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  1. I honestly almost passed this one over, being in the mood for something much like this but not getting the right impression from pretzel's review. Then, as I was backing up to look at the other new one, I saw the magic words: more good driving music. I do a lot of driving. I enjoy driving. Therefore, driving music appeals to me. As for the track itself, I don't own MGS2, though I spent a fair amount of time with it through rentals and suchnot. I'm not able to %100 bring back to mind the original one, but I do remember thinking that the score might've better suited an RPG when first hearing it (And again here). Yeah, it relies a lot on the main theme, but it's still played with enough to give it a rather distinct and nice feel. The strings may be off, as said, but that, too, adds to the feel. Overall, one of the best things I've heard in some time. Vell done. =)
  2. I reaaaaaaaaally like this. I mean, the whole mood just kicks ass. Really, though, I'm afraid that djpretzel's presentation and description might have stolen the show. I laughed.
  3. I think djpretzel summed it up best- vast. Beautiful stuff that's definately found a spot on my playlists.
  4. I like this. It's... Snappy. And I'm not the kinda guy who'll look at a suit in a shop and go, "Hey, that's snappy." Downloaded it, turned it up so I could hear it, and went to the other side of the apartment to put in my contacts while I listened. I think the bassline might've woken both my neighbors up, but, meh. Short, fun, and very well done.
  5. Woah, you've done incredible stuff with this... Honestly, I loved it more before about 2:09 when I finally remembered the original song. It's a good song, but listening to it back in the day for so long... I dunno. Maybe I grew not to like it. That doesn't mean this is any less good; new life into a song that many of us listened to for hours on end is always welcome. And for the guy who's playing this while listening to Frozen Throne... Good choice. I used to make playlists of stuff like this while I was beta testing it. =D
  6. Fuuuunky. One more addition to the class of music I have dubbed 'urban' because I don't know if it has a classification other than 'techno groove' or 'funk techno' or 'groove funk' or something like that. It's good, and I like it. I can see myself cruising through town to this... if the bassline were any more prominent, I could even see myself losing some speakers to it. Great work.
  7. Ooo ooo ooo, hardest boss of all time? I got this one covered: FINAL FANTASY X!!!!!! I mean, christ, IT WON'T DIE! I've never SEEN something with so many hit points. I trounced the Omega Weapon in FFVIII, tore FFIX's Ozma to pieces, and the first time I beat the two weapons in VII, I didn't even save in between. (Of course, that was an accident. I was flying around giddily because I killed Emerald Weapon and accidentally hit Ruby. But then he died too. No joke.) But, jesus christ. Yu Yevon has got to be the single most insanely difficult boss in any game ever. I bet the guys at Square all got reaaaally high, said 'Let's make a boss with infinite HP who busts out two moves for each of the player's one! And let's make all these moves so powerful that they could kill Jesus in a single blow!' And that's the story of how Yu Yevon was made. ...Okay, sarcasm over. Seriously. 60,000 HP, and when I beat him, I don't think he'd done one single fucking thing the entire time. Let down of the century? No doubt.
  8. Okay, I basically created an account with the sole intention of replying to this. I've been listening to this song for... at least 5 months. It makes me think of a lot of the things I've seen, and a lot of the places I've been. It's carried me through a lot, and by god, I woke up to it through the last quarter of high school. This is simply superb... When I'm in the mood for this kind of music, I'm pretty quick to peg it as my favorite song ever. Beautious.
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