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  1. I guess I was looking at his favorites then. Either way, it screams middle school.
  2. Given the quality of his other videos, I'd reckon it's more along the lines of a 13-year-old boy ripping off OCR than a man.
  3. Answer = http://www.myspace.com/etjusticepourtous edit: specifically this track http://youtube.com/watch?v=lfHc7JO2fKc
  4. When I listen to this song I get the mental image of a soft, dark path with a shower of glass shards (nevermind, let's say gems since they're less sharp and cut-y) raining down, catching the light of some unseen light source and refracting it into the colors of the rainbow. I did not take LSD while listening to the song. It just rocks. Sadly I've never played Xenogears all the way through.
  5. They work, but the USA II and Canada mirrors are almost always down, or maybe they're just gone. Yeah...there are some on there I've never been able to get. I don't think that site is maintained anymore. Gecko, I think I can help you out with the Eddie Murphy laughter, actually. I have a copy of Beverly Hills Cop on DVD...it'll just take me a little while to rip that particular clip. edit: Eh...nevermind, my brother lent it to his friend.
  6. I really like this one. I recently downloaded most of the ReMixes on the site (just before the damned torrent file, too...), but I hadn't listened to this one yet because I'd never played Phantasy Star before. ranting Well, a week or so ago, I was at my boyfriend's house and we were playing it. It was on an emulator My initial reaction was "Holy f*** this kicks Nintendo's ass!" And so I've been playing it for the past week with a passion. Could someone please tell me how they made those dungeon tunnel things...? I still don't get it. So...with my hard drive beginning to get a bit c
  7. One word: Wow This piece is elegant, sophisticated, and entirely original. I love it. A lot of artistic license was taken with this piece and the result is incredible. The style really reminds me of that of Keith Jarrett, and I mean that in a very positive way. A slightly darker piece, but definately something one could relax to.
  8. Any and all of the bosses out of Wizards & Warriors II: Ironsword for the NES. That game is so hard! I've spent many an hour in my youth in front of the TV trying to beat that damn cloud thing, but I never had the book to the game so I had no idea how.
  9. Absolutely awesome mix, especially considering the tools Ziwtra used. While the sound quality is lacking, I don't really find that it detracts from the song at all. As said before, a really mellow piece. Really nice for just lying around after a long day. Hm...I'm having trouble figuring out what the original song was, too. I've played through the game twice and I have the spcs, so it's really bugging me. ~_~ Sounds great, though.
  10. I absolutely love this Mix. I never really cared too much for the original song, but this rendition is just beautiful in a really simple way. I love how the tempo changes at 1:45 and you just kind of toy around with the notes, not changing too much, yet just enough to make a marked improvement. Overall a great piano piece.
  11. I really enjoyed this remix a lot. It's actually the kind of music I have in the background quietly playing when I'm doing work. I liked the original and I like this remix even more. It really helps me concentrate and hurry up with my work. Sorry I can't be mre descriptive than that.
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