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  1. suco de melancia - 2:35, that's the girl from ipanema isn't it
  2. I really love this track.. elegant, and I just love the drums, awesome stuff man
  3. Absolutely beautiful. I just came home, 4am at night, tired from all this work, and downloaded this song. When it starts playing, I saw the news on the shootings at virginia tech. Somehow this feels extremely surreal. Too good of a piece..
  4. this is one pretty sweet song, I like it, it's creative. More mixes like this pls ocr
  5. nice, i really like the relaxed vibe of this song. classy me <3
  6. Thanks. I honestly don't know what's going on either, this is actually my second ever project made with fruity loops (still learning), and when I exported for some reason some of the samples screwed up.. the source material was 1:04 to around 2:00 and the last two sections that are similar to it, the rest was original stuff that i made to try to make it less monotonic.. what's a refrain? (total noob here)
  7. http://www.cse.unsw.edu.au/~wyos/muzak/tengu.mp3 you reckon the end bit is too stretched out..? comments and suggestions please
  8. http://www.cse.unsw.edu.au/~wyos/muzak/thisissolame.mp3 well, this is my first ever shit made.. I know it's lame but comments and suggestions plz btw, since I'm relatively new to remixing, I got a question to fellow remixers : does getting a good sound card help in making the remixing previews go smoother (less laggy/weird static noises etc)?
  9. d'oh, stupid me. thanks a lot, and well to be fair it was a long ass thread still no excuse i guess cheers
  10. nooes, the links are dead, can someone post it up somewhere for the rest of us to share the awesomeness?
  11. this stuff is amazing.. and I'm curious what was used to make this as well. 10/10
  12. my favs out of this project: -> analoq's oil spill and sonik caves -> Sir nnuts' high above the sky -> FFmusicDJ's hidden palace future -> house of cards awesome job for the rest too
  13. The style really brings back memories from a long time ago, when I was still small. The rythm sounded strange at the beginning, but very shortly after that it gets to be good. I really like this mix, awesome job
  14. yesh! one more piece towards finishing my collection designed to make people who thought they know a lot about music embaffled. good good job
  15. I agree, catchy, and has a nice feel to it. Very cool, really like it. Kudos
  16. Agreed, harmony of dissonance. Somehow I fit this'd fit very well inside castlevania. Really.
  17. Downloaded this last week. Now, for some reason when the song finishes, I just keep on replaying it. Maybe it's because of the continuing build-up. Long story short, it gets quite addictive. Good, no, Great Job.
  18. I'd just like to mention that this song has been on repeat for the past few hours.. This really is.. well.. new. in the sense of style. Kudos to you two =)
  19. here's my late late comment saying how good it is: love love this. Bad bad me for not commenting on this earlier.. I either lack music of this kind, or this is the best music of this kind that i'll ever ever heard. Good good job, jaroban. May you live happily ever ever after.
  20. I actually find this song really nice. Nice buildup, and nice ending Memorable..
  21. Damn, this is good. Could imagine a pianist playing this in a lounge in a high-rise hotel, on the top with a window viewing the city from above. Then some executives plan the taking of the world while listening to this music .
  22. The right song at the right time, this is great! I'll end up repeating this 30+ times I think
  23. The second time I hear it now, and it still sounds good. Looks like it will for another hundred time on repeat mode Wonderful song..
  24. This sounds really really smooth and relaxing. Recommended!
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