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  1. I have highschool friends and a best friend at that school. I feel so distressed and I hope the families can quickly find at least some shred of peace. To take the lives of defenseless, young people... I can't even fathom it, nor do I want to try. Virginia Tech has had a bad year: with a shooting on the first day of classes, two different bomb threats last week, and now this. This may be soon to ask, but how is this gonna affect future enrollment as well as safety measures?
  2. oh man I love the Shadow of Colossus pictures-- they're so breathtaking and grandiose! (Guess it helps that the game was a work of art in the first place//). I also really like the twisted versions of Super Mario Bros., they're just pretty interesting. oh and the first picture of Samus without her helmet is so well-done. Gah! makes me wish I could make pictures of this quality on my own!
  3. I remember this one specific day back when I was little, where I talked about everything in reference to the Sims and Final Fantasy game play. It started when I was talking to my friend, and I just randomly said "plus one social point", matter-of-factly. Then I just kept going with it, kind of like I was the announcer to my own life. I ate lunch and I kept saying "plus one hunger point", and "Mom, I'm in the red! You gotta feed me!". I raced my friend that afternoon, and I just kept saying "agility points increased, agility points increased". haha that was the same day that I dressed up as Du
  4. this is insanely awesome news! haha but hopefully the game most resembles Yuri's Revenge// One can hope...
  5. Any boss in Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne on Hard Mode. Heck, the regular enemies can smash you in that game!
  6. KotR= "Knights of the Round" summon.
  7. Shredder at the end of TMNT 3, for NES, is extremely hard to beat. I have trouble beating him even when I'm playing co-op with a friend.
  8. Hahaha- I got the exact same feeling. "Dam it feels good to be a gangsta". Sorry, but this song just doesn't quite do it for me.
  9. Testing... EDIT: Darn, when the site changed, did the way you post pictures change as well? EDITING THE EDIT: Nevermind. Stupid Yahoo!
  10. How do you make a sig that plays a song? Are those types of sigs banned? I can see that multiple musical sigs would be annoying and clashing...
  11. When remote linking pictures from Geocities, the filename should be changed to a .txt file when entered onto geocities. If your sig's filename is "mysig.jpg", change the name to "mysig.txt" and put it on Geocities. Remote link as usual, and PRESTO!! The sig won't be the big bad red X. Thanks. I got confused and was uploading my pics as .txt . But now I got it.
  12. Ah freak....Stupid Geocities- pictures aren't coming up here in the forums. Stupid myimgs.com - Under "short maintenance" for the past 5 days.... Has anyone else got a sig hoster that I can use? EDIT: Or can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong with Geocites? This is why I don't use that site much.
  13. I beat him at level 70. He's not that difficult once you figure out his pattern. You have to attack everytime he completes an attack, and you gotta move quick, but it's doable. I think I got him within five tries. How many attempts have you made? *Upon thinking about this question...*-- I think I've tried it three times, but it seemed like more. It was around the time I got Final Fantasy Origions and TimeSplitters 2 so my attention was elsewhere. Usually I'm not such a quitter... EDIT: By the way, the only reason I'm up so late is because I just went to Homecoming.
  14. Yea, I agree with Emerald weapon but thankfully I could improve my characters to beat him. I still can't beat Sephiroth in Kingdom Hearts and my Sora is Level 100... I have all the magic, items, everything. Oh well. I'm so out of practice I'll probably never beat him.
  15. This was the first and funniest OC remix I have ever heard. It makes me appreciate that I'm a Final Fantasy gamer. I'll never think of the Chocobo melodies the same!
  16. Thanks for everything. Freewebs doesn't give all uploaded pictures their own website...
  17. I don't understand. I liked the beginning- yea, it was different , but thats what I liked about it. Its the kind of thing that you can just turn up, randomly, and and it'll make your family and friends ask, "where's that noise is coming from?". The intro did detract a little from the actual song but I'm glad it was in the beginning instead of the middle or end. Anyway, I couldn't even remember Cid's Theme until I heard it from Otanjoubi Cid. Once I started to remember I became fully immersed into this song. I definately like this song and its presentation.
  18. Draggor, I know you've heard this before, but you are a musical genious. (No offense if you're good at other things too:D ) First of all, the chocobo music is already one of my favorite reacurring melodies from Final Fantasy, its very energetic and...uplifting. But you took that song to "the next level" with Chocorena. Its now my favorite song and I have to listen to it every day. You overcame noticeable repitition and had a great opening- that definitely earns you some "points". The variety keeps me listening and awaiting your next songs. By the way, I first heard this song on Flashplayer.com
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