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  1. Never played wild arms much, and slowly going through random songs on the album. Succumb to the wilderness is super great. And I can't stop listening to east meets western. If only you can upvote albums.
  2. Years after first hearing this song, I still come back to this whenever I think of OCremix. And when I heard dueling banjos for the first time, I realized that the opening melody is from there. Amazing remix.
  3. This was one of those mixes I listened so much in the past, and then dubstep came. First thing I thought of when I heard those dubstep drops was this song, for some reason.
  4. "Wrath Industrial" and "The bounty of a brain" is pretty damn epic. The megaman theme (by matias) and "coconut milk" is great too. I've not yet heard the whole album, but it's sounding pretty damn awesome so far.
  5. This remix is totally epic. A+++ would listen at least 1000 times over
  6. "Dropping Atoms" is just too funky! This album is great! edit: This album is highly recommended. I can't believe there's only 24 comments in this thread, it needs more love!
  7. This "I'm a thinker" line has been looping over and over in my head ever since the first listen. I've only sampled a few songs (just got it), it already sounds very awesome.
  8. This music is so epic, it would be amazing to see it used in a game. Reminds me of final fantasy tactics battle musics, but a bit more movie soundtrack-ish.
  9. This mix makes me very happy. I was putting it on max volume on my MP3 player while walking at night, it really gives that great of an atmosphere!
  10. Only just got this album -- but Joshua Morse's remix is phenomenal. PHENOMENAL. Off to listen to the rest..
  11. This remix is excellent. Been few years since I last heard it, but yeah. EXCELLENT
  12. was just listening to this song which I've downloaded quite a long time ago, and it really does rock. Great props to JJT!
  13. This is great! Favourites : demonic conception, madd forest, sparkle. Sparkle also has such a different feel than its original.. I love it.
  14. The recent xenogears album has a song called "binary chain". It's real nice, and I think it fits the description of "not too mellow, not too harsh".
  15. This album makes me glad I check back to OCremix every once in a while.. I'm only onto the second song of the album and I'm already inclined to comment on it update: after listening to these, I have to comment on how great Binary Chain is. Just can't stop listening to it..
  16. This mix is just awesome, it's been looping for a day in my ears now or something. Can't help but come here to talk about it..
  17. This song is so much win, love it. Just keep coming to it from time to time.
  18. Anyone know a good harmonica sample? Has to be wav (or anything sample-based).. been looking around for hours to no avail
  19. Hmm, so one-off fees would be the norm eh.. I'm guessing I won't really find out how much publicly since discussing fees and such is supposed to be illegal? e-mail noted, thanks for the interest.. I have plenty of RoeTaKa's in my mp3 collection
  20. So I've gone quite the distance into making a game for the iphone.. and it was time to think about the soundtrack. I approached a few artists (all of them are game music remixers), which has original songs which happened to really fit the atmosphere of the game I'm creating. Some were willing to let me use it for free, providing there was credits, but some wants royalties. Thing is, noone was really familiar with how those work (including me). So yeah, how does those thing usually work? Anybody with experience? p.s it's a retro spaceship game, so if anyone have some music they want to see in a game, please say so.. I have no money though, a struggling phd student here
  21. A while back (two-three years ago?) someone posted (I think here) a link to a site where people can put their music up for royalty-free usage in video games. Can't remember the address anymore, does anyone know, or has it bitten the dust?
  22. love it, one of those rare songs that you like at the first listen, this goes straight to my mp3 player
  23. when I hear lunatic moon, I just thought it could be the stage song to a tekken stage, set in grand canyons or something.. it just fits so right in a fighting game oh and the more I listen to the tracks the more I get drawn to them.. amazing work everyone, really love this album
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