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  1. Sure, it's annoying, but when you create a piece of software that has been the industry standard for years and years, it means you've created an amazing/innovative product and there is no argument about it. Not to mention that Pro Tools M-Powered is so affordable these days, it's almost ridiculous. However, because the TREMENDOUS drop in the Logic price, DigiDesign may have just soiled themselves.
  2. Let's not forget good ol' ProTools...
  3. My gosh, I hope so!!! Beta testing was horrible in the sense that it got me all excited about using the new devices, and now they're gone again!!!
  4. Not a bad article at all, Pez. I'm impressed !
  5. I do believe you have your answer.....
  6. Ahhhhhhh, the drama. My, how I've missed it !
  7. Considering that Reason 3 does support them, it would be logical to assume that 4 will as well.
  8. Simply put: are there any here on OCR? I'm looking for someone who is pretty decent. Send me a PM or post here if you know of anyone or are one yourself. Cheers.
  9. "Half Wit" episode. Part where Hugh Laurie and Dave Matthews are playing the first piano piece. Really upbeat. Here is an MP3 sample from the show. http://tweekmusic.com/house_track.mp3 What song is that? An original just for the show or a cover that they're playing? Thanks!
  10. Not familiar with the source, so I won't comment on the arrangement. Nice epic sounding intro. The melody line at :14 hits pretty abruptly. Thankfully I didn't have the volume up too loud or I might have pissed myself . I little smoother transition might be better. However, this is personal opinion. The buildup at :47 is good. It's a classic trance technique that really brings out a deep texture to the sound. However, I feel like you lose it very quickly. The beats, while they sound just fine in their sequencing, are very dry in comparison to that wonderful buildup that you gave. The soundscape as a whole needs more texture. You make it sound huge, but then it seems to fall away. The stutter buildup at 1:01 is B-E-A-U-tifil. Very nice. What I said about the sound after the first buildup is just as true after the second I feel. I like the breakdown at 1:47. Try to bring the oomph of those timpanies/bass drums up so they resonate a little better. The snare at 2:17 suddenly change volume levels. It might be intentional or the automation may have just gotten a little funky on accident, but it sounds a little jarring to me. Not too bad mate. I'm groovin' .
  11. Experience has to start somewhere. Free sound design is not a bad thing; it's what most portfolios are made of. In short: stop being a prat! Pocketman, let me know the details (via PM). I might be interested.
  12. I like the version with the singing. However, I would suggest dropping all the clips from the game. Sounds fairly noobish. The vox really adds a nice layer and level of demension to the song that isn't present without it. The effects (vocorder I'm guessing) are very nice. It fills the middle frequencies that are missing without them. You work with the supper low (i.e. your bass and kick) and then you have your stings and piano playing several octaves above that. The vocals fill that gap in between. At 3:39, when the harp comes in, the drums sound out of place. I suggest dropping them with a crash or a nice reverse to segue into the quiet part. The change in reverb level is much better. I feel like you may need some more diversity with the drum sequencing during the increased tempo section. Not bad mate. Keep it up.
  13. To sum up, gorgeous. To be more specific: Intro is lovely. Whatever the industrial sounding FX is that we first hear is nice. I wish you would extend it just a little bit more. It sounds really sexy. The conversion from 3/4 (original) to 4/4 (yours) is done very well. It sounds wonderful. The low end is very well developed in this track, so congrats on breaking that open! One suggestion, pull down the kick just a bit. When it gets going, it's really boomy. I feel like my sub is gonna break work my station from the rumble . The lead that comes in at :44 is beautiful. The backing chord stabs support the part well. I was about to suggest that you add in a piano part an octave above where you're playing, but sure enough, it came in shortly after. The sample itself is wonderful. The delay is a very nice touch Arrangement wise, I certainly hear the original amidst the 4/4 conversion. You've taken a farily simple source tune without much to it and have been able to expand on it. The lead synth at 1:41 I'm not as crazy about. It doesn't pierce the soundscape as well as the first one did. Mainly because the attack on that synth is much more sluggish that the first one. I would suggest either strengthening the attack on it, or even better, double the synth with another one. Perhaps even the one you started with. That part is meant to be a bigger climax than the first time around (or that's how it sounds to me) so that might help make it bigger. Beware though, my suggestion just may cloud the soundscape, but it might work. Might be best to stay away from another sweeping lead and keep it to a more more basic/dry lead that will just help give it a little more punch. And finally: ITZ 2 SHORT!!!!11!!1! Y IS IT ONRY 2 MINZ?!?!?! MAKE IT LONGR!!! Just kidding mate, but please do finish this bad boy, it sounds great so far!!
  14. The orchestration is lovely. It's all kinds of tight in my book. Congrats mate!
  15. I will say that I liked the vocals . Can't really say why, but I did. Totally up to you though mate. The drums on the whole sound much better. I like the limited use of the effects. Before I felt they're were a bit overused, but now they seem to create a pretty nice feel. The lead that comes in a :42 is a little jarring to me. Might be good to bring it down just a hair. At 1:30, that really feels like the first climax of the song. I hear the quick build that you use to get to it, but when it comes down on the 1 of that measure, I feel like it's lacking a little. Maybe an extra layer on the drums, gated/rhythmic synths, or something. It feels like it wants a bit more in that section. I think i may hear some clipping at 3:10 coming from the flute sample. The tempo shift is a little akward, but i kinda like it. It doesn't stay in for long, but I think that might be ok. I don't like hearing them slow back down though. Maybe at 3:37, have them cut out and just have the strings and piano (or maybe it's a harp) hold the transition together back into the slow part. Just a thought. The harp feels like it's burried in a bit too much reverb. The sound of the song for the most part is fairly crisp, but when you break it down to the harp, it feels as though we've just walked into the back of an auditorium while a harpist is playing. I'm not saying it's a bad sound, but rather it doesn't seem to fit as well with the current soundscape that you've created. A lot of personal opinions and taste went into my critique, so take it how you will . Keep it up mate.
  16. Very interesting idea on the theme. A couple thoughts. Very electronic intro. Not bad. It gets slightly repetative. Try adding another gated or rhythmic synth in there to help give it some body. It doesn't need much because you crank into it not too long after. The flanged drums sound fine there. My suggestion is to lose the effect after the break at :29 and when they come back in; have them pumpin' to drive the song. With the synth choices you have and the flanger on the drums, it gets really grating. Also, work with the drum sequencing a bit. The loop that you're using gets a little tiresome considering they stay pretty much the same for the first 2 mins of the song . At 1:30, when the effects on the drums are gone, most of the punch that you were getting out of you kick is gone. Try to get that low end back a bit. The effects on the drums are your choice, but at 2:31 they ought to be loud n' proud. The sound is good and I'm diggin' it, but it sounds like it's trying to be released so it can really drive, but it's being held back. Let this bad boy out of the cage so he can do some damage . Lookin' forward to updates!
  17. There is a song that is played in the movie "Collateral" that I'm trying to find. If you watch the movie, it is in the scene where they are in the Korean club. The song is also used in a car comercial or two. Anyone know?
  18. Very mellow work here. Please don't allow mellow to me mediocre at any level. Very soft and gentle compared to a lot of your work. The dynamic shift works quite well! Congrats again (as though you really need it at this point ).
  19. This was a competition between a few of my friends. The rules were simple. We had 24 hours to make a full length song. Here's mine. I won without much trouble . I had fishy do the guitar solo at the end, and it really gave the mix that "cruising downtown" feel. It's being considered for a scene in a movie right now. It's very different from my other work. It's main style is hip-hop/r&b, and I like it a lot Enjoy
  20. So Musicians Friend had their "we're moving" sale, and I saw Cubase SE for half off and decided to grab it. I know, in terms of the others (i.e. Cubase 4, and Studio) it's not the best, but I wanted to see how it works, and $50 dollars for it is not bad at all!! Can anyone recomend any good Cubase tutorials that exist? I imagine I'm not going to have too much trouble picking it up since I'm already comfortable with Reason, Pro Tools, and Live, but all programs have their subtleties . Any recomendations?
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