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  1. They're going to render mario in 1080p but luigi will be 720p.
  2. this is kindof... terrible where is last guardian, or uncharted 3 maybee????
  3. well excuuuuuuuuuseeee me princess
  4. fuck, there's a reggae feel later in it, that i freakn dig! McVaffe was definitely my favorite remixer back in the day and one of few remixers who i visited this site for. Great game choice too!!! Maybe we can expect some more underrated game remixes from him in the future??? (please!$#!)
  5. maybe im an idiot, but what is that top button for that moves the internal mechanisms up and down...??
  6. I noticed, you'd think someone would be like, maybe we should change it around a bit.
  7. who thought up the gamecube controller controls for super mario world VC??? HORRIBLE.
  8. Uniracers was unequivocally NOT crap.
  9. eternal darkness.. despite in not meeting any of the pre-requisites
  10. NOPE!_____________________
  11. monday better see some stellar VC releases!!
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