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  1. you're a moron for even trying to talk here. no, i'm kidding, it's always cool to see a new face around here. Also, i'm another member of the illustrious nintendo faithfull, having been suckled on the NES, and eventually weened onto the SNES, the N64, and eventually onto the 'Cube. I think we need to start a "nintendo fanboy's only" club, and we could put a cool little icon in our sigs to show our allegiance. if i can get a few people to agree, we can start a thread about it in gendisc. w00t!!1 wtflol!!1
  2. oh please, strong combo skills, or magus' magic bullshit will blow spekkio away hardcore, so long as you dont get overzealous, and remember to heal your party.
  3. I'm so glad to finally see this peice on the main page. I always knew it would be there some day. Months ago, i heard this peice on the WIP board, and i've been in love with both this particular song, and Eradicate as well. It was like a fairy tale of sorts, the original version of the song caught some criticism, but it was not defeated. Like the phoenix, it was reborn, and reborn again and again. This peice being accepted and posted is just the denoument to the fairy tale story. I'm happy for you Eradicate, let me know when you have more peices in the work, i for one would be happy to hear them. Good luck man. -Whiteknight
  4. One of the best things about frequenting the WIP forum (which i havent had the time to do for a while now) is that I have heard some of the greatest songs long before they ever get posted on OCR. This song in particular stands out as having been excellent in its WIP days, and i have been waiting for it to get the attention it deserves. Great work to the both of you.
  5. This is another peice that I remember hearing back on the WIP boards, and i have to say in these last few months it has aged admirably. In particular, that one guy at the beginning ("Whats going on here?") cracks me up. I think it is hilarious. If nothing else, that guy makes the mix. thankfully, there is also alot more here for it to stand on.
  6. I was just listening to an old beta version of this song yesterday, and thinking to myself that it would be awesome if it got posted. this version is different from the one I got off the WIP board in days of yore, but i think all the changes are welcome and beneficial. This is a solid peice, and has been in my standard song rotation for months now.
  7. I've loved this mix since i last saw it on the WIP boards, a while ago. The version i have currently is labled "Timechill(alpha5)," and i dont think i will bother downloading the posted version unless it is a significant departure from my version. afterall, i'm doing my part to save OCR's bandwidth, and I love my version so damn much. nice work MV, this is a great peice.
  8. *BUMP* lets keep this one around for a while
  9. congratulations Sephfire. I've been watching this mix for months on the WIP board, and i always had high hopes for it. I'm glad you finally got this great peice accepted. work of art man. good job.
  10. My damn drive like suffered heat death or something, and I have to mail it back to WD for my replacement. thank god for the warranty!! well, all 1000+ of my OCRemixes were on that drive, so now i am going to have to download them all again to my primary HD. this of course will slow down my system speed far too much for any good seeding from me, so my seed is out of commission for at least a month. wehn i get back though, i'm gonna seed these things with a vengence, possibly from multiple computers if i can get my hands on them... dont worry, i got you guys covered.
  11. judge too? you dont have the word "judge" under your name like the other judges. maybe they dont like you? EDIT: sorry though, i'm getting off topic. does anybody have any other suggestions for remixing for free that hornpipe didnt mention? i think i have a few myself, but i want to sort through and make sure that they havent already been mentioned.
  12. gl got made mod? that good [/mindless abbreviations] [/inane pseudo-tags]
  13. its about damn time too. who finally made the call? because that person is a genious. oh, and lets not forget about the free WIP servers around to help share your mixes with the world once you finish.... [/shameless plug] my server excites me.
  14. yeah, its too bad that your iPod battery will be irreparably drained after only 18 months. but, on the bright side, you can always order a replacement from apple for 250$!
  15. AVG upload: 10kbps total upload: 704Mb online time: ~11 hours. not doing so bad eh?
  16. as a quick matter of inquiry (because I have the first 500 songs, and am currently seeding the whole lot of them) when going through a firewall, should i open the BT ports(6881:6999), forward them, or do nothing at all?
  17. I want to help with this one, but I am going to have alot of problems being a reliable seeder UNLESS i can find a good linux version of the Bittorrent seed program that operates without a gui. my windowsXP machine is a laptop, which is prone to overheating if left on for too long. so I turn it off every night. my linux box however, is on all the time, but it doesnt have a GUI to speak of. it is all commandline/shell nonsense. if I can find a good bittorrent client for my linux box, you will have a dedicated seed up 24/7 for at least a few months. if anybody knows a good one, send me a PM EDIT: I participated in the last bittorrent test that was run, and now I have the first 1000 OCR songs. if I point the new tracker to the folder, will it recognize them? I dont want to have to download them all again.
  18. yeah man, thats exactly the thought I had myself. I usually dont venture into the reviews forum, but I figured I would just stop by and say how impressed I am with the transformation this song went through. I listened to the WIP and the OC_remix versions back to back, and the difference is astounding. good job mr Jon T.
  19. i think not mentioned are the great peices of bundled software. most soundcards are going to come bundled with a peice of proprietary sound software that can be utilized. for instance, SB people will probably get creative wave studio, that handles alot of basic editing/recording tasks. as far as i'm concerned, anything that comes bundled with your hardware is basically free. when you are in a pinch, a technique I use occasionally is called "crash editing." crash editing, as opposed to digital editing, is the process of playing the song in one location, running it through your edits, and recording it to another place. for instance: get winamp, and a few free dsp plug-ins. play around with the settings you want until you find your sound, then play it. the trick, is to have a peice of recording software open at the same time to record the new track. in this way, you are using simply a player and a recorder to do some cool things. do a search for some free dsp plug-ins, there are a ton out there that do cool things. also, windows comes with the proprietary windows movie maker, which can be used for some very primative sequencing, if you can figure it out. there are tons of solutions for people if they are willing to look into more creative directions.
  20. on a general note, can anybody name a really solid piano soundfont? if not for free, are there any good ones for cheap? I know piano is pretty difficult to synth well, but you cant hurt a guy for trying. also, i know brass soundfonts are always tricky, does anybody have a good one they swear by?
  21. yeah greylightning, that conversation ended a few months ago. I bumped this thread in the hopes that we could start over with it, and get some more usefullness out of it. howabout some people list their favorite soundfonts? perhaps with links?
  22. This thread seems to be pretty important, we should keep it around for reference. perhaps we can post a link to it somewhere, or somebody can kindly transcribe the ramblings into a single page. perhaps I can get started on that myself..... well, I found myself a new project.
  23. and who said you were even invited xelebes? no, i'm kidding. you could probably school me musically. i do take it back though. last thing i would want is for a bunch of n00bs PMing me with really stupid/obvious/really stupid questions that they dont feel like searching for. Although, i think certain threads here that get more play then others (like the fruityloops 101) should be made sticky. wait...they already said that
  24. what i think we need to do is get together the regulars from the remixing 101 forum and the WIP forum(s) and set up a page with all the people, and their help specialties. also, a dedicated page with links to important threads would be a nice start. the judges already have important jobs around here, so we dont need to bother them with this kind of stuff. we could form an unofficial "prejudging" group of regulars and professionals from the boards to tackle the problems that come up here. meh, thats my 2 cents, for what its worth.
  25. this is a really groovy song, although i feel like the beginning is a little sloppy for some reason. perhaps i just dont understand true jazz. nice song. wow, this is the same guy from 'linkgoestoneworleans?' wow, this guy(s) has some talent. yeah, i liked his last one more, but this one still isnt bad.
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