to have visuals in it.
  14. Sorry to sort of change the topic here , but what does everyone think the M in Other M actually meant? Was it ever specified in the game? It may have flown over my head. I said this on page 5, and I think I may have been right (spoiler)"Could be "Other Motherbrain". You never know. ;)" Well, in this case, Other MB.(spoiler)
  15. In my opinion,(spoilers) I feel that the reason Adam shot her out of no where is so he could prevent any chance of Samus proceeding into that room full of the Metroids. You see how worried Adam gets and how he rushes off to get to her once he finds out where she is going. Since the Metroids have become immune to cold, he knew that she would not be able to destroy them without destroying herself in the process. Adam prevented her from going out to try and rescue his brother, so he was just doing the same thing in this situation: trying to protect her. (end spoilers)
  16. I never really looked at it as any sort of sexism. I just looked at it as him being her commanding officer and her only form of father figure.
  17. That would have been nice to know I might revisit the game on a rainy day or something to 100% it, but right now it's on the shelf.
  18. Many mixed feelings with this game. Although I don't regret my purchase one bit, I'd probably say I have more negative feelings than good ones. I understand this game was trying to be much different than other Metroid titles, so I welcome the idea of bringing new ideas to any game. Sometimes, they aren't always for the best, in my opinion. I understand others opinions may not agree with mine. This probably gets brought up a bunch, but I HATED the way you "upgrade" your items/suit etc. I can understand not being able to use power bombs, but everything else is just ridiculous. Also, why were there not different models for your suit upgrades? :\ I didn't really care too much for the finishing moves and fast-paced action when battling enemies. I didn't like the auto-aim, but then again I don't think the game would work too well without it. I didn't like that you can replenish your missiles on the fly. Enemies have always dropped energy/ammo. This should have been kept the same. The forced first-person parts that made you scan something to proceed were pretty annoying. Some scenes I found what you're looking for quickly, while other times I spent a few minutes looking around like an idiot. Probably user error on my part. On the topic of first-person, the way it switched from third to first person worked well. Obviously, it just sucks that you can't move at all. I didn't care for the idea that you can only use missiles in first-person mode. The game felt too linear to me for a Metroid game. I didn't really do too much backtracking, and I finished the game with 37% items. Since you can recharge your missiles in most situations, I didn't really feel the need to to get a whole lot. I forgot how many E-tanks I got, maybe 4 or 5. A lot of time obviously went into the cinematic pieces, and I think they were done magnificently. The flashback cinematic to the end of Super Metroid was great. Another thing I hated is the music. Well, the lack of I guess. I might have left out a couple of things, like things related to the story, but I'll probably post about that at a later time. All in all, the game looks great, give or take a few areas. It's not the best Metroid title, but it's not the worst. I've been a fan of the series for a long time, which I'm sure a lot of you are, but I'm just so used to the classic style of Metroid that the new ideas brought into this game just didn't agree with me.
  19. I recently got back into SFIV, so I'm excited about this. I'll be in a small tournament next month, so I'll let you know how I do. I only play Guile.
  20. I miss the Kick the Can KCP remix or whatever it was.
  21. Might be overpriced crap to some , but to others it's maybe their favorite game or their childhood. I like to collect, but I'm not saying I would pay $20,000 for a ridiculously rare game. There are some serious collectors out there who will. Hell, look at people that collect cars. That takes up too much space for me.
  22. This game would probably be the reason for me to get a PS3.
  23. I have played it, yes. Get Para Para Paradise haha j/k.
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