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  1. Fratto, are you playing bass trombone as well? If so, Wiesty, you should specify that in the first post. Just like an alto sax and a tenor sax are two different instruments, so are trombone and bass trombone. C7, thanks for the range info! I would suggest to the other horns to post theirs as well, so any arrangers won't have to write too conservatively (the saxes can be cut and dry, but anyone with altissimo capabilities should say so, unless they'd be more comfortable only utilizing those notes in an improvisation). Now, time to pick a source! Choices, choices...
  2. He could be referring to aliens who can produce things we merger humans can only dream of before they slip into the ether. Also, I feel as if Sam has encountered a lot of people who are nervous to write for the sake of their egos/reputations being on the line, which is clearly absurb when discussing the very idea, but a delicate issue depending on who is being involved with it (hence why he posed it in the first, imho).
  3. On a similar vein to Garpocalypse, I think it has more to do with how others will perceive your music. As a musician, you're putting your heart and soul into something, and it could indeed not be well received, and some people don't have the discipline to look at their work objectively when people offer good critique and critism. Obviously, the good critique has to be there; people says 'that sucked' or 'that was awesome!!' don't really do much to help you improve and grow as a musician. However, it's also a two-way street with perception; you can act all high and mighty like you are some ne
  4. Dan could be referring to the abrupt change to minor at 0:48, or the fact that there are 'two' influences. Usually, you'd only want one influence on a track so that it doesn't try to be every song at once, you know? You would find it out of place if a piano ballad went into a heavy metal section (not saying it isn't possible, but highly unlikely), so in terms of the NES and its limited capabilities, having two styles is enough to make the two sections 'feel' different enough. I can't speak for what he thinks isn't enough compositional coherency, but I think it's coherent enough: you've got
  5. OLR is at a stand-still until we figure out what we're doing for the 1000th mix. Since we've basically devolved into only posting .gifs in that one thread, who knows when we'll actually figure it out. Also, stuff behind the scenes but I'm not sure how it's coming along. YOU CAN HAS FRONT PAGE: http://olremix.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=9686
  6. Braid, Super Meat Boy, and Lone Survivor have been added to the bundle, and are available if you pay the average price (as of posting, $7.92), similiar to Bastion. Over $3 million raised!!
  7. I've heard some people saying that the yellow robot is from Cyborg Justice, and that the elf chick could be from Misery or Cave Story. The devil is really a crapshoot since so many games could be attributed to him.
  8. Ha, well I can only assume inner and outer would be one and the same by that point...I'll definitely tune in at some point.
  9. As of 11:43 PM EST they broke $1.5 million, and as of 11:57 they've sold over 200,000 bundles. In less than 24 hours what is this madness
  10. You might want to contact Sole Signal, as he was in the same predicament albeit against a more 'legitimate' opponent. But I also agree with your current tactic of waiting to see the legitimacy of their case before you act upon anything.
  11. There better be an inner monologue during the Great Palace of Zelda II.
  12. As of this post, they've already raised $1,000,000. The time it took to type this they already raised $4,000 more.
  13. Only one out of this bunch I had was PROTODOME's, so this was a no-brainer. Really looking forward to the Dustforce soundtrack; I heard a preview a long time ago and was very impressed.
  14. To Ben Briggs: Congrats all around; let's see how much more awesome the compo can get!
  15. Gotcha! Well, recently over in the Sonic Zone Remix Competition, I made a chiptune track: http://soundcloud.com/xenon-odyssey/unda-presh-shah It might not have the glamour of tunes that just use a chiptune aesthetic with modern instruments/production, but it's a 'true' chiptune, meaning that it can be played on the original hardware. I'm not sure if that's something you are looking for or not; there's a lot of layers to what the whole chiptune sound means!
  16. HA, well; didn't think that my gaseousness would get this popular, but I thank you sir!

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