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  1. First of all, I think you're full of shit saying there's no such people who wouldn't be interested in that type of music. I think this sounds pretty awesome; you play guitar well and the tone's good. However, I don't think this is an actual song, but more like an audition for a metal group, to show your playing technique. It even says on the video title: "Planetary Impact demo". Not sure how to comment on this correctly, so let's just summarize: Good playing, that also sounds good. But as far as song structure goes, this isn't a song. Not much else I can say.
  2. Sounds pretty good to me. The track manages to stay interesting the whole time, plus the quality's good, so I guess there's nothing to complain about. Maybe except for the length, I think it's rad enough to be longer, but anyways I like it as it is.
  3. Heh, actually I removed the file in the first post after posting the link to the second post. I should probably edit the first post now
  4. Chrono Triggerish. The snare could use a little delay. Song sounds good though, but since it's still so short, so is this feedback I can give.
  5. I recommend Dropbox for file uploading. That is everything you will ever need. I'm listening to Night Revamped at the moment, and I kinda like the pseudo-chiptunism. The drums support that sort of, but at the same time they sound quite 80's. If I focus on them exclusively, I, for some reason, think of Axel Foley. I also notice some of the notes in the melody are off the grid, is this intentional? It kinda works I guess, but it's also a little distracting. The pause in 1:05 is a little too sudden, I'd try a lingering note or something, so that it's not totally silent. Also the jungle bass drum at ~1:20 onwards sounds a little out of place, I think the section does not need that or at least it should fade in. Don't know if it's MySpace, the writing or my speakers, but at 01:50 the song sounds quite distorted and very muddy The outro is okay but the end drum pattern has too much bass drum notes and therefor sounds a little silly imo. Apocalypse Please starts off pretty good I think, there's notable similarities to that previous song, but I like this more. Also the drumwork is tons better here and it sounds better too (better samples). The tuba (I guess?) was a good idea I love tuba. This song sounds a little carnivale near the end. I think it ended too suddenly but in overall I thought it was OK music. This deserved another listening, but Night Revamped should be, as title suggests, revamped.
  6. I like the drum pattern and the samples you used on it. And the overall track sounds pretty bossy too. The synth bass (?) sound I'm not sure if I like or not though, without the drums it sounds a little funny.
  7. Heh, thanks. Actually, a friend of mine said about a week ago, that it reminded him of a certain Chrono Cross song (which is a bit funny since I haven't played that game ever).
  8. I'm bumping this in an attempt to get someone to give feedback.
  9. I don't think I quite understood what kind of process they are going to go through before making it into the game, so I don't know whether I should comment on production or not. Therefor, let's just say they remind me of freeware games of the 90's, such as Wings, that had tracker music, so yeah they definitely sound retro. That's a good thing. 01: Nothing too fancy but sounds like it could fit whatever kind of game you guys are doing, since it's pretty good background music. 04: The mood is pretty different from that other song and it sounds a lot more complex. I still think of Wings, seriously check it out if you don't know the game, it's really good Flying V-shaped planes on caves, trying to shoot down the other planes with different weap...sorry, lost focus there. I don't think I like this track as much as the one before. It's more complex but it's nothing memorable. The beginning was nice but then it builds too much speed for its own good imo. Not as good background music. The drum track and the fastest melodies are the things I like the least in this. Stage 1 Boss: It starts off funny, but not in a good-way-funny. Unless the boss in the stage is some weird pink blob that does not look threatening at all. Take a listen to some of the Megaman games boss musics, they set the mood to a level where you know that shit is going to get rough and intense. Sure, your track gets better after that rocky start but somehow it still doesn't sound like boss music to me. It could be the synth sound too, not just the melody. Okay, at about halfway through the track we're getting closer to that feel of battle, but it's unnecessary for the drum track to lose aggression, which it does near the end. The same could be applied to the whole song. Be aggressive when making boss music! For a more precise review I think I would need to play the game and hear how the songs fit in there. I didn't visit your site so I don't know what kind of game it's going to be. Though I'm hoping for a game where you fly in caves, shooting other planes.
  10. Don't know if you're still working on this, but anyway, no I don't think it's terrible. The repetitive nature of the song is the thing I have most problem with, but other than that it's pretty OK. It's not the kind of music I would listen to with attention, but it's the stuff that fits in a game as background music.
  11. Batman and rap. I'll be damned. Never thought of the idea of mixing THOSE two together... The background stuff is obviously the driving force in the audio clip, but nevertheless, based on what we have here, I have these comments: -Like people have said already, lowering the vocal volume would help. It also sounds like it hasn't been edited at all; try tinkering with dynamics etc. A better mic wouldn't hurt either...You don't want any breath noises in there. -The song ends abruptly and it sounds like some weird shit has been done to the background stuff. Like some sort of strange compression. I don't know. -English is not my native tongue so I can't catch all the lyrics, but I hear there's something about motherfucking, pimping and niggas getting high. Not very Batman-ish if you ask me. Why does it have to be gangsta rap? As is, it almost like blasphemy to me. -Often times, there's an added last word in the sentences, for example "Heart attacks" "Glass" "Dash" "Ass", and so on. It gets old. And sounds a little out of place. Whoops, I accidentally closed the browser window the file was on and I'm too lazy to open it again, but I think I was going say there's a little too much random Yo's and Yeah's in the intro; I'd rather put some actual words in there too. And finally I was going to suggest you'd try out some neat effect on the voice in the beginning, maybe something like an equalizer with fucked up ranges, or an effect that makes the voice sound like it's coming through a megaphone.
  12. I had already began to write about how I think the intro is way too long, but then I realized, the whole song consists of the same pattern repeated over and over, with some new things drawn into it sure, but it's still three minutes of repeat. That's just a little too much to keep my interest. I'd add some actual new stuff into the song drastically. The sounds are good though. You were pondering on turning this into a remix, and (while I don't see it necessary)I could suggest maybe some Kirby game or something like that. To me the mood fits Kirby (or some other harmless-looking character).
  13. Sounds pretty fun and wintery, but I have one major gripe: The song title is absolutely wrong. Not only does it immediately bring Metallica to everyone's mind unless they don't own a brain and have been living in a barrel for the last decades, but the song does not sound at all like someone's trapped anywhere. At best, the title should be something like "Adventure under Ice" or "Happy Fun Times Sliding on an Icy Hill". Change the title and maybe make the song longer, and it's pretty good then.
  14. I don't know why anyone would use YouTube as a channel to make their music heard. The sound goes to shit there. Why not just upload an mp3 somewhere. There are tons of places to choose from that can storage your files. And about the song itself: I hope your not hoping that this would pass the judges panel. The sounds (especially on the "guitar") are BAD, and why is that? Because it's MIDI. The song would be a whole lot better just by removing the guitar track. Better yet, record an actual guitar, or ask someone to do it for you. Also, the drum track sounds bad too. It's as fake as they get. And it sounds to me like it's losing rhythm in 2:49 part. On the plus side, the orchestra stuff is well written (based on a couple of quick looks on some parts, I didn't want to listen to the whole thing as it is). But like before, I wish it would sound better. I understand your limited software, but unfortunately, the horrible quality of the MIDI instruments kills the track thoroughly. Edit: Also, I hope the orchestra stuff isn't ripped from somewhere. I don't know the original, but after listening to the intro of the original and your remix, to me they sound a lot alike.
  15. Seeing that no-one has yet to give any feedback, I went and did the changes I was going to make anyway (mainly raising the snare volume [and adding a delay to it in the first part]) and named the song. However, if anyone feels there's still something major that I should look into, please post your thoughts. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/135436/Zithers_Play_By_The_Withered_Lotus.mp3
  16. Hi folks, here's something that I've been working on for about four or five months every now and then. I think it's almost finished (finally) though I'm still going to tweak the end part later, and naturally if people here see anything that should be fixed, then I do my best to do that. I was getting tired after working about five hours today on the song and I've yet to eat anything so I'm betting there's things to fix. Don't know how to describe the song perfectly, I guess it's some sort of metal (partially) with some oriental influences. I have a name for the song but I'm holding it back until the song is in a condition that I'm comfortable with. So, please give feedback and I'll continue tweaking the song then. Thanks! edit: see 2nd post for link
  17. Well I disagree with you two. I think the song's pretty good. Sure, it's pretty straightforward but it's still good. Also, I don't hear any problem with the vocalist. Well okay, the lyrics are utter shit but the song still sounds good. The mixing is pretty good except for the fact there's a slight amount of clipping (not much though).
  18. I really like the intro, and the way the percussion comes in. I could suggest you try different pitches too, because now it's always the same pitch. It could sound a little more versatile that way. Is the acoustic sampled? It sounds like it is, but playing with velocities might work here. I'm not a fan of the double bass drum beat, but that's just me (it's power metal sure). I would bring the guitars to the front more (in other words, boost the volume a little). Once the double bass drum beat continues again, I'd try adding some more cymbal hits so that it's not always two hits per bar. I also think that vocals would work in this song. Cool breakdown ~halfway through the song and the acoustic part is okay too. I only wish the guitars were more thick. Also, it sounds to me like a few times the chords are played a little late (not much but enough to notice). Once the solo begins, first I'm thinking: "not again the solos" but the dual guitars work. So I'll give you a break this time. Also, this time the solo doesn't sound as random as in your last song I heard, so there's a definite improvement. Same goes for the synth solo, I like the sound and it's pretty well done. The transition to acoustic is fluent enough. But again, I think the distortion guitars step in some milliseconds late. The outro works, but it could be better. I like the idea (classic rock ending), but the actual end is a bit too sudden and steep. Especially the choir track (I think?) sounds a little awkward there. I'd try to make the ending slightly longer and have everything fade out in the end, or something. Also, I noticed the lack of toms in the whole song. There might have been them somewhere (like in the outro), but I'd use a little more throughout the whole thing. Overall, I think this song IS a lot better than your older songs. As a conclusion I'll list briefly again some of the changes I would suggest: -Thicker, and a little bit more louder guitars -More toms / overall drum hits (cymbals) for the drum track -Add vocals -Check the timing of the guitar tracks -Little bit more work on the outro After that the rest will be nitpicking imo (and a job for someone with more experience than me to criticize
  19. I finally got around adding the cartoon samples I had selected to the mix. The song also has a name now. http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/135436/ToonsBloodyToons.mp3 (luckily this thread still existed, I don't think I would've done the same thread again)
  20. First there was a cereal shaped liked a US state. Okay...Then the image of Michael Jackson in a tree stump. And lately, the image of Virgin Mary in a goddamn bird shit?? WTF! Who is stupid enough to fall into that one? A song had to be made of that event. At the moment the song itself is finished structurally, but I'd like to hear some comments concerning mostly the EQ of the vocal tracks. Do you think the song sounds too muddy? That's what I'd like to know. Be open-minded and take a shot. http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/135436/NeitsytMariaLinnunpaskassa.mp3 (It was done with a friend; he did 75% of the lyrics and is the other singer [or shouter if you will], I did everything else) Lyrics (they're finnish): Verse 1: Eräänä päivänä koet herätyksen Enkelit laulaa taustalla ilmestyksen Jumalainen merkki taivaalta annetaan Täsmäiskuna auton etuikkunaan Kertokaa ilosanomaa kaikille Kutsukaa uutistoimittajat heti paikalle Päästäkää kansa ihmettä katsomaan Sisäänpääsy vitosen ja lapset puoleen hintaan Lusikalla annetaan ja kauhalla vaaditaan Siinä tuloksena apinaa koijataan Kuka idiootti matkustaisi katsomaan Yhtä saatanan linnunpaskaa Varsinkin kun siinä väitetyssä kuvassa Olis pelkkä tekopyhä likainen huora Tee itsellesi palvelus ja osta uusi pää Ethän nykyisellä edes tee mitään Chorus: Neitsyt Maria, linnunpaskassa Neitsyt Maria, imagonsa raiskattuna Neitsyt Maria, linnunpaskassa Neitsyt Maria, pyhyytensä haudattuna Verse 2: Hei sinä, joo mä puhun sulle nyt vittu turpa rullalle ja kuuntelet et taida pelata täydellä pakalla ei pyhimyksetkään esiinny missä tahansa et sä saa mitenkään paskasta konvehtii etkä voi sen voimalla kerätä kolehtii jatka vielä vähän, niin mä poltan sun kirkkosi ihan vaan pelkästään vitutuksen vuoksi Marian ilmestys toki tuotteistetaan koko perheelle linnunpaska-t-paidat mukaan nyt taotaan, pian tää rauta jo viilenee idioottien virta aikanaan hiljenee lopulta paljastuu julma tosiasia linnunpaska olikin siemennestetahra mut kansaa ei kiinnosta, ne on jo toisaalla palvomassa perunalastujeesusta Chorus -------------------------------- Rough english translation: Verse 1: One day you get a wakeup call The angels are singing on the background of the revelation A divine sign from the heavens is given With full force to the windshield of a car Spread the word of joy to everyone Invite news reporters to the scene fast Let the people witness the miracle The entrance fee is five bucks, kids go half the price Given with a spoon, demanded with a scoop As a result the dumb is fooled Who the hell would travel to see Just one goddamn birdshit Especially when in the claimed image Would only appear a hypocrite, dirty whore Do yourself a favor and purchase a new head You're not even using the current one Chorus: Virgin Mary, in birdshit Virgin Mary, her image raped Virgin Mary, in birdshit Virgin Mary, her holiness buried Verse 2: Hey you, yes I'm talking to you Now shut the fuck up and listen I suppose you have a few screws loose Not even saints appear anywhere You can't turn shit into chocolate And ask for a collection based on that Continue a little longer, and I will torch your church Just because I'm so pissed off The appearance of Mary is naturally commercialized Birdshit -T-shirts for the whole family to go Now the forging, the iron will cool down soon The flow of idiots will dry out eventually Soon a cruel fact is revealed The birdshit was actually a semen stain But the people don't care, they are already elsewhere Worshipping a potato chip Jesus Chorus
  21. If by a dream you mean a nightmare lololol Just kidding, this is actually not too bad. I would prefer a more complex beat throughout the song for the drums, so far it's pretty simple especially in the beginning even though there's room and possibilities to make the drums, well, more complex to make them a little (or a lot) more interesting. They're better as the song advances though. Also, I'd advice you to try and see if you can throw other lead instruments to the mix as well. Kinda like you did in around 2:30, actually, if I'm not sorely mistaken. Nice breakdown at 4:01. I like the ethnic instrument, though the sound could be better since it sounds artificial now. You could try adding some reverb into it as well maybe? Overall, I thought this piece was pretty decent, no major problems, although with some tweaking it could be noticeably better.
  22. I'll comment the Humanity's Redemption track. The intro: The string/choir thing sounds ok, but the bass is just bad. It's so obviously a sample, that I would definitely, definitely advice you to improve that. Either try a different bass sample, play with the velocities and see if that makes it better, put something to accompany the bass, or just remove it and try to figure out something else there. When the bass starts playing the lower note, it's especially painful. Moving on. The...what is it? Some space sweep? Anyway, that's ok too, but another problem arises with the fast melody. The sample could be better, and the melody also starts a little unexpectedly. Abrupt would be the word to describe it. The guitars. They keep in rhythm well enough, but I don't like how they sound. They're a bit thrashy, that's ok, but they just sound to me like they are played through a sub-par amp. I don't know how much EQing would help, so I'd suggest trying to record with different settings and see if you can make them more full. Okay what the hell is that melody? I'm not trying to be an ass here, but it's just so weird. It comes unexpectedly and bounces all over the place. You don't have to totally erase it, but at least work a better stepping entrance for them, and instead of 32th and whatnot notes, keep it under restrain. Once the out of bounds melody ceases to exist, I'm waiting for the guitar riff to finish its thing and for the song to unleash. And though it takes a little too long for my tastes, finally we hear more than just the hi-hat and bass. The solo is a bit letdown, since there's a few false notes I think. And even when the solo is on scale, it's just a random note after another to me. Some might like it (I'm not saying the solo is terrible), but it just does not cut for me. The part 2 of the solo is more cohesive. The doublebass section with the choir makes me think of old Dimmu Borgir (because of the choir I think). I did not see the sudden twist of turning from heavy rock to metal coming. More soloing. Again, a similar problem with randomness as with the first solo. Is the second solo copypasted? And the metal thing again? Don't like that pad that does one or two notes every now and then, it does not need to be there. I should point out at this point that you've managed to keep the rhythm guitar still on beat, so good job there. I like your standard riffing a lot more than your solos. The breakdown, though it sounds quite strange, is strangely compelling at the same time. Now I'm thinking some obscure early 90's metal. The soloing here is also not as bad as before (i.e it suits better). But the solo before the synth solo is again another display of randomness, and the synth solo...is just plain horrible. I don't like the sound and how it comes into play. I might ask at this point, do you really need this much solos? A third copypaste of the Dimmu Borgir part. I'm cool with that, but do add some bit of variation, for example give the drummer some tom notes, cymbals, anything, so that it's not always the same. Another solo. Before it starts to play random, I like what it does. I would've preferred more that kind of stuff in the solos, if there really has to be so goddamn many of them. The playing in the outro is sloppy. Alright, I finished listening to the song. As you can probably tell, there wasn't a whole lot I liked. It's not necessarily because the song is bad, since I'm quite sure there are probably some people who like this sort of music, but for me personally it wasn't a mindblowing experience. I'm not gonna summarize what I liked and what I didn't like since it's all there. I'm sorry if you feel the review was harsh, but that's what criticism is. Also, I apologise for not mentioning the timecodes in each comment, that's because Tindeck wouldn't let me download the song so I streamed it on a blank page. I hope you can tell by my comments, which section I'm talking about in each sentence (if you even want to do that). For future work, keep on practicing. You got the riffs down, and the drum programming is pretty good, if a little repetitive. But you don't need that much solos! Toss the solos, work on how to make a nice composition, and if the song wants a solo, give it a solo, but don't force them down the poor thing's throat. Also, even if it is a fast solo, it doesn't have to be just random notes. A solo is part of the composition as well, so think about that too. And if you can't play the solo properly, don't use it. Figure out something else. But for the love of god, whatever you do, DON'T substitute it with synth solos similar to what you have here. I hope you're not too madden by this review, and got something to think about.
  23. Not sure what kind of feedback you want then, so I'll just ignore what you said and just point out what I thought. First of all, the strings are a bit cheesy, predictable and artificial sounding in the beginning. In other words I don't like that. Once the guitar riff starts however, the song gets a whole lot better. The guitar is played well. I'm hoping you will implement at least one more guitar track to the next version, so that you'll have guitars on the left and on the right, but not on the dead center. Other than that...I actually can't think of anything else to say. The wip is only one minute long, so it's hard to criticize the actual song structure or anything at this point. I'd say just finish the song, add another guitar to accompany the one you have now, and do something about the dreadful string intro, and you're good to go (or, post another version).
  24. That sounds to me like something out of a copycat-Sierra game from the 80's. I hear there's quite a lot of looping going on, I'd try to spice the drum line a little so that it's not the same all the time. The wooden instrument, whatever it is, could benefit from a little bit of reverb. I felt the sweep pad in the middle of the song was out of place. Overall, not much variation in this song. I've heard worse though. If you could make it somehow more interesting (mostly by not looping so much), I would like it more.
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