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  1. Oh I am so in... although wtb 'Breathing you in(?)' Remix pack!
  2. sick. 1:07 is great and i'm glad to see you've nailed the hybrid bass as well.
  3. Updated! Fleshed it out a bit and added some other sections from the original, although they don't fit really with the current structure i have, so i've tweaked them to be almost unrecognisable!
  4. Thanks for the advice guys. Yeah, i haven't actually incorporated more of the source into it yet, am working on it though! And yup the bass does suck. I suppose it could be considered a placeholder til i can program a really nice bass for there.
  5. Hi everyone, A new mix I've started working on of the Corneria theme. Trying to emulate the style of a band called Hybrid. Enjoy! http://www.soundclick.com/bands/default.cfm?bandID=120752&content=songinfo&songID=5963281
  6. :37 onwards is so Blood Sugar. I love it. My only advice would be to really beef the hell out of the two step at 1:20. Lets hear a *massive* snare and kick.
  7. Blood Sugar version 2. Not that that's a bad thing of course.
  8. very nice! beef that bass up and get that snare pumping though
  9. Updated again, more mastering tweaks and a change of synth. Enjoy!
  10. Agreed 100%. That section of the movie was the absolute defining moment. Brought me back to being 8 years old watching the autobots landing. The score to that section, 'Arrival to Earth' is amazing. Beautiful.
  11. You may laugh at me, but the Masters of the Universe score by Bill Conti is amazing! for more standard scores: Crimson Tide Hunt for Red October Judge Dredd Starship Troopers
  12. Updated again! Started the mastering process, got the kick where i want it but it turns out its an art form mastering a snare to sound like pendulum! also added some extra sections!
  13. Updated! Fleshed the song out a tad. It's still a bit repetitive, so i'll work on that, and the break with the strings needs work. Enjoy!
  14. Thanks for the comments guys. Yeah the drums need a bit more oomph, maybe some limiting i dunno. The chip intros sort of a place holder until i can figure out how to make a grungry synth lead intro ala 'painkiller.' The LFO on that synth is because its the bass synth, just filtered. Don't want to bring it fully in til the beat drops. More updates to follow soon!
  15. Well, title says it all. Went for a pendulum style DnB track. Its early days at the moment but i'll keep it updated. http://www.soundclick.com/bands/songInfo.cfm?bandID=120752&songID=5749196
  16. ellywu2

    EvE Online

    Shield tanking vs Armour tanking all depends on the ship your flying and the number of mids and highs it has. Me personally, Domi pilot for life, so armour all the way!
  17. Well, revisting one of my old songs. The first song i submitted to OCR many years ago. I'm remaking it because well, i am super pumped about Warhammer online! Done in the style of Zimmer and friends. Enjoy! http://www.soundclick.com/bands/songInfo.cfm?bandID=120752&songID=5435082
  18. ellywu2

    EvE Online

    lol zergfleet. Ah well, at least you're not red alliance. Also, you are correct, EVE is awesome. The skill based system is kickass and the pvp is great fun.
  19. Bring out the drums more, they're pretty weak at the moment. Also, make more of the B section, because that section is awesome. Slap some slices in, chop it up, put forth some drum wankery.
  20. Buff shamans. Don't make me go back to my hunter pulease.
  21. Binstertastic! You truly are everything that is nu-skool breaks binster congratulations! Speaking of which i've got a mate who DJ's up in nottingham who plays nu-skool breaks who goes by the name of kid chameleon. Erm i think he does something to do with Ambush or something like that. Can't believe i haven't spoken to him before about you but i'll drop him a line.
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