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  1. Thanks djp and everyone for the kind words! And yeah, it really doesn't sound like Aladdin's sountrack or Zimmer's work, but they were huge inspirations, I can only hope I can be a fraction of their awesome one day. Just to clarify something though, the bagpipe sounding thing is actually a Zurna. And it's my new favorite instrument, always looking for an excuse to use it in a song.
  2. Damn right I'm scared. I'm scared I'll hate it, I'm scared I'll end up unknowingly plagiarize someone, scared I won't finish it (usually right about that), scared I won't be satisfied with it ever, etc etc. it doesn't stop me from doing it anyway, I just wish I finished songs more than I start.
  3. Ok, so first things first. I'm a Windows 7 user, wanting to start working with videos. Mostly because I'm a student at TrueFire's Guitar Sherpa online classrooms, but also because I may eventually post something on youtube. So, I'm trying to optimize the way I capture video. This is my (current) equipment: Webcam: Microsoft HD-3000 Audio interface: Focusrite Saphire 6 (USB) Video capture: Windows movie maker DAW: Cubase 6 Video editing: N/A Right now, it's pretty straight forward, capture video with movie maker, using a mic into one of the pre's of my my audio interface and that's it. I end up with .wmv's and sound coming only from the left channel. For starters, I'd actually like to center the audio and make it mono, as it must be fairly annoying for the teachers there. I'm guessing I could just use the DAW for that, but one slight problem is that Cubase 6 doesn't support .wmv's. So I'd either have to convert that, or work with a different file type altogether. I've tried using Youcam, which records into .avi's, only to find that the file size is WAY too big for class purposes. And then there's youtube, if it ever becomes the case. I'd want to record my guitar to a backing track. So... how does one do that? Is there any video editing software involved? I've never worked with video before, so I'm pretty damn clueless. All that said, if I have to purchase any new equipment/software, I'd prefer to keep it below $300. Thanks in advance.
  4. I'm only playing this now. It kinda sucks that there aren't a lot of neutral dialogue choices, my main playthrought is mostly neutral, a little more paragon though. While I did spoil the ending, I don't actually remember enough to form a real opinion yet.
  5. I've been working on cleaning up my playing and building speed. I was wondering, how do you guys feel about drills? like spider drills, 1234/1324/4321/xyzw exercises? what helps, what doesn't?
  6. Yeah, the only village, so to speak, in the game was Skyloft. Really makes the sky uninteresting. I thought the sea in WW much more... immersing?
  7. Ok, I've watched it. So this girl likes numbers, I never said no woman does, hell, I used to be an engineering student, so yeah, so do I. Wait right there, I never said that women are bad at math, or anything like what you said, I used to study engineering myself. And while I never felt any mocking or discouraging for my choice, I do agree that especially that not too long ago society was like that, not nearly as much right now. But as for what a poll such as this says, I never got into the reason for it show said results.
  8. I still haven't, the link is broken.
  9. Well, if you make a poll and come up with said result, then that means that a poll is sexist? It says something about the majority of people asked, but never did I say women MUST NOT like/do something because the majority of women don't. Are YOU sure you know what sexism means?
  10. That there is a little contradicting. Though I do get your point from the rest of your post not quoted here, thinking back on the last advertisements for games I've seen, they aren't necessarily targeted towards men. So despite being male dominant, I wouldn't see sexism as a reason. it's kind of like why there are so little women in an engineering classroom (I know, I've been there), it's because women tend not to be interested by math and that sort of thing, the reason for that is irrelevant, but it hasn't got anything to do with sexism. While I may not have picked the best example, I still think the reason women are a minority amongst gamers has more to do with the concept of gaming itself than sexism within games.
  11. Like Darangen said, that was never my point. But I still think what he said rings true:
  12. Yeah, I heard something about that. But IMHO, I liked it massive, like in TP.
  13. Well, I WOULD prefer if game boobs were more neutral and not oversized and what not. But in the end, who cares? A great game is still a great game, oversized breasts or not.
  14. So there's a naked beast, who cares? it's a beast, and other than small breasts, it has nothing else that over sexualizes it to make it uncomfortable. This has more to do with ratings for nudity than it has to do with sexism.
  15. Well yeah, it's different with sprites, but in all honesty, I don't see anything wrong with the picture. Her breasts aren't enormous and people do wear skirts and strapless tops.
  16. To be honest, I don't think this had any better of a story than any other Zelda game. And despite everybody's love for the art style, it really just seemed like an excuse for the wii's limitations to me. The tree in Faron Woods come to mind, and how they have "billboards" for branches/leaves. And yes, I did love WW's art as well as TP. I also didn't particularly like the whole sky thing and how you can't go from Faron to Eldin (for example) without going back to the sky first. I'll take exploring with Epona over flying to holes in the clouds with a giant bird any day.
  17. Wow, this is so obvious here it's hilarious even. Then again, it's still true that most players for games like that are, in fact, male. I don't even think less sexualized female characters would make it any more appealing to the female audience. That said, the role female characters usually had back in the early 90s, when I was a little girl, was a big part of the reason why I always tended to prefer male characters over female ones. They were usually damsels in distress and what not. Later on, when I matured, my preference for male characters didn't change, but then it became because I'd rather spend a whole game looking at a fairly attractive male protagonist. While overly sexualized female characters do gross me out, I've come to not really mind it, after all, like I said before, it's the game itself that attracts the players. A game having attractive male characters in a game is a plus for me, not why I play a game, and having these overly sexualized females won't ruin a great game. Now for strong female characters, I do agree with the one who mentioned Zelda, and another one that comes to mind is FFVI's Terra. PS: the third Samus reminds me of Ayla.
  18. That and every time you started playing the game on another day, you'd get the description for each treasure you collected again, even if it wasn't new.
  19. Exactly that. Plus the fact that it takes one... ONE hit... and it's all over. You can't fight back, you can barely dodge. And then you have to go through all the hard work all over again, you can't pick up where you left off. The scene it shows every time the guardians awoke was annoying and my nerves couldn't take all the anxiety when they were awake, or when you were doing so good, but suddenly fell into a trap, be it the water or the poe things with the lamps. We had not one of these, not two, but FOUR increasingly big trials. I guess one can tell by now how deep my hatred for these trials go haha.
  20. I beat it last night! I gotta say I was a little disappointed with the ending, especially how Ghirahim turned out. I thought he was the best Zelda villain I know, so it was kind of a waste. He's still awesome though. I have to admit I cheated on the last Silent Realm, I downloaded a save right after it. I really couldn't be bothered to try it again and again. And they're the sole reason why I won't be playing this game again so soon, if ever.
  21. I always thought there was some connection. Perhaps Skyloftians devolved into Oocca, or something.
  22. As far as temples go, I liked the ideas in TP better... like the iron boots being used for magnetism and so on. I found the bosses harder because of the controls. I took a lot more damage in SS.
  23. To be honest, I've never experienced camera zooms like you said. It's a very good game overall, far from perfect, but still very enjoyable, EXCEPT those silent realms, I HATED THOSE WITH A PASSION. But bosses were more challenging, and that was a plus, as I found them too easy in TP. Still I think I preferred TP in general to SS. That said, I still think Ghirahim is the best villain I know in the series IMHO, he kind of reminds of Kuja.
  24. I found Fi extremely boring. The way she interacted with Link and the world itself was so... robotic. Midna was a different story, I thought it was pretty awesome the way she couldn't care less about the "light" world, and the evolution of her character.
  25. Thank you. But no, the title was actually zircon's idea, I believe. It was given much later the song was completed. My main inspiration was the vibe the original itself gave me, really thescenario in the game itself.
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