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  1. i got the 2:27 version also, and i have to say that i was pissed when it ended so abruptly. this is some high-quality work, very much up my alley considering i listen to alot of speed metal in my free time. how does one go about getting the full version of this song? i would love to hear a real ending, and not some horrible cut-off
  2. i dont know, this does sound rediculously awesome, but i dont know if i want to subject my computer to real player. i guess i could have gone through my thought process to myself, in my head, but i need 3 more posts to reach 400, and hopefully get upgraded to something cooler then "lord of the boards" or whatever. but i digress. cool idea, i might listen in eventually
  3. maybe thats why i havent picked up my old zelda in such a long time
  4. the question comes through, would we want 8 minutes of this? What this song does, it does well. It is a short, concise, deliberate, straightforward rendition of the world map theme (a type of theme, that in videogames isnt always known for the best compostion or emotion). What this song lacks in imagination and time, it makes up for in strength. This is a strong peice that uses the existing material in a manner that needs no additions. Klutz could have gone crazy and done a solo, or mixed in a second theme, or even added more instruments or some other gimmick all together. Instead we see this one song, without any frills or tricks, stripped to the bones, and built back up in a simple and beautiful manner. Props to klutz for this one. it is a remix to remember.
  5. rolling stone magazine came out with a list of the 100 best guitarists recently, and my brother called me up to tell me about it: <ME> really? the 100 best guitarists? <HIM> yeah, all 100, i disagreed with a few here or there, but all the big names were on the list <ME> which number was Ailsean? <HIM> Ailsean? which band did he play for? <ME> no band, he just does some awesome stuff on OCR <HIM> i dont think he is on the list.... <ME> look again man, he has to be there <HIM> i'm looking right now, the name 'Ailsean' doesnt appear anywhere <ME> well, Ailsean must be an alias. when i find out his real name, i'm sure it will be on the list so yeah, rolling stone is stupid. how could they leave out ailsean?
  6. the MM3 opening theme song is one of my absolute favorite VG songs, so much so that i requested that my friends and family play a nice version of it at my funeral when i eventually kick the bucket. morbid? yes. I think this is a great version of the song, albeit a little too frantic for use at a funeral. i like the opening too, but i think it does pale in comparison to some of the other great renditions of the opening sequence. project X, disco dan, and mustin all most notably made the intro work for me. this is a great song, i should have reveiwed it earlier
  7. this mix really isnt my thing, but i can appreciate all the attention to detail here. lots of high qualtiy sounds and all, doing the ambient thing. I downloaded it, and i probably wont delete it, but i dont think it is gonna get much play time either.
  8. this is a really nice rendition of such a great song. these days, it is entirely too easy for a person to slap a piano voice on a midi, and call it a day. The few live-recorded piano pieces that we have on this site are all very high quality, you can just hear and feel the difference. major props go to this song, although i would have fixed the mild brevity problem (the poor thing is too short) maybe i can just turn on the winamp crossfader, and set it to endless repeat....yeah, i think thats what i'm gonna do.
  9. luigis mansion? the hardest part of that game was coming to terms with the fact that you waisted 50 friggen dollars on it. compared to that life-altering realization, bowser was a fruitcake. i think i posted in here earlier, but whatever i said was wrong. the hardest boss was from a lousy game called xardion. i dont remember which one, but i remember almost being in tears over it. actually, that whole game blows. urg, i am angry today....
  10. wow, it has been a few days since i downloaded this one, and i am still listening to it all the time. this is the second disco dan song that i seriously play every day when i get the chance. the second one is your awesome techno rendition of the megaman 3 theme "bluelightning" - that might be my favorite mix of all time. you do good work disco dan, i cant wait to hear more of your stuff in the future.
  11. what can i say? this song is just my flavor. good job to tony, i think the mix was done well, and the judges were good to post it. this might not be for everybody, but at least it isnt some cookie-cutter cut and paste song. he went in a new direction, and i appreciate him for it. i dont think that it would be good for any composer to make a habit of remixing songs with this much grit around the edges, but at the moment, it is a breath of fresh air.
  12. serious props to disco dan. i loved his work on megaman, and i love his work here. nice attention to detail - it shows. overall: B+ not as good as some of the magic he has worked in the past, but a definately wonderfull peice.
  13. I like the funk. Overall, this was a great arrangement that could have stood to be in a better voice with better samples, but he was working with what he had. I would love to see this song get upgraded oneday, because it is a rockin beat with a great melody. I think it might be near the line of sounding too MIDIish, but i'm glad it got posted anyway. Awesome attention to the drumline though, many a remixer could learn from the example.
  14. I really like this peice, it is good to hear a great FFX remix. Some people say they cant find out which song it is a remix of, and i partially agree with that. BUT, even though i cant name a particular song that this is a remix of, this does remind me very much of FFX in general. It isnt a particular melody, but a particular feel and style that makes this remix FFX specific. I really like it. keep up the good work
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