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  1. I just got my laptop back from best buy (the fan stopped working, like i know shit about fixing it,) and I noticed the first few days that the power cord was getting really hot right at the connection with the computer. I'm not sure if it's always done that, I just figured I went so long without a decent fan that I forgot how it normally worked. And then I looked at it this morning and right behind the connection the cord had frayed and broken through the black plastic sheath. I was worried at first that it was mice (i'm up doing research at a park, we have a rodent problem,) but it doesn't look like it was chewed. Did it get too hot and melt? I have a feeling it shouldn't have gotten that hot. Can I blame Best Buy? Please tell me I can blame Best Buy.
  2. Ooh. I liiike. I really like the tempo changes and the overall feel. My only problem is.. When i first started listening I thought it might be a remix of the primitive mountain song. Which would have kicked all sorts of ass, considering this theme is a /bit/ overdone. Just a bit. But it's still good regardless.
  3. I love the guitar, though I must admit I only downloaded it to begin with because (am I wrong to assume this?) the title is from a Queen song and made me laugh. Down in the dungeon just peaches and me? But I am growing quite attached to it already.
  4. wow. I saw this on the judging panel awhile ago, and danced around for a bit upon seeing the "Suikoden" part of the title... The recorder is definitely unique, but it grows on you. I like the celtic sounds and mood of the piece, and even though the drums don't seem to share the same style, they work well together. Ahhh the whole song brings back nice memories
  5. I love this song, though it took me awhile to really get into it. The main melody is hard to hear, but it just makes the moment at 1:50 even more dark and malicious. I really love this song now
  6. Dear Star Salzman: If you continue to make the greatest remixes I've ever heard, and refuse to make one single song that I don't obsess over for days at a time, I'm going to have to hunt you down and eat your brains. Yours truly, -Leena
  7. This is really good. I downloaded it because I love Jenova's theme, and this mix definitely did not disappoint. It really was masterfully done, I love piano arrangements, and this is just so pretty. It still maintains the general eerie-ness that the original had in some parts, but it also flourishes and ... aww hell this is a good remix and everyone knows it, saying anything else won't change a thing
  8. AHHH! I can't believe there are so few reviews on this!!! This song should have hundreds upon hundreds of reviews all claiming it's excellence!!! Really!! This definitely ranks in my top 5 OCRemixes of all time. There's just something about it, I can't even explain. I turned a friend of mine on to it as well, and since we found it about a year or so ago it's yet to get old. I love the break in the middle, and especially the beginning (mainly at :22, and again in the end at 3:49, which are just points of meltiness.) There is nothing about this mix that I don't like. It has such an evil, devious tone to it. So Kefka. When I become a video game villain (you just wait,) this will be my theme. Ahh, nothing but praises, I'm sorry. Everyone needs to download it.
  9. *holds up little Daniel Baranowsky pennant* I love his style. It's always unique, and it's so utterly refreshing to hear a new, better version of the Gerudo theme. While the other's /are/ good, this is one that stands out, it's a very creative interpretation. I agree slightly (just slightly) that there is something strange about the drums at 2:35. They seem a bit out of place, maybe fake. But in all honesty, I wouldn't have even noticed if I hadn't read the first review. Everything else makes up for it, though. Especially the eerie vocalizations in the beginning.
  10. This remix is crazy. But I love it to death. I only recently found it, too, thanks to a friend of mine. I was at her house when she suddenly remembered it, and asked if I had ever heard it before. I said no, and she offered to play it for me. About ten seconds into it, and after my head exploded the second or third time, I realized how ... genius it was. After all it sounded like they incorporated every single effect they could possibly find, and then sat around screaming "MAKEITLOUDNOW!" and still churned out a completely insane masterpiece. Needless to say, when I went home I downloaded it myself, and have been a fan ever since. To hell with conventional songs, if you can make such a mad remix and still have it kick ass, you know you've got this whole business down.
  11. Wow, this makes me want to go out and play the games he's composed for. Really great stuff, this is definitely a cut above the rest, especially considering how many Terra remixes there are. It also makes me want to go play VI again X3 Damn, man. OCRemix sucks for having such good remixes like this.
  12. Mmm. Very good. Seems too short, though, but I think it's just because I enjoy it so much. I don't recognize the original song, but the overall piece sounds very ... Perfect Dark-ish, so I consider it to be roughly the same thing
  13. I have a problem with this remix. Its really, really good. I had my doubts at the beginning (which does sound a bit like Cops..) but after I had listened to the whole thing I knew I was going to be obsessed for a longgg time. FFIX completely aside (that is, the original song aside,) this mix has sex appeal. And I rarely say that about songs. But sex, if you didn't know, is very good. Ahh, the attraction level of intangible things. OH and I love the Underworld reference.
  14. I think you can tell when a remixer is REALLY GOOD when you find a song by them, paired up with ANOTHER really good remixer, and download it and love it despite never having played the game or heard the original.
  15. An extremely good remix for a game that's definitely lacking a variety in remixes. The only problem I have with this song is the added "dying" sounds, which I think take away from the overall song a bit. Other than that, it's very good.
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