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  1. Yeah... good call. I've always felt the same way about the world being the draw, and my ideas about a movie always centred around that. In fact that's probably the reason I hated Samus' backstory in the first place. I've never really ever seen her in my mind as being anything but isolated. Also, I definitely hear people saying they wouldn't want to see Metroid as a movie. All game adaptations pretty much are universally bad, but still... maybe I'm just itching for a more cinemative remake of Super Metroid.
  2. THIS IS NOT FOR ANY KIND OF OFFICIAL METROID MOVIE: I'M JUST LOOKING FOR OPINIONS ON A "WHAT IF" SCENARIO I've always thought Metroid had more potential than most games to be a film. The problem is, I've always been afraid the people who make it would fuck it up. One problem is kind of how Metroid might actually play out on screen if a director doesn't have a proper vision for it. Usually when I listen to Relics of the Chozo or the Metroid Orchestral Concert, I get to thinking a Metroid movie done right could be the coolest shit ever. But of all the stupid shit you can get into an argument about, I got to talking to my friend about Samus' 'chanonical' backstory--where her parents are killed by Space Pirates and she is "raised by Chozo", more or less. I thought that if Metroid was ever made into a movie this backstory would need tweaking for coolness. It's cool if Samus' parents get killed by Space Pirates I guess (though it's still kind of cliche--If you've read anything from the Metroid comic and Samus' parents on K-2L, I think you might agree something like that would be the cheesiest thing in the history of cinema), but one thing I thought was ABSOLUTELY LAME is Samus being raised by Chozo. I cannot seriously imagine Samus growing up with fucking alien parents. I always thought the Chozo were cool, but that's partly because they're always statues, and they're a super-advanced alien race that humans know almost nothing about who have abandoned the galaxy and have left only derelict ruins. No doubt, the Chozo having some role in Samus' past, infusing her with DNA, etc, could be cool--but as parent/teacher figures? I am wondering what other Metroid fans think. 1) Do you think Samus being raised by Chozo is essentially a lame sci-fi rip off of the backstory for Jungle Book with aliens instead of wolves, and a Metroid movie would need a cooler/less cliche backstory? or 2) Do you think Samus Aran being raised by Chozo is awesome? I would post a poll, but... they're disabled.
  3. I was kind of feeling NiN at the beginning, but I think you're closer to some other bands. That said, you've got good sensibilities and things work together nicely in this track, but it could use a little development. I felt like once the guitar left, the song felt stronger. Either use it throughout the track and develop it, or lose it, I think. You've got a goodelegiac feel, but it seems like you're stuck between NIN and going in a completely different direction. Ambient is a tricky genre. You have a good hook, but I still think a melody that appears during the buildup or at the pinnacle of the track could really bring this together more. For example: This has a hook and accompaniment, like yours, but a melody still comes in later, and brings it all together. The melody is not that far off from the hook, composition-wise, but it still works. Personally, I think you're more in this direction than NIN : ) Cheers
  4. It's off to a pretty solid start: you've got some cool percussion, a lot of dynamics and action, a cool backdrop. I wasn't expecting the vocals, but in a way I got a kind of Marilyn Manson vibe, especially with the distorted guitar that came in. All said, I think this has a lot of style. I personally think the vocals could use a little more stylistic fine-tuning, but they're definitely decent. What would be nice is some kind of bass line in the beginning, a kind of hook. I think this track would be unstoppable, especially once it gets going. You may not be going for danceable, but I mean more like a dark bassline that fits the mood. Wish I had a good example. Anyway, well done. Sounds like you got skrillz.
  5. Hm.... you seem to have the idea of a buildup down, but it feels like you're just walking up and down the scales. Try building a melody, and supporting it with variations so that you can bring some more dynamics into the music. You have a lot of style points down, but the composition needs work. If you look at a track like optimus prime versus megatron off of transformers, the track begins with a build up and a scale climb, but it's still in the style and variation of the main theme, which gives it a reinvented flair: In the end it's all scales, but at the same time that's like saying all writers are using the same words. Some sound tracks I'd recommend, if you liked the Dark Knight: Transformers, Gurren Lagann, old E.S. Posthumus (Unearthed, they're new stuff has no epic quality)... You might also want to check out the main title to Sunshine, called "the Surface of the Sun": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_QahzbgUVwk This tracks the simple idea of a scale and buildup and takes it to a level of dramatic orgasm surpassed only by the likes of Verdi and Beethoven. But it still has something like a melody--a repeated phrases/patterns in its buildup. Really effective. Hope I'm being helpful. Epic music is the blood of manliness. Good luck. Row row fight the power.
  6. Actually, I still have 'The Important Part of the Computer'. 2007. Along with a track called Sukuri's Quest. Anyway, I'd love to hear the new mix, except the link's not working. Also, didn't know you were in Toronto... cheers
  7. Hey... I haven't been to OCR in awhile, but I wanted to post a poll in general discussion. Thing is, I don't see the pool option anymore. I've read the FAQ. Is there something special I have to do, or has the option been disabled?
  8. Cool tones to begin with, solid progressions. The guitar mid-way works very nicely. Fade out works. The piece is a little short and straighforward, but it's all good. Well done. Cheers!
  9. What you have here is some great material, in my opinion. What you need, though, is better production quality. There's a lot of variety (I'm talking specifically about the first wip) with strong composition throughout. I think toward the end you rely on a tried progression a bit, but after that you move into more original material again. As you switch it up, though, keep in mind that you may need some transitional bits to keep it together. Parts feel like you've string together six different, shorter songs into a larger piece. Producing art of any kind is a stressful process, especially when it comes to feedback and revision. Lots of potential here, but then again, lots of it is already on the page, so to speak. Keep up the good work. Cheers
  10. I'm always impressed by the tones you create electronically, especially when you venture into darker tones. Strings slip in somewhere in this piece, if just for two chords, and there's an area toward the end of the song that does something interesting. The rest of the piece is good, though not so much catchy, which might be helpful for a chip-tunish-composition. Otherwise, it's Kirby meets Megaman. Good work, as always. Good to see you around (not that I've been around much myself).
  11. I remember this one off your site. Well done again. Write another epic one sometime soon. They get me every time.
  12. Ah, zircon. In all my indie rock summer I've been missing that sweet sweet breakbeat. I look forward to it.
  13. i've kinda been expecting a track like this. it's a well made, but im not a huge fan. i've got more respect for what Mazedude wass trying to do than what he did...mostly because i can't get into the mix at all. there are some sweet parts, contrasts, percussion and use of the different elements, but overall it's just not enjoyable to listen to. i find the best parts are what i can piece together from the original, and not what the artist has rearranged or re-interpreted. to me, that's the sign of an ineffective mix. there are some remixes with brillaint additions that build on the original tracks here. in this particular mix i think the percussion and bass were well put together elements in themself, but overall i would have preferred a harmony in the tradition of the source track. the brilliance of the original is that it took separately strange elements and harmonized them together into something really palpable and pimp. As wierd as the original was, it was insurmountably tight to listen to because it melded together so well. There are alot of competing elements here and alot of zany sounds. given, there are some tight parts in this mix. the more i listen to it the more i can tolerate it and even get into it, but truly i think this remix is flashier than it is good. i guess it's everyones goal to make an estranging earthbound remix chuck full of atonal theory and all sorts of madness, but i think there's more to the music than that in earthbound. it's one of the most amazing original game soundtracks i've ever heard--and unique both in concept, sound and feel. but the key was that it immediately takes you in, and you get it in one listen. this takes more effort to enjoy than a remix ought to. it's taxing. given... this is almost inevitable with earthbound. eb's probably one of the toughest games to try and remix. i applaud and respect mazedude's effort, but i think there's another method for remixing this track waiting with a little more spirit...
  14. One of the finest remixes on the site. The variation is brilliant, and to my favorite metroid theme in the game the mix is all the more elegant. This piece remains one of my favorite songs of all time. God bless The Wingless. Wish he'd remix more often though...
  15. Remarkable...Two Thumbs Way Up!!! ....that'll look good under the reviews. but really, a sweet remix yet again. reminds me of rhapsody, but with better vocals.
  16. some people are real critics. i thought this song was pimphatic. just awesome. blind rocks.
  17. yeah, same here... this is like the leftovers in comparison, even though its still really good. its hard not to compare them when wingless made them just about the same time and named them similarly... either way. outside of comarisons made, this is good work standing alone. i haven't heard a bad remix by wingless yet...
  18. excellence. sheer excellence. from the beginning it was excellent, with the harp, and the progression to the classical zelda theme was really pleasing to hear. this is just great, i'm glad you chose orchestral as well, good use of choral elements, everything seemed appropriate about it and nothnig out of place, you did it justice. even when it picks up (which is where some fall apart) it upheld. this is easily one of the nicest remixes on the site in my opinion.
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