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  1. Wow this is nuts...

    I don't see how brandon thinks that this site should be held to higher standards than something like deviantart. Everyone knows that devart can use your art to advertise themselves along with profiting from those ads. How is this any different?

    I have tons of work on devart, I know they use it to draw in my revenue. I'm ok with it. So I don't get a share of it, ok well I didn't put it there to make money i put it there for others to enjoy it. If someone makes some profit off of it so what? They host, they advertise, they manage, it costs time and money for that.

    I respect and admire brandon but he needs to lower his ego just a notch.

  2. I keep opening the home page and another tab at the same time and checking this one second, so by the time I do it has switched from "new single" to "Happy Birthday Final Fantasy IX" only to have a brief flutter of excitement followed by disappointment.  Every. Single. Day.

    I know what that's like :/

  3. Capcom doesn't really need permission to use music that they have the rights to. xP


    Trailers generally don't ever credit the composers, so it would be odd if they did.

    Technically they don't have the rights to it as they didn't create that piece so they don't own it. They could say that the creator did not have rights to make that derivative but once it's done I'm fairly certain they can't just say its ours. Plus it could easily fall under fair use as this piece was inspired by mega man but none of it was actually from megaman.

  4. Turns out they accidentally remixed Final Fantasy XI instead of IX so they gotta shuffle really fast to make a FF IX album now

    So it's a XI mixed with IX....this is either going to be the greatest album ever or the greatest flop.

    Opens up so many more possibilities, mix ff7 with ff10, mix ff6 with mega man, this is going to make someone's brain explode.

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