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  1. Dude, get Rival Schools/Project Justice. They shouldnt disappoint.
  2. Hurrrr. Wasnt exactly what I had in mind, but yeah. World Tour is fun, tho.
  3. For what console? Btw, Its SFA3 not SF3A. I had it for Ps1, and it plays quite well on there, but still the best way to play it is by arcade emulation. There are some inaccuracies. Things that you may not notice and I didnt notice for a while, tho.
  4. Ah yes, Astra Superstars. I remember hearing great things, but I'd never have got my hands on it. I think the Saturn controller having 6 actual face buttons made it very fighter friendly, overall.
  5. Lol dude, how is DOA 2d? I'd add some fighters to that list, but mainly 3d =/ Waku Waku 7? Dunno where you'd get it from these days. sf2:hf for 360? Anyone wanna play with me on live? Same goes for 3s and Sf2:AE.
  6. ...Did I walk into GameFAQs by accident?...
  7. This could be something where we all (cept Epic) have a level playing field. Sounds good, sign me up.
  8. Im Bomberman deficient, but sure, sign me up.
  9. If I can still be in, I'm in. AIM is Seg3ta in case you forgot.
  10. ...Whut? We already know the answer to that. This better be true.
  11. Sega(A-Ism Ken) 2 - 1 dPaladin(X-Ism Ken) Versatility of A-ism won through? Nah. Good games dP, looked close for quite a while.
  12. You unveiled him, and he sucked. No, seriously, good games man.
  13. Oh really? Well, yeah sure. Im just out of practice. Im not at my game. I make no excuses for that. Lets do a mvc tourney? =P
  14. Thanks man. Might take a while though
  15. Sega.

    Nintendo Wii

    I just pull the power adaptor out for like, a second and the controllers automatically wake up properly.
  16. Sega 3 - 0 Culturekoi. Ggs man, you got it in you somewhere i know it
  17. Good luck with this, should be good if you get the right people on board.
  18. As is often said in this situation: PM the remixer. Im not sure that many people will help, though.
  19. EazyP, are you using mame versions of roms? neorage versions wont work.
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