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  1. i figured as much, but a lot of people don't like to start on a track if they figure somebody else is working on it. Just being courteous.
  2. Sorry gents, not having much luck with this India track at the moment, and may take me longer than i expected. I'll keep working on it, but you may want to move me to the artists signed as maybe section so the India track is up for grabs again.
  3. Loving it. I'm usually not one for this sort of metal, if only because of the style of singing/roaring. As this particular remix has no singing/roaring, and is musically as intricate as anything else on this site, I'm enjoying it immensely on replay. Dare you to remix something from Amon Tobin's ST for Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory.
  4. was it team india that got dropped twice? I'll have a crack at it.
  5. Reminds me of those light, inoffensive, post-Robert-Miles Pop-trance tracks we used to get in the mid 90s. I love Akumajo's work, its just fun.
  6. Are you folks still doing each remix in the style of its country? or has that idea been scrapped?
  7. Still one of my favourite pieces on this site, and probably my favourite Rellik piece that I've heard so far. Its worth it to get the Original extended version (Rellik had it as a WIP at some point), its about a minute longer and for me is much more immersive.
  8. What did I say not so long ago about you being obsessed with Eurovision? Case in point.
  9. Not bad for a first episode. Not bad at all. If you're after ideas, how about an episode where you review some of the best OCR remixes according to genre? Like an episode where you do the best hiphop, the best classical, etc. and you gotta make sure to discuss the WIP forums sometime as well. WIPForum = thegreat.
  10. Just gotta congratulate Richter and Vurez. Great WIPs so far.
  11. Ridiculously good. Will download everything Sefiros makes in the future.
  12. solid hard trance track. Its been so long since I listened to any trance, and this one got me tappin my feet and bouncing my head like the good old days. If I didn't have people buzzing around the house right now, I'd have on my moon boots and glow sticks and dancing up a storm.
  13. this is rather brilliant. I wasn't incredibly attatched to many of the results from the Donkey Kong Remix Project, but this one was ear-catchingly good. Better than good. I don't pretend to be a jazz expert, so I'll hold off any more of my opinion. I'll just say that more people should listen to this remix/arrangement, as it deserves far more attention than its so far recieved.
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