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  1. GENTLEMEN, I am usually on the commenting side of ocr originals, but after several go-nowhere attempts at making music of my own in the last few weeks, I have finally produced my first track using the black magic of fruity loops and my recently purchased Axiom 25 midi world controller. All sounds in the mix are samples I found on the internets or free soundfonts, plus processing in audacity. I don't want to mislead you into thinking this is electronica, though I am planning to go that direction for my next mix. The mix has some issues, but I thought I'd see what ocr:o thought of it first. I'm calling myself Lufia for now, after the awesome game (by which I mean Lufia 2). And because it sounds kind of magical. RINK: http://filefactory.com/file/ahah07h/n/Lufia_-_Crystals_128kb_mp3 Apologies for the 30 second wait time. Also, Happy Canada Day, to anyone else who is Canadian. Yuletide greetings and ponies for all. All comments appreciated. - jezon
  2. Wondering if anybody else spotted this on the youtubes: It's a bit sloppy at times, but generally speaking, it's a pretty damn good performance of various Zelda themes. The video says March 2006 (and almost a million views), so I know it's old... was just sharing this for anyone else who is also out of touch with the internets and happened to miss this.
  3. Sounds nice. The sounds need work. Both the piano and the synth chords sound pretty bad. The guitar parts are pretty, but again, the sounds aren't great. Composition is good though : )
  4. Nice page. don't use myspace much myself either... plus there's no point for me to have a page. yet. i've just in the last two weeks begun messing around with music. we'll see what happens!
  5. same thoughts as roe for the most part. reminds me of some slower squarepusher in the beginning, which means i dig the fuck out of it. i like the percussion and the synth work. i also feel like the piano doesn't belong, though, or the strings. i want something diiiiiiiirty. i'll definitely be back to check the updates. pretty sick so far.
  6. Done and done. I'll have to send you some writing later : )
  7. Sounds alright, seems well made for the most part, but it's real flaw is that not very catchy or spontaneous. It's one of those things that's hard to quantify, or qualify, for that matter. So the track is perfectly good, but doesn't really grab the listening or keep my attention. You might want to try experimenting with things like mood, more interesting buildups, and inventing some cooler sounds in your next track. It definitely sounds like you've got the basics down, and like I said, the work is good work so far... work on catchyness now, I'd say. Looking forward to hearing more. Hope this wasn't harsh?
  8. Some thrash bands will use some kind of apocalyptic chorus synth sometimes... it's definitely good as is, but the guitars could sound more ferocious. Solo is sick. Damn skippy. The drumming could be more aggressive and faster in general. Vocals are a must. Depending how good/crazy the vocals are, though, the song could probably stay as is. Vocals go a long way. Nice work so far.
  9. I need to send you a whole lot of stuff then : )
  10. You can get some pretty sick 8-bit sounds out of a program called famitracker, but using trackers isn't exactly as easy as just recording in midi or something. awoski: energetic track. pretty catchy too, and not too long. really well put together!
  11. Sounds sick. Well done. Especially like post 2:30 section. Damn sweet. You made this in one day?
  12. I second the Mona Lisa Overdrive similarity. Still, this has got a lot going for it, and I think just the higher end of the scale is what's reminding me of the Matrix, right before the end. The first appearance of the strings is pretty damn cool. It's almost kind of James Bondish. What do you use to get your strings to sound so good? Nice work...
  13. this is actually pretty danceable. though i kind of want to feel the drums a little more, like, massive pumping power. nice work! all you need now is alice glass...
  14. this stuff sounds pretty sick, lunar. reminds me of symphony x, except with some crazy synth work that i'm really liking. and is that metalocalypse in your sig?
  15. You're aware I know nothing of EQ... In the event you wanted a critique of the song, though, here it is: Pretty solid. It would be nice to have some other synths doing some other stuff like harmonizing with the melody more. It starts to happen later on the in the track, but I think both are guitar, or synth guitar. on the whole, the track is solid, you have a nice change up around 2 minutes, but what happens after is a sort of repeat, rather than bringing in new stuff for some kind of climax. the bassline is nice, but by :45 seconds something more could be happening. there's no guarantee people will listen past the first 10 seconds, so you might as well go crazy. i thought the percussion could have changed up a bit, especially because the track doesn't have vocals. all in all, little changes along the way would help the track feel like it's covering more ground. don't know if you're still planning to work on this track again, but i hope my comments help. again, solid track overall, solid composition, solid idea but it's just a bit tame and slow moving.
  16. Ha! It's an ocr:other reunion! : ) What have you been up to, Lunar? Post something!
  17. PS there's a band you should know about, if you don't already: you two have kind of similar styles. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f_YfPdGq3PE
  18. Pretty damn good, Roe. Wasn't sure you still posted on ocr other since I've been gone awhile, but I'm glad to see you are. Hope you're well! You're obviously keeping up with your sounds. It's quite a nice track minus the fact that you have always needed the london symphony orchestra backing you up : ) it has a nice elegiac feel, changes up nicely halfway through, and the string parts are pretty strong and well-developed. my only beef is with the beginning. personally, i feel like it starts up a little too quickly, which makes the beginning feel rushed/unpolished, when the track IS in fact pretty polished as is. i don't know if you're still working on it, but something as simple as just beginning with the piano and then bringing in the strings would help. you may be opposed to a longer lead in and feel like you want to get right into the track, but... i actually think it would suit the track better. cheers
  19. Yeah... I think you've got a point there. I think general sci-fi fans who know nothing about metroid could be really blown away if there was a movie/show that was well done. I think the real point here is that a metroid film would require it's own style, which suits the story and the format the show/movie would be in. Countless anime invent unique styles that fit their shows, and I would say some of them do a damn good job. I watched an episode of Texholonyze yesterday, which uses almost no dialogue, and still manages to convey a good deal of information on introducing its characters. I also agree with the idea of using images / exploring ruins to reveal things about the past. Another thing to think about is what kind of world and universe metroid is set in: to some extent a writer can make the rules beyond the point of style (culture, etc), which could potentially lead to a cool way of telling the story. I think underestimating that is a mistake. It also depends on what is being covered to another extent as well: the structure of the film/show also dictates what is being shown, and if the writer wants to give a good sense of setting up this universe, there is a lot that could go into advancing the plot and circumstances that would also be exciting to watch, but would not require Samus to be on-screen at all times just "exploring". I'd that is actually pretty typical of anime. So in that sense "flash backs" don't automatically have to mean that they are flashes into Samus' childhood, which I think would be unnecessary, especially when you consider there could be much more important things going on during the present. As for a new Metroid plot which takes place after everything has happened... could be cool? Still, though... it wouldn't be the same without the usual bosses. I mean, a fight with a 4 story tall Kraid or Mother Brain? You can' fuck with that in terms of epic win.... besides didn't Metroid Hunters do that? And honestly it sounds more like "The Chronicles of Boba Fett" than a Metroid game.
  20. I'm surprised to see this thread is still going. See, that's exactly where I stand on this. I don't even really consider stuff after Super Metroid as part of my vision of what metroid quintessentially is. That's why I thought Samus' backstory was pretty much bullshit I wouldn't care about. I wouldn't want to see it. Metroid, more or less, has nothing to do with who Samus WAS. And I don't see her taking order from generals and shit: she works independently, out of her own personal motivation which doesn't even need that much explaining. If the SP are trying to wipe out humanity it's not like Samus really needs a whole lot of motivating. The fact that SP want to kill her is enough to want to kill the whole fucking lot of SP before they get the chance. These are violent galactic terrorists: you want to eliminate the threat, especially if they use biological warfare and could devastate your home world. The only back story I see as remotely necessary is how Samus got her suit. I originally posted this thread because I was thinking of writing some kind of fan fiction, and curious what other fans thought about Samus as a character and her backstory. As far as I am concerned though, my only point of interest is delving into only one thing: 1) how Samus got her power suit I was never really interested in demystifying her character, thought her parents being murdered by SP was cliche, thought her being raised by Chozo was goddamn ridiculous and way over the top--but that said, seeing how she actually got her power suit is the only thing that warrants an explanation. Part of Samus' awesomeness is knowing that she's human, and that fact alone is enough. The only thing that has any value to me is that Samus goes from being just human to having a Galactic Warrior badass power suit, in a way that fits enough to feel "true" to the Metroid universe. That is the problem I have with any backstories related to Samus at the moment: they just don't ring true to the dichotomy of otherworldly isolation and terror that the games had. The games were beautiful, fascinating and terrifying all at once, and I feel like a Metroid movie would feel the exact same way. Anyway... I may still write a fanscript for myself, at least to try it out. I'd suggest that to anyone who wants to see a Metroid movie: just write your own personal version for your own personal enjoyment. In the end, it's illegitimate fanfiction, and if it gets you your Metroid movie fix, then no harm done. Though I would agree with a Metroid movie if it started from the ground up, meaning there was an existing story fans of the series already approved of that got picked up later on for production. That would be pretty cool. One thing I will say in defense of a Metroid movie, though, is that there's a whole lot more the Metroid universe has to offer compared to Aliens, and Aliens still did a hell of a good job with a whole lot less. Granted, what I have in mind when I say that is Alien 1 and Aliens, the sequel. Aliens is not perfect, don't get me wrong, but for a movie just about killing aliens, I don't think there's a legitimate contender in the world of sci-fi. Unless of course, there was a Metroid movie. Giant terrifying aliens? Awesome as fuck alien technology? Enigmatic main character with the potential to be the most badass heroine in the history of science fiction? I'd say it has serious potential.
  21. Ha! Well, if you need Sakuri's Quest sent your way at all, let me know. But yeah, my family's from Toronto--Coxwell/Lower Gerrard. I Just moved to Pape Village... I'll check back next week for the repost.
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