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  1. Hey everyone, a new week and a new update! I've changed the structure around a bit - though I feel the middle lags somewhat so I shall probably revisit. Enjoy!
  2. Cheers guys, Yeah, on re-listen I can see the faults in the structure - I'll have a fiddle when I'm next home and see what comes out in the wash. There are a few acoustic bass sounds in there I need to bring out as well - they are far too quiet for my liking.
  3. Hello everyone, I'm heading along to the above (http://www.gamemusicconnect.com) and I was wondering if any OC people were going as well? If so, it might be nice to meet up and have a chat/beer at some point. It looks like it should be good fun, and quite useful. A bunch of good speakers, including Martin O'Donnell of Halo fame. Let me know! (I'll post an update as to how it went afterwards, complete with low quality phone pictures...you lucky people.)
  4. Hello everyone, Just a little thing I'm working on. The mixing is all out of wack, lots of frequency clashes and it's almost 1AM here so my ears are shot. (I bet I will listen to this tomorrow and think it sounds BAD!) Anyway, enjoy! https://soundcloud.com/ellywu2/sor2-master
  5. I did, of course, mean mixing, rather than mastering!
  6. Thanks for the comments guys - I've updated. Fleshed out some more. It still needs more bass, and I haven't even begun to master (which includes sidechaining and such).
  7. Hello everyone, A very, very early and short clip of a new song I am working on - in the style of dubstep, which if you haven't heard before (really?) sounds like a bunch of computers being sick. Enjoy! https://soundcloud.com/ellywu2/gato-dubstep
  8. Haha this sounds like a mix I did about 6 years ago. 'Smoke Signals' I think it was called. Either way, nice - this track goes very well with eastern instrumentation.
  9. Hello, Started work on this for a PRC - Sadly I haven't managed to finish it in time. (I know the french horn cuts out - poor rendering, will be fixed!) Hope you enjoy it so far! https://soundcloud.com/ellywu2/chrono-cross-going-to-a
  10. Gutted I didn't get to finish mine in time. Work and stuff. It's up the WIP section if anyone's interested - such a very nice source.
  11. Another month, another update! It's starting to come together now. Mixing is way off, as always. Hope you enjoy!
  12. Saw this on VI Control - have passed on details to a bunch of people who I know who love this type of music. Needless to say, I'll be getting a copy as well. Bravo Pixietricks! *edit* I should probably back it first shouldn't I!
  13. If someone asks you if you are a god, you say yes!
  14. I've updated it a bit. I think I've got the final form down - ending will need some work, as I haven't had a go at it yet.
  15. It's fucking hard work getting in, and even if you do - unless you're at the absolute top of the tree - you aren't going to earning the same amount you would comparatively if you stuck it out in a normal job. You can make a living out of it, plenty of people here are, myself included, and it's doing something you love. Worth the risk IMO.
  16. ellywu2

    Chrono Jigga

    What a beautiful, beautiful bastard.
  17. What was your Soundcloud again Skryp? I can't seem to find it.
  18. Just in case we are needed in person, I am offering my wonderful motor vehicle up. I'm based in Ipswich, so I'd be going down to London. Best bet for anyone wanting a lift would be to meet in Cambridge then travel down. Just an option!
  19. Couple of things:- 1) Reverb - It could do with some more. 2) The string ostinato needs a bit of humanising. At the moment it's, like a poster above said, very rigid. Apart from that, I like it!
  20. https://soundcloud.com/ellywu2 Nothing of note on there.
  21. Updated! I quite like the harshness of the lead, though can soften it someone in the mixing stage.
  22. I'll throw my hat into the ring. I'm based in Bury St Edmunds.
  23. Hello everyone, Random electro-house noodlings... enjoy! (still a lot of work to do). https://soundcloud.com/ellywu2
  24. Updated - main update is from 1:24. It was sounding a bit cute, so I added some wubwub(?) Also, hello Darangen - a familiar face!
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