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  1. Dem

    Nintendo Wii

    I tried it once last night with a five-star connection and lost the connection right before the game started ... ... ...
  2. I'm normally not too kind on the idea of taking songs and throwing lyrics in them when lyrics aren't needed (seeing as how I immediately listen to the instruments instead of the vocals), but Silent did a good job here. I must say - I'm pretty impressed, and I'm not impressed that easily. If you're working on remastering this song and it doesn't make it on OCR, you must send me a copy.
  3. Not to criticize, but how often do remixes "go"? Just poking a bit of fun though. And I agree, this is among my favorites. ever since I heard it long ago. I too have been silent, its only been recently that I've decided to partake in the forums. Well who knows? Maybe I'm wrong, maybe there were some remixes that were "voted off the island". If so I want them, if anyone has them, if they exist. I must complete my collection, for better or for worse. Remixes can go either by a decision by DJ Pretzel if it sounds too much like the original song (ie Ripping the song, etc), or by a personal reques
  4. Making this thread "sticky" or "announcement" and turning off Auto-Pruning in the Configuration should keep it up.
  5. Killing Dracula in CastleVania 1 is simple once you get the technique down. However, your clone in CastleVania 3 was a bitch to clear. And ... Gannondorf from Zelda 64? I had a hard time with him.
  6. I listen to this song a lot, and it's growing on me ... but there's just something in it that I don't really care for. I think it's the fact that some melodies that I like in these tunes are faded, or they just don't seem to be in them. Don't get me wrong, I'm not dissing it or anything ... I mean, I couldn't do that stuff. Well, I could ... but I probably wouldn't even post it up on MY site.
  7. This song is definitely a favorite of mine. What's really nice is the fact that throughout the track, although there is a lot of static and noise, you can still detect the faint melody of Magus's music - when it isn't in the forefront. It rules. Also, wasn't this done by COTMM and Injury (another remixer)?
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