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  1. wow, thanks! I have yet to try this though. I'm in the middle of a job with a tight deadline, so I'll stick to my current workflow for now.
  2. yeah, I know how to route the outputs in Sonar, my problem is to route each MIDI track from Sonar to the right instrument within Kontakt, and in Kontakt, how to route each instrument to one of the 8 or 16 outputs that isn't the first stereo pair.
  3. I just got Kontakt, so I don't know much about it yet, I'm wondering: do I have to use one Kontakt for each instrument in my DAW or can I load all or more than one instrument in one Kontakt and route the midi and outputs accordingly? if so, how do you do that?
  4. Yes, but it actually is what made my new audio interface work. That's how bad Mackie drivers are. I guess I can/have to live with that.
  5. if you think you may switch OSs eventually, you probably want to pick a DAW that's available for both Mac and Windows (ie Cubase, Reason), so you don't have a learning curve when you do the switch. As far as an audio interface goes, you'll probably want one with MIDI (in case you have older keyboards), Hi-Z inputs (for guitar) and as many inputs you think you'll need. Fishy mentioned FireWire is better, but I've never used anything FireWire, all I can say is that USB isn't bad at all. With ASIO drivers, you can get really low latency and whatever you do DO NOOOOOOOOT get the M-Audio Fast Track Ultra, it's utter !@#$.
  6. I absolutely second that. I've always wanted middle eastern vocals.
  7. I'm kinda lost haha. What is LASS? I haven't heard demos or anything but Hollywood strings seems to offer a lot of control. it's more than what many of us need, it's possible to get a good sound for much less.
  8. Yes, that's the reason Kore seems interesting to me. I am somewhat new to synthesis, so being able to get the sound in my head or something that fits as well by searching "bright warm synth lead" sounds awesome to me. it's like a whole different paradigm, as opposed to getting my sound from guitars and what not. I'm mostly interested in the idea of organizing my new Komplete stuff like that. but unless it's really worth it, I'm not planning on spending any more money any time soon.
  9. well, I just bought Komplete 7. but basically, I'd have to buy the full Kore to be able to organize stuff? is it some sort of sampler like Kontakt, or something else entirely?
  10. I'd been wondering that too recently. is Kore ONLY for organizing presets? what about its sample library that ships with it? what's the difference between the paid version and the free kore player?
  11. dannthr is right. and for instruments you don't really know much about, but want to use, I think the best thing you can do is research. see live music with that instruments, watch videos, watch the people playing, more specifically HOW they do it, watch for specific instrument techniques.
  12. it's called the "whole-half scale" on guitar books/guitar pro and what not. sounds cool over diminished chords and stuff.
  13. really helpful, thank you =) would you consider making one of these on the Malström? ;P
  14. I do too. though I've been trying to get as close as possible to a mic'd bass cab sound, very underrated.
  15. the only way I really learned guitar was trying to play songs I like.
  16. interesting, I'll have to look into the Hotplates. that's actually the very reason I never use more than one mic on an amp when I do record with mine... it can be very beneficial, yes, but I don't have the time or the patience to do stuff like that.
  17. then, by all means... =) what half stack and mics do you use? I'd usually agree with you based on my own results. Thing is, mic'ing an amp isn't the most convenient thing in the world, especially when you don't have a lot of time, or experience. Over time, I found that using amp sim plug-ins is even more convenient than using physical amp sim devices like PODs. Also, anyone ever used Native Instruments' Rammfire?
  18. I mostly can't stand it. but it does fit in some pop songs.
  19. thanks for doing so, actually haha. I was about to ask for a small demo clip of the TH1 Overloud. I'd actually never heard of it before. ...I actually preferred it to Brandon's mic'd amp, though his palm muting sounded a little better.
  20. I'm surprised there wasn't a thread like this before. So... your opinions?
  21. What do you guys think of Kong? particularly the physical modelling.
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