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  1. I'm not surprised to learn of GTA4's outrageously ridiculous budget... but in the end, I found the game pretty much unplayable. physics were pretty damn good, sure, but it made the controls very uncomfortable to me. That, and the cell phone thing was a little annoying. Speaking of FFXII, what of the FFXIII's budget?
  2. I'm not familiar with the source, but I dig this. love the energy, but I get a little tired of the synthy metal thing after awhile.... production-wise, this is very good and finally, I adore the screams! we should definitely have scream duet one of these days haha.
  3. yes, that's true. but the more (unfamiliar) instruments you have, the harder that'll be.
  4. yes, I have done that, but that doesn't really help when it comes to arranging stuff either. it's not the same as watching videos of rock bands to learn how to play guitar.
  5. ooooh now I got it hahaahha great

  6. So I've been toying for ages with the idea of doing a 1950's Big Band swing style song or even all out orchestral. While I can handle a few supporting small string section parts for some songs, I don't know half a crap about arranging brass and woodwind sections.. or even how the whole big band thing works with it's arrangements. I really wanna learn more about that, does anyone know of sheet music, books or even just advice you could give me when it comes to these styles? thanks in advance.
  7. so now, apparently my internet stops working every thursday night. ah the anger. guess I gotta listen today and vote.
  8. "loudness" as you put it, is a matter of mastering. you can get more than enough headroom with 16bit/44.1KHz. and finally, as cliche as it is mentioning the loudness wars and stuff, I'll keep it short and simple: loud does not equal good. personally, I just record with that setting, because it, like the people mentioned before, saves space and CPU while recording, and I don't have to convert it back to 16/44.1 for distribution. also, I don't have half the skills of professional engineers, so chances are, even if I recorded with higher settings, I couldn't get it to sound any better than what I can now.
  9. that was intentional actually. I was hoping placing the lead a little to the back would draw attention to the rhythm guitars. sidenote: it is??
  10. hahahhaha yeah, 'cause I still didn't get it haha.

  11. what kind of equipment do you have? (drums, cymbals, mics)
  12. love the sound (the choice of sounds, panning and mix), but I barely recognize the source on most of this track, and I'm a huge fan of the source
  13. I don't know how the live version is. but I own the desktop PODX3. I used to have both the bass PODxt and the guitar one. I figured the X3 would be both plus vocals stuff.... so I sold them and a behringer compressor and bought the X3. big, big mistake. The sounds there aren't half as good as on the XTs and the double tone thing does not make up for it, the vocal preamp models are pretty useless. so, don't do this to yourself. it's not worth it.
  14. LuIzA

    Female Vocalists

    three words: Jagged Little Pill. one of the most awesome albums from the 90s.
  15. Schala is one of my two all-time favorite game songs. That said, I usually feel mixes don't do it justice (especially not my own, but then again, that was never the point). This does, and it's beautiful.
  16. LuIzA

    Female Vocalists

    self-promotion, eeeeh? my turn! (yes, there are vocal songs there) You and Amy are awesome though, congrats on the music Also, Björk rules.
  17. I must say I'm really impressed with Shreddage. I can see some minor "imperfections" when it comes to realism, but if I didn't play guitar, I'd totally get it! guitar tone is really good and chuggy. but the stereo image seems a bit funny.... Like Brandon said, more defined on the right side. still, great job on Shreddage, guys! As for the synth lead... I also don't dig it, not in this song, and not anywhere else. to be very honest, I find this sort of synth lead, not bad at all, but boring. but that's a matter of individual taste, some of us will like it, some of us won't.
  18. thanks for the offer, guys! I already got someone to do it
  19. So, I just claimed " " from Seiken Densetsu 3 in the project. I'm currently working on an initial WIP, but the plan here is to go all Rage Against The Machine (and a little ) on it. So that means I'm looking for an aggressive rapping style, especially for screamy choruses.if you play guitar too and would like to help out with the arrangement and stuff, it'll be even better, as I plan to handle some vox too, so it'd be awesome if you could play some guitar too.
  20. LuIzA

    Female Vocalists

    female metalcore and extreme metal vocalists: metalcore: \m/ extreme metal/whatever:
  21. Ohshitohshitohshit left handed wolf! I must have it!
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