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  1. I got this as a present last night. I spent about an hour just discovering all the awesome stuff they have on this disc and I still haven't gotten it all . Rex files and Combinator patches. Absolutely amazing. Here is just a tiny sample of what you can do with this program. It's something I was able to do in just 20 or so minutes: www.tweekmusic.com/music/tribal.mp3 I highly recomend it to anyone who works with tribal sounds at all. For $50, it's a friggin' steal!!
  2. Update for my track. Listen and respond. Last update before final critique. Be nit picky people!!!
  3. A midi keyboard in Reason can easily cut a lot of the work you do in half. I highly recommend.
  4. I believe Mike Shinoda uses nothing but recorded strings on the Rising Tide. However, there certainly is a blatant "Believe Me" cover in that second demo . He released a completely stemed version of "Remember the Name" this past summer as part of a remix competition. He may have done the same for others of his tracks and sold them to Propeller Head.
  5. I have a final arrangment that I need input for. It's in the private WIP section in the same thread. Like it says, READ THE POST BEFORE YOU POST ANYTHING!!!! Thanks guys
  6. I haven't had a chance to work with Live 6 yet. I use 5.2 right now. Let me know how you like it .
  7. Son of a...... Answered my own question. No more posting for me.... Lock this, delete it, whatever .
  8. I hate to make another one, but my previous was locked. If a mod wants to move it to the old thread or just delete the old one, please go right ahead. Here's the question: To date, there are 1,410 remixes on the site. After finishing both torrents, I have 1,357. Obviously, I'm missing a few . I'm assuming that some of the more recent files/songs are not on the torrent and that I will have to DL them individually. No problem there. However, my question is this: Is there a way for me to see the list of ALL the remixes and have them listed according to their OCR number? I would guess that listing them by the date would effectively do that (which I've done already), but I didn't really want to guess for fear of getting multiple identitcal songs . Also, any idea what the cut off date was for the two bit torrents so I can start there? Sorry for all the noob questions, but thanks for the help!!
  9. Quick question. I just finished downloading the 1-1000 torrent, however I only have 868 files in the folder. Why is that? I saved them to a folder that is not connected to the folder that has the other OCR remixes that I've downloaded, not to mention the ones that I had before the torrent had been changed in terms of their names and such, so I don't think that's the reason there are not 1000 files. Could it have something to do with the "recall" of remixes that we had not too long ago where they removed some of the older mixes after re-evalutation for quality control? Thanks guys .
  10. Good to hear. I would've hated to see it disappear with the hard work that's been put into it thus far. Good luck .
  11. Just to make absolutely sure, you did contact a mod/judge about this, right? It use to be darkesword but I'm not sure who took over. If you haven't you must or they will shut the thread down. Also, you need to wait on moving the thread anywhere. From my understanding that's up to their descretion.
  12. I understand. I let it sit there for about 3 hours with it at 0 kb of transfer. Took it about 7 hours to download 8.3 mb of stuff. I canceled it. Sorry.
  13. I know it said that it's slow, but seriously, it's saying it'll be done in 33 days..... I fail to see how this is faster :-\
  14. All of the downloading that I've done from the site has been on an individual song basis. I've reached the point now that I'd like to wipe the slate clean, so to speak, and download all the songs from this site. Is there anything like that? I have tried using torrents, but for some reason, they don't work on my computer. It's a Mac Pro. Is there anything like that that I can use to get all the songs off of OCR? On second thought, I may have just answered my own question TRIPLE POST!!! I do hve a question though. On the bittorrent download page for ocr, it says not to seed too much. I'm completely new to this. Wikipedia definitly helped me understand what a peer, seeder, etc. is, but I don't know how to manage my seeding, if that makes sense. I'm using the mac bittorrent client. What is a good seeding range, so to speak? What about peers? Any general info would be wonderful!! At this moment I have 5 seeds and 8 peers for the 1-1000 song list. It's been hovering around this the entire time so far. Anything I need to do to help it move along?
  15. I would have to second Mustin's choice. SM64 would be good. However, I have a great suggestion as well: Banjo Kazooie, and here are the details... The Click-Clock Woods track (the last level). If you haven't played the game, it's a level that is broken up into four parts corresponding with the 4 seasons of a year (fall, summer, spring, winter). I would suggest the Spring version. It's peppy and upbeat and can definitely work with a big band arrangement. However, here is the creative part. The song goes surprisingly well with the old pop song "Rockin' Robin." There have been so many covers of the song, I'm not sure who did the original, but I think it may have been the Jackson 5. You can find it on the iTunes store. The trick here will be to arrange it so that it's a medley of the two. Honestly, if it could be pulled off, I would be in utter amazement!! To give you an idea of what I mean, I would suggest listening to Mustin's track "Super Mario Sleigh Ride." It combines themes from Super Mario World and the Christmas song "Sleigh Ride." Their track would be a good example of how it can work. But, in terms of your sound, I really like Estradasphere and their track "SuperBuckJazz." I think if it would be possible to combine those two, you would have one kick ass arrangement and mix!! Both mixes are on OCR and I would highly recommend downloading both of them regardless if you want to do this idea ! Just a thought. Good luck mate
  16. Reading music is most fundamental step of music theory. If you have no idea what the lines and spaces on the grand staff represent, there is no way you would be able to identify a triad, seventh chord, or any chord for that matter. When taking a basic theory class, reading music and identifying notes is the first step. So, to answer your question, reading music has EVERYTHING to do with music theory!
  17. "Following your ears" isn't going to help much if you're auditioning for a spot in an orchestra and you're not able to read the music.
  18. Because God has a wonderful sense of humor. Good luck mate....
  19. I know it would be a bit of a large upgrade, but I would suggest going with the M-Audio Project Mix I/O. I've been using it and it's absolutely wonderful. It costa around $1,250 on Musicians Friend. If you wait for a small time, they may packed it with a free version of Live 5, which is what I did!
  20. I think I may have solved it.... I, by default, always turn "Warp" off of a wav file so it doesn't sound all funky. I turned it back on, and that took care of it. The only problem no is that if I turn in too high/fast, some of the clicks are left out. That's just because the original is a bit fast. I think that if I chop it up and slow it down a bit that it will work a bit better. Thanks guys
  21. The problem is that it's one continuous wav file. When I do the tempo increase, it doesn't play it faster. Essentially what's happening is that when I chage the tempo, the Wav file adjusts so that it sounds the same throughout. What I need to be able to do is to tell it to NOT adjust the wav file so that the tempo can actually increase over time. Hope this makes sense. Thanks Vagrance, you've gotten me one HUGE step closer. I didn't even know the tempo change was in the master channel (btw, this is not sarcasm. I'm completely serious!!)
  22. The subject pretty much sums it up, but here are the details. For a production I'm designing sound for, the director wants a clock clicking, which I have. Last night at rehearsal he asked if it would be possible to have the clock speed increase steadily over time (about 1:15 total). I have looked into it and have crapped out so far in terms of my possible ideas. How can I do it? Here are the programs I already have: Reason 3.0 Pro Tools 7.1 Ableton Live 5.0 Audacity If there are other programs that I would need to do this, tell me what they are. Keep in mind that I use a Mac Pro computer (i.e. Intel Mac). Thanks guys!!
  23. I gotta be honest. This mix has me poppin' and lockin' . In other words, I like it a lot!! A couple suggestions: At around 2:20 you have the drums start to drop in pitch or you start a filter effect to slowly come in. A very cool effect, but when the pad that's holding the main melody doesn't change, it sounds a little awkward. Not to mention that the synth covers up the effect of the drums. Why don't you consider throwing a phaser or flanger on the main synth there as well to try and generate the same kind of effect. The filter effect that you have at :24 on that lead synth would be perfect to fade in I think I love the the synth that you have playing the lead, especially when it's playing the Corneria theme. That part is what makes me move in my chair . However, I would suggest that you try and branch out a bit and throw some other lead synths out there to give it a little variety. Maybe there are different synths that take the lead, but they sound very very similar. The drums and percussion are very well done. They have a good strong and solid sound, and even for trance/techno/house, I don't feel any repetitiveness to them. You might want to consider throwing a breakbeat section in there, especially during the second play-through of the main theme at 4:00. Just a thought, but certainly not absolutely necessary! Bottom line, you have a wonderful mix here and I'm really diggin' it . Keep it up!! EDIT: There isn't any clipping in the song. The level is just fine. The "distortion" is coming from the lead synth and it sounds great.
  24. Seriously, where has the man gone?!?! It feels pretty creepy and empty around here without him around as much. I guess the holiday festivities caught up to him .
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