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  1. Spectacular game in near every aspect. However it loses major points on character importance, as neither of the supposed main characters are very good. This isn't exactly a spoiler, though if you are looking to be extra cautious skip the rest of this post. Vaan is NEVER important. He has no place in the story, never develops one, and Ashe doesn't do much better. Technically, her character is important. Technically her character develops. Technically, I care. She's a waste of space and an eyesore in every way except...well... in an ironic twist, visually. If you ask me, the self-dubbed leading man REALLY is the main character, as he is awesome at the beginning, awesome throughout the middle, and awesome at the end. *SPOILERS* Almost exactly the same thing can be said for the main villains. Vayne is an eyesore in every way except for the way other people talk about him. He's a badass in theory, but only there. The occurians are an enormous wtf, they've barely any plot attendance themselves, and don't get me started on the judges. They start cool. They carry on as cool. When you see their faces, they lose points. When you beat them silly, they lose a lot of points. When seemingly the strongest one turns out to be a family grudging little boy with less original thought than his kiss ass brother, they lose almost all remaining points. Again in an ironic twist, the leading man's father turns out to be the best villain (and so good that he really saves the whole thing near solo). Beyond characters, my only complaint was that the end seemed a bit rushed, as there is so very very little finality to it. What happened to Venat (Dare we presume it died?)? What are the Occurians going to do next? It's not as if there's quite enough to make a real sequel on (When a sequel is on a "lesser" system, it's not really a sequel, more of a spin-off). Also, are we to assume Rozzaria just...resumed its normal routine of having little to nothing to do with the rest of the world? *END SPOILERS* I actually find a lot of my problems with this game to be shared by surprisingly the most commonly listed other favorite in this thread, FFT. That game had major character and ending issues as well (though not nearly as badly as 12 on characters, and much worse on ending). Odd no?
  2. I love it. Especially when it gets into the SMRPG stuff, cuz you pretty much NEVER hear stuff from that game, which is a shame cuz...meh I'll save that tangent for another time. Currently the only thing I can think of that would help me enjoy it more is perhaps mixing things up a bit. While I wouldn't go so far as to say it drags on, it feels like there might be something missing to differentiate the beginning half from the latter half. Oh yeah, and like they said it would kick mega ass if you gave the instruments a little more oomph. The thought of its current state but a little louder makes me drool:)
  3. I definately get that with Majora's mask. Sure OoT was better in most ways, but MM carried a serious mood with it. Everything was just so dark and gloomy. It captured in the majority of the game what OoT had at only a few parts, like the shadow temple, dark hyrule, and then the battle with ganon (probably a few more I didn't think of). I mean, it was just a mask, and the last fights were pretty dumb in MM, and yet I absolutely love majora for seemingly no reason. I really think it was the mood that set it apart. And naturally, mood is all set up by the music > Sorry for the rant, but I was surprised to find someone else to describe a similar opinion on the game:)
  4. I'd love to see Smithy from SMRPG get remixed someday. Villains are all about the organs
  5. all the positive things said so far and more. My god this is so beautiful. To think people can makes things like this and not get payed but hundreds of bands score record deals for the same note over and over again... The creator should feel proud on this one. I mean how often can you truly improve on the original?
  6. Sweetness. If nintendo were smart they would snatch this one and put it into a remix of LTTP. it would be....sweet.... *Drools uncontrallably*
  7. holy shishkobobs wow. this is truly awesome. usually something that takes this long to get into the main theme gets on my nerves. i was about to get on the floor and start dancing. good thing i didnt cuz my bro was right there. that would have benn....lets say....bad? ya. lots of that. but this song is good. very good.