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  1. ah sim, o finale. eu sou meio lenta com o Finale, mas p/ partitura não tem melhor. Eu mesma prefiro o bom e velho piano roll.

  2. o sonar e outros daws tem ediçao de partitura...

  3. well, from the artist's point of view, it's certainly easier on the wallet to go digital only. But for this thread, I'm asking from the consumer's point of view. As a consumer, I personally prefer physical CDs.
  4. Upon reading my earlier thread about copyrights and UPC codes, I started thinking. Digital releases and physical CDs... I certainly still am a huge CD buyer, but how do you guys feel about digital releases and CDs?
  5. I actually was looking into registering in the US as well, so it's valid globally.
  6. Yes, I've heard of this. It's supposedly valid, but they only take vocal songs and register the lyrics as poems. A lot of my stuff is instrumental, so it does me no good.
  7. In brazil, one has to write scores to their music and register it with the National Library, but I'm unsure if that's valid worldwide. There are a lot of horror stories about this, the Jorge Ben/Rod Stewart case comes to mind. So What I'm really wondering is, if one is to register with copyright.gov, then does one have to register the score or can one register a sound recording, like the site mentions? How does that go? About CD Baby, supposedly the UPC code fee is apart from their album fee, which since their digital distribution services require it, then why not just make it one fee? Their site is not very clear about this.
  8. I may have expressed myself wrong,I don't know if copyright is the right for this. What I meant is, in case someone plagiarizes your work, you need something, to prove the composition is yours. is that copyright, or something else?
  9. So as some may have heard, I'm planning on releasing a CD. I'm looking into releasing it both digitally and physically via CD Baby. they offer UPC code generation for another $20, so I'm wondering, how important is a UPC code, given I'm only releasing it physically through CD baby and myself? I also was looking into copyrighting at copyright.gov. Has any one here ever done that? Do you register it as Performing Arts or Sound Recording? What's the real difference?
  10. naquelas. ele é meio de lua comigo, tem muita coisa que eu preciso aprender ainda.

  11. I actually own the full version of guitar rig 4, I don't have latency problems. are you using your ASIO drivers?
  12. A metalcore fan... THAT's inspiring. anyhow, from here, I'd say: CarboHydroM, sixto, djp, AmIEvil, Jovette Rivera, housethegrate... there are probably more. EDIT: zyko! how could I forget. elsewhere: Jarle Bernhoft (Span, Explicit Lyrics and his solo carrier), Hoobastank, Evergreen Terrace, Mad At Gravity and The Suicide Machines, mostly.
  13. you didn't read the thread, did you? This:
  14. I'm aware of that. but not only that doesn't help, but I mentioned in my posts that I'm not yet interested in making my own synths, I'm interested in being able to use what reaktor already has to offer better. Then maybe I'll start making my own, for now, that's not the case.
  15. Well, I wanna... use it. For instance, last night, I was trying to use it as a bass synth with lazerbass, I wanted to use a certain snapshot, I couldn't for the life of me get that snapshot to stay selected when I pushed play in my host. I also couldn't use Rhythmaker without its sequencer, as everytime I deleted it, midi notes wouldn't play. I'd make modifications to a snapshot, save it with the Append button, next time I opened reaktor, it wasn't there. Then with the gobox, I can't audition samples or switch them. That was all in one night, I'm sure there'd be more issues. And then there's Newskool, what the HELL is that?
  16. So I bought Komplete 7 about 6 months ago. I'd never gotten the chance to fool around with reaktor, until I decided to use it and, presumably learn it, for my current project in my job. I don't have a lot of experience with eletronica, but even though I can manage with other synths (barely), I soon realized I was in way over my head. I ended up deleting all my reaktor instances and replacing them with other synths. I'm using sonar X1 on win7 64bit, so I don't know how much of my fail was sonar or whatever being buggy, still.... Please, kind Reaktor using souls, could you find it in your heart to give this dummy some sort of crash course? I'm not looking for how to build synths from scratch and what not, I'm aware there are such tutorials elsewhere. But nowhere could I find simple how-tos, as the manuals aren't as objective as I hoped (like "to do this, do this"). So.... Pretty please ?
  17. They cite the onyx series as being supported. there are quite a few products, so I'm assuming they don't have any problems. It also mentions the M-Audio fast track ultra as having full support, and well, I have that, and got blue screen of death errors because of it. That's the main reason I decided to switch interfaces in the first place. and apparently, there haven't been any updates since about the time I was trying to use it. I'm also using Sonar X1, I haven't had a single issue with it yet, but I have yet to try it with automap and the 61 SL mkII.
  18. Well, I can tell "you" what NOT to buy, and that is the Mackie Blackjack, particularly if one is a windows user. Its drivers are USELESS and Mackie refuses to update them. Want the same mobility, sturdiness, high-quality pre's and USB power? buy the Focusrite Saffire 6 instead.
  19. I hate to be reviving this thread and also double-posting. but the thing is, I should've listened to this earlier and for everyone who might look at this thread looking for setup suggestions, I'd like to warn them about my previous choice. Not only did I end up with an USB 1.1 interface with the Mackie Blackjack, but I also ended up with one whose driver is completely useless. it DOES NOT work with windows 7 or xp. I had to download ASIO4All to make it workable with, but being a limited and old free driver, it eventually started f***ing up with my speakers and headphones' phases and other annoying stuff. Then again, the fact that I had to download an OLD AND FREE driver to make a $200 dollar audio interface workable with is absurd. So, whoever considers this piece of crap, get the Saffire 6 instead. It has the same sturdiness and high quality preamps, plus MIDI, and it ACTUALLY WORKS.
  20. it sounds great on NI's demo, IRL not so much. I'd rather use regular guitar rig stuff
  21. That may be why I didn't like my results
  22. I once tried something like that, I didn't really like the result. But I do know of other people who use that technique. I would think double tracking with the mod in the first post would sound awesome... but then again, I haven't been doing many rock oriented stuff lately to justify taking time to actually study that mod.
  23. I got my job pretty much just because of my mixes posted throughout the net. Never got a cent for any of them, but I'd say, like dannthr already mentioned, you do have to have the ability of making industry level stuff in a short time. Both myself and the company I work for are starting out, so I don't (yet) make enough money to sustain myself from this job alone, but that's the way it goes.
  24. I do sometimes, for a very bluesy/rock n' rolly/gritty tone. But it sounds a lot different from the one on that thread, it actually fits the bridge pick-up tone convincingly
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