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  1. This is very great stuff, just like all the other remixes you did! Personally, I actually don't see what's with the recording quality! It's just sound great to me! Now for the suck-up part : Ever thought about playing in a symphonic orchestra or something? I also think it would be real nice if you could do a duo on piano with Pixietricks singing!
  2. To start, all I can say is that's great stuff we have here! Not my favourite remix (sry, Mustin, Bladiator and McVaffe r still #1 in my heart! ) but good enought to say that anyone who think this remix is crap is a fool! And the voice! Oh my! How come you are not rich and famous with thoses talents of your? Celine Dion is and her voice isn't half as beautiful as yours! (I'm very serious by the way!) For the rest, I can't say anything cause I only know a few basic japanese words (such as baka, neko and (bi)-shoujo/shonnen). And for the musical part, I can't even less criticise since I can't even read music sheets! (Double ) But isn't music more about feelings than theorical? __________________________________________ Komineko
  3. You've done it Dale!! You just traumatised me with this... thing! Just to think of it... ewwww! Man, I'm gonna have nightmares for nights! If I become crazy and need psychiatric help, I'm gonna send u the bill! ...Just kidding! U gotta have a lot of imagination and some thoughts 6 inch under your belt to do something like this! But that's okay! I'm gonna listen djpretzel's "Bubble Bobble Hillbilly Rodeo Mix" a few times and will be fine! __________________________________________
  4. This remix leave me speechless each time I listen to it! It was one of the few first remixes I've putted on cd! I just wonder why didn't I post a reply about it sooner? Like many peoples on this site, all I can do is to bow down in front of McVaffe's geniousity and great talent! The kind of music that bring peace of the soul when you listen to it! Those woodwinds at around 1:09 make that feeling stronger! To resume all my speech in two words: SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL!!!! ...*Sniff* _____________________________________________________________ AZUMANGA DAIOH
  5. Wow! I just HAD to post a reply for this... how could I say it? Funniest and wackiest remix I've ever heard! I didn't thought someone, especially DJ Pretzel, could be this wacky and insane at the time! The voice remember me the one of Claitus, that ol'yorkel, in da Simpsons! ... can't...stop...laughing...too...funny!!!!! _____________________________________________________________ AZUMANGA DAIOH
  6. This remix is so great that it leave me speechless! SOOO GREAT!!!! Mustin and gang= geniouses Make me wanna cry! *Sniff* It's just sad that Mustin don't post on this site anymore!!!
  7. The first I'd want to say is WOW! I wish I'd have has much knowledge with music as a lot of people who post on this site! At least, I have some and a pretty good hear! With what I've got, let me say again... WOW! Not only it is the best remix of that song I've ever heard, but mixing techno music style with piano solo, you gotta do it! So good it's making me cry! *Sniff*
  8. Wow man! What more can I say? I've always loved Storm Eagle stage music, but that! Not only this remix stay close to the original, but with those sounds effects, electric guitar solo and stuff... Just too cool and rockin'! Really great stuff!
  9. Once and again, McVaffe prove that he's really THE LORD of the piano arrangements! I'm starting to think that he can actually take any piece of music and turn it in a piano masterpiece! It's so beautiful that it's pulling me a tear! Great work from McVaffe Beethoven!
  10. I've got only one word for that song: relaxing! The fact is that the harmonies are so well arranged that I'm not ashamed to say that this stuff is pure professional work! It's when I hear music like that that I wish I know how to read music sheet and play other music instrument than harmonica! I recommand this one to anyone, especially if you're looking for inner peace! Keep up the good work Scott!
  11. Wow! Simply great! Except maybe for that rhumba drumbeat, wich at my opinion, doesn't fit very well with the atmosphere of the original music , this remix is very moving! But well! At least, it's that beat that stop me from crying like a baby like I do each time I've heard that music in the game! Good work Jared and keep up sending good remixes like you always do!
  12. I liked this remix a lot... even if I can't associate it with the song of Thame! To me, it sounded at some points, a bit like the music of "The Undersea Palace" in Chrono Trigger! Althought, it's really a very great remix!
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