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  1. And I used to think 2fort was the best map. Also, I like cp_well a lot.
  2. I vote yes on koth_sawmill and no on ctf_sawmill myself. +1/2?
  3. So is that an invitation for me to resume my role as PURPLE IS A COLOR?
  4. Now that I have a new gaming rig, I really would be interested in joining a clan of some sort. If there are any out there that are tied to the OCR community, that would be great. If not, I'll start shopping around, seeing what's available.
  5. I can't seem to find out whether or not Windows Media Player 11 is configured appropritaely, but surround sound does appear to be working in-game (the important part), so I think I'm okay.
  6. I'm running Windows 7 Pro here. Within the control panel, all speakers (4 + center) and subwoofer work just fine in the test. However, anything outside of the test does not output any sound on either the center speaker or the rear speakers. I'm using this motherboard for sound. Any help?
  7. I'd like to see koth_nucleus back on the rotation. I always liked it, but just didn't like the arena-style play associated with it. I know it has some pitfalls (e.g. snipers being able to sit around their spawn), but I always have fun when playing it.
  8. TF2 is definitely happening here tonight. My new computer is setup and ready to go. Can't wait to try out this puppy with TF2!
  9. Yeah, the boosted regen entirely negates pyro fire damage and heals you up super quick after a fight. The blutsauger, however, keeps you alive during a fight, so pick your poison, I guess.
  10. I would rather see something like -50% damage done on the Uber Saw. Now that it has been pointing out that the health drain on the blut will just negate the Medic regen (as opposed to just making the medic lose health) I'm okay with it. Although this means the Blut will have two negative points (no crits, -health) and only one positive (+3 health on hit).
  11. QFT. I've seen this happen too many times to condone adding maps like these to the rotation.
  12. I like Nucleus for KOTH, since it removed the die-once-and-sit-out mechanic of Arena. It's small and can be hectic. Actually reminds me of one of the Battle Mode courses in Mario Kart 64. Presently, the only problem with Viaduct is that my computer can't render it all too quickly. Otherwise it's a good map. I like KOTH Sawmill as well (same reason as for Nucleus), although I prefer Nucleus, so if either has to go I'd rather it be the latter. Don't care too much for CTF Sawmill, really. I've not played Glacier, but people say it's good "except for the third point." That itself can be a map killer. Due to that, and the fact that it's RC, it should not be on the rotation, in my opinion. Most of the time this is actually not this case, really. It's more when there are too many snipers rather than too many spies. Most of the time people will stick to sniper because they don't get killed as often (since they mostly hang in the background). Spies tend to increase in number when one spy is doing pretty well, but on rare occasion the Spy population will balance out due to rage-switching or whatever. Most of the time, however, everyone expects the other two people to switch. There ought to be a plugin that would allow for vote class-limits, which would kick all but the top 2 scorers for the class (I know the limitations/faults with this selection, but most of the time it is the apt choice). I realize there is no way for a server to kick someone out of a class, but what does Team Scramble do? I think it can work kind of like that, but instead of switching teams it just resets everyone's selection and keeps those who need to switch on the class selection screen. I say again: There are some disadvantages to class limitations, but it isn't the Holocaust of Fun as some people are making it out to be. Perhaps a vote could be made in the opposite direction: Vote to turn it off. Then again, that pretty much circumvents the issue we're trying to deal with.
  13. With the flaws associated with class limitations, I believe that the benefits are much more welcomed. It's no good having six+ useless support classes running around when you can limit it to four.
  14. Yes, this tool comes in real handy when it comes to muting Jeremy Irons, especially when he insists on calling everyone idiots. Repeatedly. As for the whole melee-only thing. I'll gladly follow the CODE OF HONOR and punch out another heavy. I rarely actually hear people declare melee only over the mic. Most of the time they just do it, and that's fine with me. Certain people take the game too seriously. Then again, certain people like to play with viewmodels off because TF2 is serious business.
  15. I know the auto-assign feature makes you join the offensive team (i.e. team blu) in the case of even teams, but what happens on, for example, CTF maps?
  16. If the ability to craft duplicate items into wanted items comes around, then I'll start holding on to the duplicates I receive then. As for the whole hat mess... Well, I never used the idle program, as I held at the same level as achievement servers. I didn't like the idea of having to get achievements, but I didn't try to circumvent the system either.
  17. I don't have a problem with customs in general. I have a problem with unfinished customs. In particular, ones still in the beta or release candidate stage. In addition to having to re-download them when a new version comes out, they're usually terrible (not all, but most). When I play TF2, I don't want to be beta testing maps. Also, Egypt is a terrible, terrible map.
  18. The Big Hurt achievement can work against KritzKrieging medics. Too bad I didn't have time to stay for the King of the Hill maps. Still enjoying the update, though.
  19. Hooray, no more uber stunning! The losing team animations are hilarious. I also like the more-obvious kritz effects they provided. Backpack UI improvement is quite substantial as well. I officially won't get excited about hats until I actually get one, though.
  20. Worst class for me is probably demo man. I'd be up for a worst-class day too.
  21. I for one would like to hear these 20 reasons to not use the backburner.
  22. By the way, something is odd with Arena maps at the moment. You can choose your team when joining, and none of the arena rules apply (i.e. teams don't autobalance, crits are still on). I was told that this was done to play that one spies vs. pyro game...
  23. Yeah, that was a lot of fun. Being able to coordinate, and play with the people of ZUZ/OCR, was a blast. Would it be possible to do it on a night where I wouldn't have to get up and go to work the next day (e.g. Friday or Saturday nights)? I can technically make both, but it cuts into my sleeping schedule when I do.
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