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  1. I think it sounds pretty great. You must've fixed the transition problems because it melts very nicely from one theme to another. The tuba/xylophone at the beginning are as expressive of easy/good/happy as the hords and woodwinds are of evil/hard/scary at the end. Nice one. Are you going to segue into the overworld theme at all?
  2. Initial impression: Not impressed. I don't like the fact that you are leaving a prefectly lovely harmony by the wayside. Second thoughts: It IS melodious and well-orchestrated, so it's got that going for it, but I still am irked at the harmony choices.
  3. That's not how it works. We'll give our honest opinions, even if Moses himself remixed it. If we hate it, we'll say so.
  4. Yeah, it did kinda sound like a WIP, with the clipping and all that. Any chance at a polished version coming out soon?
  5. A big fan of classical music (Chopin in particular) and the Kirby games, I thoroughly enjoyed this mix. DIdn't notice any tech problems except low volume. I am listening on speakers, though. Particularly enjoyable was 1:35 - the shift into minor key. Looking forward to hearing more of your mixes!
  6. Bah. Annoys me more than anything else. If there had been bagpipes going in the background, it would've worked, but this just sounds like you put no effort into it. The mind screams "Where's the *&^# bassline!" It's too well-known and loved to leave out, so I can't say I enjoy this one.
  7. This is fantastic! The interplay between the techno instrument and the rippin' guitar is superb. From Mellow start to shredded finish, this is tip-top material, absolutely perfect.
  8. For those not in the know, this song is available at http://www.fcmidi.net/mp3/drf_bw_beat.mp3 Good shtuff. (for those even less in the know, see here: http://www.homestarrunner.com/sbemail47.html)
  9. Never heard the original or played Xenogears, but this remix is uber-powerful. The intro is just a bit meandering and low, so that's the only weak point. IMHO it should've started from :50. But once the drums start in for real at 1:20, you know the fun is about to start. At exactly 2:00, it feels like you are actually flying along with this "Chu Chu" (don't know the story, just going with the title). The soaring majesty of wheeling through the clouds stays with you all the way through. The synth choir voices at 4:34 are a bit cheesy, but their harmony is so perfect, I forgot about it and just enjoyed. The ending is well played, but of course it feels like a huge letdown, and you just want to soar into the clouds once more. So.... play it AGAIN!
  10. Sounds like the theme song from a daytime soap opera...
  11. As vocal songs go (and most suck) not too bad. Lots of flat and missed notes, however.
  12. I don't get it. What's with the channel change and switch back from 1:54 - 2:44? Other than that, love it. EDIT: Never mind my last comment. My version must've gotten screwed up in BitTorrent. Happened to another file I got as well.
  13. Reminiscent of MazeDude's old work "Wood Imps" - see here :http://www.mazedude.com/compositions/Mzd-WoodImps.mp3 Nice and creepy. Thumbs up!
  14. Nice! Pounding and driving until the swell in the middle around :57 (which I like to call "The sweet creamy center") then back to pounding and driving. Some playful nonsense at :41.. Keeps it interesting all the way thru. Nice and upbeat!
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