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  1. to be honest I never liked this song or their last record ("Bleed Like Me") as much as "Garbage" or "Version 2.0". She still has one hell of a voice though, and I sure hope they go through with releasing a new record this year.
  2. I think I'm coming back today! also, nekofrog, your sig is hilarious
  3. well, usually I prefer male vocals over female vocals any day. But these are among my very favorite singers: Sandra Nasić, solo
  4. I'll take Splash Hop, if I find a male singer who'll sing and write lyrics to a punk/ska version of it.
  5. thank you for your support :)

  6. pretty much sums it up. it's what I use too, and very worth it.
  7. it's true. that song was never finished. I absolutely hate my voice in it, and writing the lyrics was a pretty painful experience. I mean how do you like Queen Zeal and Schala having the same voice? with an accent, no less? haha I really don't like writing at all, so when you consider I was a below national average writer (when it came to everything but spelling/grammar) back in high school, I'm sure you can picture just how painful it was to get those lyrics out in a day. Most of the song's work was done 3 days before the DoD deadline at the time, so I waited until most of it was done before writing... maybe I'd feel differently about it if it was ever finished, and I have no real idea why it was never, but (with all due respect) I think Ashane has far better works than this... EDIT: before the "question" (for the lack of a better word) is raised, the making of this song has nothing to do with "Cessation..." or the fact it was never finished.
  8. now that you said it, I thought of posting it, but the reason I haven't is because it's 8+ minutes long, so the mp3 would have to be pretty shitty in quality to make it fit 6Mb. Now that the limit increased to 8Mb, I'll consider doing it, just gotta see if it won't hurt the quality AND perhaps solve my personal issues with the song (and find the files haha)... But again, thank you for taking your time to record vocals for it.
  9. I really appreaciate it. people are never too fond of metalcore, so it means a lot to me that you enjoyed it!

  10. I totally agree... I wanted to do that, but at the time I didn't know how I could automate a Superior 2.0 individual track.
  11. I'm very flattered that you do :D thanks for taking your time to listen to my stuff!

  12. Thanks everyone for the kind words. which guitars? the leads are recorded with a PocketPOD or just direct with plug-ins, but the rhythms are recorded through a tube amp, so if those sounded digital, the whole purpose was defeated haha. And the open string chugs ARE obvious, that's what I love about metalcore. breakdowns \m/
  13. I kinda was... given there've been so many expansion packs. I figured they'd go for an overhaul in a new title.
  14. yeah, it's a little disappointing, but you're most likely right.
  15. the mutants and dogmeat look almost exactly as they did in F3.
  16. I've never played Oblivion, but my guess is that for those who played and liked Oblivion, Fallout 3 doesn't really provide much "new" for them.
  17. trailer wasn't very "post-apocalyptic".. hmm... Still... I <3 Fallout
  18. all songs there are awesome... but I'd still say the first level, dogville, and one of the boss themes as my favorite..... and I'll marry you too. I always say that to whoever digs Wonder Dog. just 6 in an hour?? this must be my all-time low...
  19. imo, mountain dew throwback is just mountain dew with a weird after taste. brazilian coca-cola, which is basically "coca-cola throwback" is better than the american version though.
  20. yeah, for sure, but I have to say I found it a little frustrating, as whenever someone'd ask me a question, someone else would say something funny and we'd all start talking about that. nothing wrong with it of course, it's all good and part of the show, but it gets a little frustrating after awhile haha. also, I'm pretty much deathly afraid of any large arthropod.
  21. post the coconut crab picture.... I'd cry like a baby if I ever see one of those for real.
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