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  1. Oh wow, I'm sorry dude; I did a back-to-back listen of Hill Top and your tune (which I was doing with the tracks at the beginning but then stopped as I went along since I was thinking 'I know these tunes'), and you're totally right; majority of your tune is Hill Top, albeit slowed significantly and enough to make me not even catch it when I listened the first time around. Really sorry about that! But like I said, repeating all of that stuff without varying it up somehow can be draining to listen to, so keep that in mind the next time you arrange something, and don't be afraid to deviate a li
  2. So I wrote up some reviews for the first round...I hope to crush all of your egos and make you spend the night with a tub of Ben & Jerry's and The Notebook. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Magellanic - Proxigean Tide Intro felt too disjointed from the rest of the song; a kinda abrupt transition. The solo synth and drums at 1:36 felt too naked to a degree; some pads or something crescendoing there would have made the section not stick-out so much. Other than that, pretty nice; I don't know Tidal Tempest nearly as well as I know Star Light, but it seemed like you had more of the Light than the Temp
  3. Ha, that seemed to be the best part so I gotta at this point! Might get a better sample or something though; one that really says 'Hydro Shitty.' :P

  4. Hahaha, thanks man! I dunno about subbing it though; it's really just a bad cover with a half-assed solo. I'd have to definitely polish that turd before I'd submit it, especially since I'm already down a couple of points due to the whole 'chiptune' aspect.

  5. Yeah, it was pretty evident that I just threw the ending together after the skid sound effect...oh well; I knew I didn't really have a chance, and after finally listening to the mixes, it's pretty much confirmed! Bonus points for anyone who can point out all of the little shout-outs I sprinkled in there besides the two main sources. Also, .nsf for anyone who wants it can be found over on the FamiTracker forums: http://famitracker.com/forum/posts.php?id=3524 Yes, VRC6 in FamiTracker...we retro up in diz bitch.
  6. play in traffic wait, this isn't the sonic thread...happy birfday yo!
  7. I had a glorious idea, but sadly I didn't get to finish it in time after getting drunk and not being as productive as I should have been. So what did I do....I MADE A CRAPTASTIC ENDING AND FINISHED THAT BITCH!! B-BOY BRIGGS I'LL MEET YOU IN THE VOTING ARENA YOU SMELLY WHORE!! ohgod it's 5AM what am i doing with my life
  8. So...are you asking for covers in the style of chiptunes, or original songs? You mention both, but you say you want a video game song for the final piece, but nowadays not all chiptunes are video game music, just as not all video game music is chiptunes. I'd just like to clear up some confusion.
  9. Since nobody likes Batman (or, at least the music that represents him), Tarrasque has given us our theme for this month, which is Non-Famous Composers! He wrote up this long list of people who don't qualify, so it basically boils down to indie games and obscure titles. Of course, there are games like Ducktales which are eligible, since nobody is sure who did the music! But I digress. The bonus is the Wilhelm Scream! Use it in your mix for those juicy +2 points. AND, there's an XO's Challenge this month! If you make a Nico Nico Douga style remix using only the Wilhelm Scream as a sound,
  10. It sounds like that's what they were trying to execute, but clearly they didn't want to put bad music into a commercial game (since FM can get rotten pretty quickly). Time for a Ristar hack where the music actually makes it difficult to face that boss!
  11. I haven't done shit. Clearly, it's time to procrastinate!
  12. I'd give them a voice lesson for a complimentary hot dicking. I enjoy the fact, however, that in the description, the 'production' company says they took no part in the creation of the song; they only shot the video, yet it's the only video they have uploaded... Hot problems = no talent?
  13. Yeah alright, let's do this. 1. Hydro City Zone (Sonic the Hedgehog 3) 2. Secret Base Zone (Sonic Advance 1) 3. Jungle Zone (Sonic the Hedgehog SMS&GG) 4. Turquoise Hill Zone (Sonic Chaos) 5. Flying Battery Zone (Sonic & Knuckles)
  14. As a composer that hasn't done jack-all since I graduated last year, this speaks to me deeply.
  15. With OneUp bringing us a spectacular NES mash-up, he also gives us our theme for this month: BATMAN! Any game that the caped crusader has starred in is eligible, from the 8-bit to his most recent outing in Arkham City! And the bonus this time is a little different: basically, you draw you own original Batman villian, and you'll receive the bonus. You can attach it as album art so we can all see it (or send it to me with your remix and I'll attach it), and then we'll have two voting categories this month! One for the music, and one for the drawing! Haven't really decided on a prize for the
  16. http://olremix.org/remixes/498 Couple more here: http://neminem.zapto.org:4095/mashups/
  17. http://olremix.org/remixes/537 Except for everything I submitted it appears. Figures. Also MOAR SEEDERS FOR THE TORRENT I'm runnin' at like ~200kb/s right now.
  18. oh good i needed my shit taken down from there anyway what garbage
  19. http://maps.google.com/?t=8&utm_campaign=8bit
  20. I think it was more along the lines of 'my music means something to me, and i hate when people don't understand this meaning and attempt to degrade it by using lyrics i don't approve of.' which is valid, but at the same time it comes across exactly as bleck's statement. some might find the standard 'club bangers' to have more of a meaning than deadmau5's music, and others might not see any meaning in either. all down to perception.
  21. I have a degree in Music Composition! I now live with my parents while trying to find a stable non-music job that will help me pay off the giant debt I dug myself into because that's how cool I am. Also doesn't help that I won't be able to use music to support myself because I'm a lazy shit, although I'm still trying to figure out if I'm truly the problem or if other factors are involved (i.e. environment).
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