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  1. DISCLAIMER: This is not a joke post. The story within is completely true. Any similarities to persons living or dead is entirely coincidental. I know a friend whose little brother believes Superman 64 to be the best game that exists.
  2. It's a game case for two DS games: you have to slide the bottom part out a bit to unlock the cover, then it'll swing open. The only really worthless part of the preorder bonus is the extra stylus. If it had some kind of cool display around it it would be cool, but it's just a white stylus with 'Castlevania' written on it. The Castlvania stylus extends! It extends! Can't you see how great the extendo-stylus is?!
  3. There's some screenshots of the level 70 PVP Weapons floating around somewhere. All I know is that it's the blue gear, it's still called Grand Marshal's/High Warlord's, and there's a mace (the Grand Marshal's Maul or something like that) that gives +454 Feral AP.
  4. Happy? Draenor is described as a planet "not unlike Azeroth." Until, of course, demonic corruption and the pillaging Orcs started its descent into a barren wasteland. Hellfire Peninsula and that second area you posted, The Netherstorm, both look like wastelands. ...One's just purple and has a floating Naaru building in the middle of it. Seriously, the expansion would get old real fast if every area looked like the fucking Barrens.
  5. For what it's worth, Nintendo confirmed that your VC downloads will be connected to a single account. Hope for the Wifi future?
  6. The only problem I have with MMZX is the form powers. Some, like Hx, are incredibley useful and powerful. Others aren't really good for anything. I'm having a real tough time coming up with a reason to use Px for damn near anything in the game.
  7. Did you make liberal use of Overdrive mode? Remember you can buy an E-Tank from the chick in the Guardian airship. I can't imagine having that much trouble with anything if you come loaded in with 4 SubTanks and an E-Tank. I'll have to see when I get there, though. Regarding HX mode, it is sweet. I also have a fondness for PX mode. Something about throwing shurikens lightning fast while hanging from the ceiling is fun.
  8. He said he wants to get MMZ 2 through 4. The reply was that he'd need 3 and 4 to get the secret bosses. He then replied with a very noticeable reminder that 3 is included in his declaration of "2 through 4."
  9. With the amount of towns in each zone of Outlands and their proximity to one another, I can only salivate at the PvP prospects of such areas.
  10. I have it. It is good. Highly reccommended. The freeform level design adds a lot to the game and the map is a lot more useful than the reviews let on, once you figure out how it works. Controls are tight, graphics are good, even if they don't take advantage of everything the DS can do. No touch screen support so far, which is a bit saddening. It's tough. Not so much as MMZ1/2, but it can give you a run for your money in spots and the Biometals are a challenge. Music is alright. Nothing noteworthy, but it's not annoying. If you liked MMX or MMZ, you'll have a great time with MMZX. It adds just enough to keep it interesting while keeping the Mega Man feel intact. Bonus points for the original Mega Man X homage. You'll know it when you see it.
  11. Ero Elohim

    Sony PS3

    Not to bash on the PS3, but I figured I'd throw this here. I was just up at my local EB, trying to get a copy of Megaman ZX (and failing), when a lady walked in with her son. They walked up to the counter and talked about a return or something, which my friend working there gladly provided. Her son then asked, kinda offhand, if EB knew when the PS3 was releasing. When he got the reply ("November 17th. Were you interested in reserving one? Price is scheduled to be $599."), it was almost tangible how much that hit everyone standing near the counter. I believe the mother's exact words were "You have got to be kidding me?!" Related to the story, I'm not a user of Xfire, so I don't know how good this is. It's clear that Sony needed a leg up in this area, so this'll make things interesting. I wonder if they have a promotional thing going with Xfire's PC service or if the services will connect in anyway. It'd be cool if they allowed people to communicate with PC users via the PS3.
  12. scans from famitsu. http://img31.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=88406_lumarc1_591lo.jpg http://img134.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=88413_lumarc2_528lo.jpg I hope this game comes out here, but judging by the lack of info in English, I guess we won't be seeing it. That looks fantastic. Battle system reminds me of FF Tactics, but the story sequences seem more Disgaea-inspired. I could use a good, involved DS RPG. Here's hoping it comes Stateside.
  13. [23:22] Ero Elohim: I'm goin' [23:22] Ero Elohim: I'm goin' [23:22] Ero Elohim: I'm goin' [23:22] Ero Elohim: Yes, I'm going [23:22] Ero Elohim: I'm goin' [23:22] nightowl*****: wher? [23:22] Ero Elohim: I'm goin' [23:22] Ero Elohim: HArd [23:22] nightowl*****: where? [23:22] Ero Elohim: I'm going [23:22] Ero Elohim: Yes I'm going [23:22] nightowl*****: ew hard? [23:22] Ero Elohim: We're going [23:22] Ero Elohim: We're going [23:22] Ero Elohim: going [23:22] Ero Elohim: Yes, going [23:22] Ero Elohim: We're going [23:22] Ero Elohim: Hard [23:22] Ero Elohim: We're going [23:22] Ero Elohim: Hard [23:23] Ero Elohim: To the [23:23] Ero Elohim: We're going [23:23] Ero Elohim: to the [23:23] nightowl*****: its still loading [23:23] Ero Elohim: HARDWARE STORE [23:23] Ero Elohim: HARDWARE STORE [23:23] Ero Elohim: HARDWARE STORE [23:23] Ero Elohim: HARDWARE STORE [23:23] nightowl*****: wtf --- Sometimes I wonder why (or how) I have friends.
  14. Caydiem was an idiot who only cared for the druid class. Never did anything for paladins or anyone else. The reason she "quit" being a CM was because she was promoted. And shaman are hardly getting nerfed, in fact they're supposed to get the rest of their incomplete review(Bloodfury is being added again somewhere down the line) from 1.11(I think it's 1.13, because 1.12 is focusing on fixing the PvP system). 1.12 is the last patch before Burning Crusade. It's already been confirmed on the Shaman class boards that there will be absolutely no changes to the Shaman class until the expansion is out. If you know anything about MMORPGs, the expansion is going to be riddled with wierd bugs and inconsistencies. 1.13 will probably focus on rooting those out and changing parts of the expansion that frustrate players, to facilitate more sales of the expansion and ward off bad press. Honestly, at this point, Shaman are probably stuck "as-is" for the next six months, at least.
  15. I'm a bit annoyed that it's still going to be incredibly easy to kite a Rogue around. There's very little in there that suggests that'll change. Of course, you could always pick up Elusiveness, Endurance, and Improved Sprint, but then you've just sunk 22 talent points into Combat/Subtlety. Guess it's time to bid a fond farewell to my Seal Fate build.
  16. I just rolled onto Maelstrom - Horde myself. Level 33 Rogue named Feyless. Don't know where you're at (sounds like you hit 60 already) but look me up if you need another /friend.
  17. Jump in a Metal Gear, stay invincible for like 20 seconds I was thinking something more along the lines of a string of awesome slo-mo combos like in Twin Snakes. Backflip Backflip Kick Punch Uppercut Mid Air Kick or something. No. As I stated in the Wii thread, Snake's special should call in Grey Fox (as the Ninja) to jump in, slash at the other characters, then grab the closest one and continually cry out "SNAKE! FIRE THE STINGER!" to which you have 5 seconds to hit B and fire a rocket launcher which detonates in a massive explosion on impact. Come on. I'd laugh my ass off every time the move is pulled off.
  18. The Super Attacks look to be keyed to a type of item (namely, that flashing SSB Logo). If that's the case, they can be turned off, just like any other item. I think that was always the beauty of Smash Brothers for me. The way you can tweak almost anything in the game if you don't like the way it works. Find health-restoring items too cheap and imbalancing? Switched off! And so on. EDIT: Jacked, dammit!
  19. I never consider more characters in a fighting game a bad thing. I'm not the biggest fan of Pokémon, but I certainly don't lament them including Pikachu in the game. If anything, you should be excited that Snake is in the game. Now you get to kick his ass personally.
  20. The Draenei look like my kind of race. Big, beefy, but not giant like Tauren. I might be making another Warrior when Burning Crusade comes out.
  21. Color me close-minded, but the song seems to leave the melody at home and bring an overabundance of accompaniment. From a minimalist point of view, this would work, but there's too much going on in the melody of Flashman and Bubbleman to really leave anything out. Not a bad mix, and it's obvious that some effort went into it, but this isn't something I can get behind. It's not fun to listen to, you find yourself searching through all the drums and distortion to hear a few bars of music and then back to overwhelming harmony. I think I'll stick with SymphonicChronicle's "It's About Time" for Flashman. Bubbleman I'm not too keen on, though I throw SoapAndWater on my playlist once and awhile.
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