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  1. I'm in love!! I really can't wait for this. Thor is gonna change Reason just as much as the Combinator has!!
  2. So I'm finishing up a mix for the Radical Dreamers Project and I'm doing the track called "Final Confrontation." I'm in the part of the musical process that requires me to create a title for my track, and I need some help. I have never played the game, but I need to know what's happening on screen when the music is played. Who is the main boss, the main characters, what's happening, etc. Any info that you guys can give me would be great. Cheers! Original Tune: http://tweekmusic.com/source/final_game.mp3
  3. I don't care what the judges say. That is the best sequenced guitar that I have EVER heard. The dynamics, the bends, slides, the harmonics, etc. are spot on. Yes, it does sound a little "tin-canny" at times, but it's wonderful!! Beautiful mix!
  4. Try reading the post from Fishy that's just above your post.
  5. See the project forum for a post from me in The Pit under "Demo Track"
  6. IT'S 2 SHORT!!!111!!! Y IS IT ONLY 56 SECONDS LONG!?!?1/1/!!???! MAKE IT LONGER!!! Sounds pretty sexy so far bro!
  7. Fort Minor is a side project that Mike Shinoda started a couple years ago. It's a hip-hop poject that sounds all kinds of cool. He had a hit song for a long time called "Where'd You Go" and if you see any of the TNT basketball comercials, the song that plays during them is another FM track called "Remember the Name." Check Fort Minor out. It's extremely tight (in my opinion, of course).
  8. I'm gonna have to disagree with seph just a bit. Their sound, as it has been said here, has changed radically. They've gone from hard rock to emo/punk, and I'm not really a fan of the transition. If I wanted to hear punk, I would listen to Blink 182, Yellow Card, etc. and if I wanted emo, I would turn on some Death Cab or Dashboard Confessional. In an interview, Chester Bennington said that they have, and I quote, "ditched the Nu-metal sound and replaced it with more hip-hop (which I didn't hear much of), punk, and classic rock." A complete switch is fine, but exceptionally disappointing to me. This album doesn't even come close to rocking as hard as the first 2 did (Hybrid Theory and Meteora). Hell, Reanimation rocked harder than this!! Also, there was an overuse of the clap sound on the quarter note beats of the tracks. I can think of atleast three tracks that used it, and it got a little old. I'm not saying that the new sound is a bad style in general, but for what the world heard Linkin Park to be, this style just doesn't fit the same way that it did. They had a very distinct style that they have tossed aside in order to follow a more "popular" genre of music. I don't wish to be premature about this, but if this is their official style from here on out, they may have lost one of their fans. At this point, I am hoping that Mike Shinoda will break off from LP and keep focusing on Fort Minor, which is an amazing underground hip-hop project!!
  9. If you're looking for a gradual increase or decrease in tempo, then no, Audacity doesn't have that function. With some time devoted to it, you could get it to work that way, but it wouldn't be easy. If you're looking for a simple imediate change, Audacity CAN do that with it's Change Speed/Tempo function. And please understand, the lack of a tempo change capability really shouldn't be the ball buster of a program. Sure, it could be annoying every once and a while, but Reason is one of the most powerful music synth programs on the market. If you're just beginning to use Reason, give it some time.
  10. Bottom line is no, you can't change it. The best way to do it is to work on the song in one tempo and then export the wav file and put it into Audacity and change the tempo there. It's a primative way to solve the issue, but it can work. It's how I did it for my Tetris Attack Mix (found here). Another option that works VERY well is to have have Ableton Live open and to run Reason as a slave program. You can control the tempo of the track within Live and it changes the tempo to whatever you want it to be in Reason as well. You can automate the tempo as well, meaning that you can have it at 100bpm in the beginning and have it jump or steadiliy increase to 160bpm in the song. Bottom line, don't give up on Reason just because of a tempo change. It's one of the best music synthesis programs out there!!
  11. What you heard origianlly, and what's being done to it now, are two very different things. Don't be disappointed till you actually hear it.
  12. Snapple was not only refering to her response to his post, but also several other posts by DA "excusing" some of the issues that other members have brought up. He has also provided avenues for her to contact him for more specific input and directions to make the mix better. Whether she has taken them, I have no idea. His post was candid. Keep in mind, he said something that many other people may have thought but just didn't want to vocalize. He may have done it in a manner that is taken as offensive, but he was simply blunt. He has proven himself to have a good sense of proper sound and mixing from his experience. You would be foolish to simply pass his criticism up. Also, there is a common saying for people who ask for advice, and I will quote it here for emphasis for everyone: "Don't ask for criticism if you can't handle what you will get in return."
  13. Wait, I thought you meant that you did this arrangement..... Are you just providing the vocals or is the track itself yours?
  14. Absolutely!! However, it's one of those skills that develops over time and experience from the small takes and tracking little by little. It honestly does get easier and easier the more you perform in studio situations. I think I'm just saying to make sure you aren't sacrificing quality in order to get it done in one take or in one sitting.
  15. VERY glad to hear you already putting this into practice. But don't be affraid to step back for a while and then return to it and approach the parts that are still iffy. It's not uncommon at all for vocalists to tackle a song several times which are days, weeks, and even months apart from each take. The old saying "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" certainly applies here. If you have something good, there's no need to change it. Like I said, keep what's good, and redo what needs to be worked on. The human voice is a fickle thing, but it is also one of the the most versatile instruments that, if trained and experienced, can do some amazing things.
  16. Not to be nit-picky here, but singers, in studio situations, RARELY get a vocal track all in one take. I mentioned this in the Pokemon project, and I will say it again: I can't express to you how important it is for you to break these phrases up so that you can accomplish the best possible tone and sound that you can. Not only will it make this MUCH easier for you, but it will also help you become a better singer, and here's why. I'm going to quote you again here: It will teach you how to do THAT VERY THING for different takes. It will also teach you more about the compression process for vocals, since many, if not most, artists are compressed. I defy anyone to show me a vocalist who is capable of nailing a song EVERYTIME in one take. Some of the editing that recording engineers do to a vox track to make it sound the best would blow your mind. At one point, I had to record a guy singing, and he did 4 different takes. After that, we had to go back in, line by line, and pick the best out of the 4. We cut and pasted the "best take." Again, it's NOT uncommon to do and I HIGHLY encourage you to start. Take what's good, trash what's bad, and redo the parts that you trash.
  17. First off, you're a certified dick now !!!!! Secondly, and more importantly, I hear some of the new stuff in there. Sounds pretty darn sweet dude
  18. I STRONGLY advise you to not make any changes at this point. When Liontamer posts the song on the thread, very often, he will go ahead and vote on it right then and there. If the mix is not done, request them to pull it off cue liest. If you do make changes, let them know immediately so that they will know which version to listen to.
  19. Not really a MMO, but it has some similar properties, would be Monster Hunter for the PS2. It's a dumbed down version of a MMO that focuses more on live action rather than a turn based system. It can be a lot of fun. I wish that capcom would come out with a sequal in the US (and not on the PSP ).
  20. Ah. Now I understand . God, thought I was having a blonde moment there.
  21. I still don't see how Zero Wing is in the public domain . It was released in 89. Renewals were required then, but only after its 28th year. The renewal process was ammended in 92. I'm sure this was a project for "hire" as it mentions in the article (for a corporation), essentially meaning that the copyright is extended past the 70 years to 120. Was the wiki link a copy of the "old" rules or is it current? If it's current, explain to me what I must be missing from it, which I'm sure I am .
  22. Went ahead and bit the bullet and upgraded. Works like a charm and the foley project for class is coming along quite nicely !
  23. Can it be done? If so, can it be done in Live 5? If so, how?? I know I can do it in Protools (and I have before) but I'd like to use Live if possible .
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