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  1. Not to be a stickler here, but Pre-amps were not always around and a lot of musical artists made do without the pre-amp for a long time. I know that modern technology has increased the sound quality, but mic placement and mic choice is an artistic choice for the sound you want, so I would have to disagree that ALL mics are useless without a pre-amp. Who knows, the compressed sound that the lack of a pre-amp may be just what an artist wants? Heck, same thing can be said about Equalizing. Before EQ capabilites, it was ALL about the mic placement and no one can say ALL songs are useless without EQ work done to them .
  2. Not to sound like an echo, but I do really like the arrangement. It's solid and flows quite well. However, I do have a couple suggestions for ya. 1. Consider EQing the guitar a bit. It sounds great in terms of the performance, but it's so low-end heavy, that it gets lost in the mix a bit. It's meant to be the main "voice" in the piece all throughout, and we don't want to lose it amidst all the other sounds. I would suggest bringing the high and mid range up. I't shouldn't take much. Just a small increase in both should really help. 2. I think your drums need to be compressed a bit. There are times where they stand way out and there are times where they fit very well into the mix. I think a certain ammount of compression would help balance those differing dynamics in your drum sequencing. If what I'm saying doesn't make much sense, let me know in a PM and I'll try and give you a better explination . 3. Your snare sample sounds weak in the track. This song rocks hard, and the snare seems to be lost when things start to even begin to rise in volume and intensity. I think the probelm is that the snare you have in place right now lacks enough body to it. It's something that you can EQ, but I would suggest trying to find another sample. A snare with the metalic ring to it comes to mind and I think that it might fit nicely . 4. The panning of your drum set is pretty well done, but I would suggest bringing the hit hat back in towards the middle. I like it panned slightly to the left, but right now, it claims a lot of attention and I feel like it stands outside of the mix. I think that by moving it back a bit to the middle, it will blend a bit better. 5. The panning of the guitar is also good, but I would centralize them a little bit more, especially when they are the featured instrument and are doing a small riff as the main voice. However, bringing the high end of the guitar may solve this problem and make them sound more connected. 6. This is just an idea for you, but when you bust into the never ending stairs theme, I think it would add a wonderful layer of sound if you had the guitar playing it too. I know that could be a very tricky riff to play, but it might sound really nice. The biggest thing that I hope you would take out of this is that you have a great mix right now, and my suggestions are just that: suggestions that you can use if you'd like. You have a good track. Good luck mate.
  3. ok, i messed with the EQ a bit and brought the high end of the song up. i can hear a distinct difference, but what do u guys think? First One: www.tweekmusic.com/bowser.mp3 New Version: www.tweekmusic.com/bowser_2.mp3
  4. The more I listen to it, the more I see exactly what you're talking about. The EQ in this mix is very "Low Heavy." I definitely feel the lack of high frequencies in there, especially when I compare it to Klaus Badelt's work in Pirates of the Caribbean (one of the main inspirations). I will def need to EQ it up a bit and potentially add some higher ranged instrements/effects. It's not uber picky at all. It's exactly the kind of feedback I'm looking for Any other feedback would be wonderful. Thanks everyone
  5. it worked for me. silly prophet of mephisto
  6. Hey guys, I had a thread for this a while ago but I'm starting up a new one for the final version of this song. The song is practically complete. What I need from you guys is some final notes on the production value. What needs to be turned up/down, how's the EQ, any polishing that needs to be done, etc. Thanks for the help. No EQ Version: www.tweekmusic.com/bowser.mp3 EQ Version: www.tweekmusic.com/bowser_2.mp3
  7. It's probably just my ignorance for not playing the games enough, but who the hell is "Liquid Ocelot"?? I only know of Revolver "Ocelot" and "Liquid" Snake. I'm I missing something? If this has already been asked in the previous posts, please excuse me. I really didn't want to hunt through all 36 pages .
  8. I'm still here. I could use some final thoughts/notes on my WIP so I can mark it as finished. Can't garuntee that I can do another song. My schedule being what it is, I won't even volunteer to do one at this point, but a collaboration might work if someone has an idea and would like to hook up. Let me know. We're still going strong here and I'm still very excited . All praise to The Damned.
  9. It's about time that we have some Banjo Kazooie WIPs. Such a great game that needs more attention, IMO. First off, congrats on a good mix. You certainly have a very solid mix here. Radiowar hit some of the points on the head. Try messing around with the melody a bit more. The main tune itself can get extremely repetative simply because it's not very long. Rare intended it to be that way and the reason for that was that they combatted the repetativeness with changing the genre/theme when you change areas in Gruntilda's Lair. Maybe you ought to consider doing a little more of that, but that is NOT necesary by any means. You have found a way to incorporate the monotonous theme from the game into one genre and it never felt too repetative to me. However, I did feel like some parts seemed a little close to the source. Having direct "rips" is not bad, but use it to establish the main melody that you're working with and then go crazy with it. Mix it, mash it, change it, etc. Like Radiowar said, go crazy with it ! And I agree with the drums/percusion. It does seem a little weak here and there. There are times where the music builds but the drums stay on their same level. Consider expanding them a bit and giving them a little more dynamic sound. Good work .
  10. How do i change the tempo mid-song. I need to be able to speed it up closer towards the end. I know that there is an option in the Edit menu that says "Change Events" and that lets you "Scale" the tempo up or down. It works fine for the musical notes and devices, but it messes up the drum track because it scales it down. What I need is to be able to change the tempo. How can I do this? If it is not possible in Reason (which I would be very surprised if it can't be done), are there other options that I can try?
  11. considering it's practically done, i'd say i should remove it which has just been done.
  12. um, my wip is up in the WIP boards (ocr). should i take it down? and what do i do with my wip?.
  13. AKAI S5000 I am thinking of ordering the Quantum Leap Brass AKAI S5000 and the ProSamples Vol 31 Rare Ethnic Instruments CDs and I just wanted to make sure that they are compatible with Reason.
  14. Good to be joining the team. Finals are gonna be a huge pain this week, but hopefully I'll have a WIP out soon of the song (provided I keep working on the Halo, FF9, and Pokemon projects). Gotta love the busy life.
  15. This may be completely redundant, but the sample CDs that were listed on the site are compitable in Reason 3.0, correct? I'm assuming the NN-XT will handle them, if not others. Just want to make sure.
  16. Looking for the flute (might be a pan flute) sample that you'll here in a lot of Asian traditional music. It does the strange trill in the middle of a note. Destiny uses it in her mix "Into the Deep." I've emailed her about it, but do any of you know where I might find the sample of it? I'm using Reason 3.0, so if it comes standard with the program and I'm just flat out missing it, let me know .
  17. hey guys, just wanted to say that i like this project greatly, and having sephfire be my roommate, i get see this thing progress from the front line!! i just have one suggestion. it's kinda hard to find the audition pieces in this particular thread. with all the comments and ideas that are thrown out, it's kinda nasty to try and sort through each page to find the links. is there any way that they could be posted in the WIP forum as well. i could understand that djp might not like that, and that these pieces arent an actual remix but just an audition, but it would still be a little more organized that way. again, looking forward to this !!! djprotone
  18. i need the sound font /sample of the vocals in ff8. the beginning song with the men and women separate. are they anywhere??? i will settle for one or both. where can they be found?? djprotone
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