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  1. technically, dither only has to do with the noise floor, and dynamic range. Going down on sample rate can cause aliasing, to prevent that, some processors use anti-aliasing filters, which are basically LPF around half the sampling rate (22.05 KHz for 44.1KHz). check out for more info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aliasing Other than that, for recording like most of us do, there's no real point in working at a higher sample rate your work is going to end up on (44.1 KHz for CDs and mp3s). You won't get a huge difference, or maybe even a noticeable one in most cases.
  2. I just hate it when you need a dongle to use a demo. Particularly Cubase.
  3. Audio is an AC signal (alternated current), its average value (not RMS) is essentially zero. DC offset means that your average value is higher or lower than zero, making it more likely to clip. check if FL has an "elimate DC offset" in its settings or something.
  4. Rozovian is right. we can better help you, if you're more specific on what exactly you'd like to do better than in FL. I use SONAR X1 Producer. I'm pretty happy with its workflow, especially now with the smart tool. But it has some compatibility problems with some plugins, particularly some of Waves stuff. Man, I wish Pro Tools 9 had a demo version.
  5. que bom que ta te ajudando :)

  6. It's possibly the best natural snare sound we have. Would you mind sharing more details on how you got it? EDIT: http://tindeck.com/listen/psgq my final stab at it. this time, completely fine tuned and mastered.
  7. this sounds better. are you using drum samples?
  8. sounds totally 80s haha, how did you treat the vox in this one?
  9. mv, you're still alive! the vocals sound kinda weird panned off center haha. still, awesome take though and here's my new one: http://tindeck.com/listen/xveu I've replaced snare and kick drum normally, but also copied versions of the OH track and cropped them to each tom part so I could trigger them as well. I also revised some problems from my older redo.
  10. I didn't replace any drums there, though I will try that soon
  11. I used to mix with sixto said, today I decided to redo my mix from scratch bringing up every fader from the start. I think I got better results, let's you listen to the song for what it is, instead of what you wish they were. so, is it really better? http://tindeck.com/listen/rxip
  12. I've been learning a lot from all this, hope everyone is as well. If you all have time, it'd be cool if everyone can comment on everyone else's mix. Now for a general question: what's your mixing concept/method/whatever? Do you bring all the faders up and go with it? Do you bring in each instrument at a time? Or something else entirely? If everyone digs this little experience, I'll make another next month or so.
  13. and here's my new version: http://tindeck.com/listen/ddce I actually tried Fishy's EQ settings for the snare. important lesson I learned from it is to stop trying eliminate bleed, and just work with it instead.
  14. Wow, great drum sounds! what version of Slate do you have? also, how does the Leakage Suppression work? great guitar sounds too, what are you using to reamp them? I think I like your mix best, so far. I dig the snare sound, provided it's the "real one". how did you treat it? I couldn't get it to sound good at all, using the real one. did you reamp the guitars? Thanks
  15. how about eq? did you reduce some of the highs? (ie 8khz) cool flanging/phasing effects. I also dig your snare
  16. I still like your OH sound better than mine, what did you do? on another note, I kept thinking mine was way harsh, so I treated the master some.: http://tindeck.com/listen/lznq is it any better?
  17. yeah, that was a problem with the export, my bad. here's the OH again: http://tindeck.com/listen/mkck I'll edit the OP with the correct .rar as well. EDIT: DONE
  18. Those of you with a little time on their hands, let's play a "game" that'll help us all get better at mixing. So I recorded today a song called "Waiting" originally by Hoobastank (those not familiar with it, this is you can listen here), with live drums (played by moi) and mic'd guitar amp. I thought it'd be fun to share the individual tracks with everyone here so we can each have a go at mixing them and help eachother get the best sound possible. here's the link to the tracks: http://www.mediafire.com/?ghx3vpxsky9mclt they are all mono CBR 320kbps mp3s, except for the Overheads and BGV's which are stereo. Since there're a lot of them, I decided to just encode them into high quality mp3s. To those curious about the recording methods: The drums were recorded with 4 mics, which is all my Fast Track Ultra can handle, pictured below. the Overheads are M-Audio Pulsar II's in ORTF configuration, the bass drum mic is a CAD KBM412 placed inside it angled toward the edge of the drum, and the snare drum mic is an SM57. Obviously, because the drums were played by me and I suck, some tempo correction was needed, I used SONAR's AudioSnap for that. I also just played along with the original song, so syncing it to grid was impossible. Other than that, like all other tracks no other processing was applied. The guitars were mic'd like pictured, the SM57 1" from the grille off-axis and a AKG C214 about 1' away aimed at the cab logo. In addition to that, the DI signal is included for each of the guitars. No fine tuning was made to the guitars' tone, this was really just for fun. Bass was recorded direct and vocals were recorded with the AKG and the SM57 on some of the parts. and here's my mix: http://tindeck.com/listen/znps it's using Waves Gold and CLA Artist bundles, I was particularly amazed with the CLA plugs, especially the Bass one, I got the sound I wanted just by inserting it, no knobs moved. Most of them require aditional processing though. I als created a fake room mic by cloning the OH tracks, summing them to mono, squashing them and adding some reverb EDIT: a different version, this time, using Slate Trigger demo on the kick and snare tracks. http://tindeck.com/listen/xedu Any questions about my mix or the recording methods, just ask
  19. I'm using Sonar and just got the Waves Gold Bundle. I was wanting to try out Waves Tune LT. I inserted it, it said the ReWire link couldn't be estabilished, so I inserted the Waves ReWire, that was solved. BUT, whenever I press Play, it scans, like it's expected, but nothing will show on its little piano roll. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance.
  20. this was done for DoD a while back, it's been revised since then, is it OCR material? Mario GolF, btw.
  21. A remastered version of the remade version is on my YouTube Channel. check it out!
  22. Are you a SONAR user? if so, you could try Session Drummer, it comes bundled with SONAR. it's not half bad for electronic drums, it has stuff like 909s and 808s, if that's what you're looking for.
  23. Lenine from Brazil. he's cool. and Pd. Ravi Shankar and Anoushka Shankar.
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