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  1. Congrats Myth, I knew this mix would make it when you linked it to me and it did . Hope to hear some more from you.
  2. Great soundscape, it was a good demo of your vocal skills as you said and a lush sonic enviroment to boot. However, I don't think there was enough drama involved here to warrant a foreground song persay, but somehow I doubt that was your aim. Nice job.
  3. You will always be in my heart Prot. Oh and the song is good but has some bad notes. LOAL!~
  4. Ahhh, nice ambient work. I always felt you were stronger with these type of pieces as your orchestral works always had this traveling feel that suits new age so well. Some of the percussion as mechanical (like the snare and tambs), but other than that the orchestration was wonderful. I see you found a way around VOTA's audio buzz (through it in the background). Edit: I hear the Doduka now! I cant believe I missed it the first time.
  5. you can sign me up as a backup if you want, always willing to try new things
  6. Im interested in the project, if you want to hear my qualifications get me on aim at oOKrispyIKremeOo. I might beable to drag Gray into this too hehehe
  7. After nearly a year and half in the system this gets posted, yay! I liked it way back then, and although you make wayyyyy better mixes now, its still very good. Eveyrthing blends rather well, and its one of the few dance songs Ill tolerate. I hope you submit your 600 ad mix, because its even better then this ;P.
  8. Ok the making of the drum beat is rather ingeniously simple ...infact its very fun. This song is rather low calibur as far as mixes go these days, a virutal remake of the original with a nifty drumbeat ontop. To clarify, samples do make it DnB or Breakbeat, its in execution. There is FINE line between DnB and Breakbeat, which is that Breakbeat is DnB cut up to add lots of breaks. Its like how a rectangle is a square, but a square isnt a rectangle. Same idea. So when people say this is DnB technically they arnt wrong ;p.
  9. There are many programs that come with XP that will do it for you, but If you want a good tag editor go nline and dl one, their everywere...naming one would be useless. (by the way your song is clipping, id try to fix that before submitting)
  10. I need assistance with the free-styling the fruity vst scratcher. I understand how to uplaod a sample and do everything, but record what i do :/. Help would be cool, thnx in advanced.
  11. SWEEET K-Wix, I knew this one would go up; I wasnt very impacted by this song when you first sent it to me 3 months earlier or something crazy like that, but now its kidn of grown on me although Im still hung up on the lack of thrust...it just kinda bounces on but doesn't go into any truly epic states.
  12. hmmm...yes...by far better then the original...kudos wingless
  13. I loved this when you first sent it months ago, and still do. For samples, this is awsome quality, but i still have that qualim with length , overall I still lvoe it though.
  14. First song my exodus to have a great mix of every PD song, next in line is a Mian Tears remix by Stryder....PD deserves great remixs like this, I feel that this remix does the original justice.
  15. This beat is very much like want Grant Kirkhope does (listen to Goldeneye and Perfect Dark music), and was the first thing i noticed. Otherwise its pretty well built like a movie score, lots of atmosphere and very flowing.
  16. As far as im concerned arrangments are just as welcome here as remixs. Just because it wasn't a true "remix" doesnt mean its not great, i love this song, thnx blind .
  17. Ok by Darklocks request, heres is a site for all your PD music needs, enjow, I know i did (although its missing 1 song thats a must listen..."Mian Tears"). http://www.qslaboratory.com/pd/level_audio.html Edit: Im not sure if you were the guy lookign for the stereo versions Darklock, but these are all stereo.
  18. :/...Obviously the judges havnt listened to the original latley or they woudl see how much a mistake they made...Im sry, but I dont think a remix should be on here unless it gives the original song a new spin or makes it better. This does neither...if you remotley liked this song i suggest listening to the original...its alot better :/.
  19. Congrats Unknown, I know youve been wanting this for a long time.
  20. Alot of people dislike the beginning, but the beginning in reality is a very true remake of the original track, which Im guessing not many of you liked. Around 0:30, it picks up a little and gets into the second part of the song, this then trails on for a little, then he goes into what I think is an original, trancey composition because i dont remeber it being in that particular song, possible the Ethereal song (if anyone is familiar with the OST). Not bad, not great, but a solid techno mix. Like the other 2 Mario Paint remixes on the website, it stays very true to the original theme, but this takes a more of a leap then the original 2. I give it a 7/10. (I liked the voice samples , would have liked to hear the one from the game title screen tho)
  21. Although Sonic Adventure was one of the few songs for the Dreamcast I actually sat down and beat, I dont recognize the theme here, the jungle theme possibly? I dont know for sure. Has subtle breakbeat-like drums in the background that are filtered making it sound very ambient, in fact the whole piece sounds rather ambient. Also very ethinic sounding (atleast to me) probably from the wodwind-like instruments that play. The song shapes as the piano starts taking the melody away in a more situated manor. I liked it alot. Like his Soft Museum Jam mix of NiGHTS, all the instruements sound very natural and "right". Recommended, give it a try, I give it a 9.5/10.
  22. Hehehe, i really liked this mix for some odd reason (maybe Im insane >? ) Anyways, it is very energetic, and never boring, with some nice samples (i really liked the briefly used horns) ans wtf was up with the voice samples? I keep trying to make sense of them, but its almost like the words are mumbled, o well. An experience I believe everyone should have atleast once. Recommended if your up something different. (Someones going to kill me for this but...) I give this song a 9/10, because, although its experimental, it works, and is very unique, maybe not for everyone, but unique and took alot of hard work and a little insanity themselves.
  23. Very laid back and just cool, escpecially with headphones. Unless you hate Dub with a passion you should defiinetley listen to this song atleast once. Alot of ambience and background affects constatnly going on with a simple, but good drumtrack. Yummy. I give it a 9/10, recommended.
  24. Hmmm, yes I liked this song. I belived BoF needed a good orchestral coverage and I got it, gj. It was overall a good solid song with little expected quirks here and there, but nothing major. It might be just me, but it sounded like it wasnt recorded at the highest sound quality when I turned up my speakers. Overall great, highly recommended, a 9/10.
  25. Another very sweet mix by McVaffe. Ive never played Actraiser either, but this mix is awsome. That pretty much sums it up, and Ill add that the scratchs are well placed and flavorful, true freestyle. Highly recommended, I as well give it a 10/10 for being a very unique, dynamic, song that flowing seemlessly.
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