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  1. Just popping in to do this. -- Ero
  2. Ero Elohim

    Sony PS3

    So, like, four people? Edit: More seriously, if someone skipped PS2, it wasn't because of a lack of games or money. It was likely because they either don't care at all about video games or they're hardcore anti-Sony. Both reasons why they wouldn't be potential customers for the PS3. I think both Blu-Ray and HD-DVD need to be set on fire and have their ashes dumped into the oceans, so they'll be further mangled by deep sea pressure. I watch regular DVDs on a 50" plasma TV and I don't see any problems that would warrant purchasing a $500+ piece of equipment and all my movies over again.
  3. Especially easy if you choose to abuse the alchemy formula that makes you invincible. Ridiculously easy if you stumble across the glitch that gives you infinite Bazooka ammo.
  4. It'd be incredibly awesome if they updated it to a futuristic setting, but attempted to keep as many running allegories as possible. Essentially, keeping a lot of the old Zelda standbys (boomerang, shield, princess, triforce, master sword, various enemies) there, but in completely reimagined new ways. For instance, the Triforce being some sort of cybernetic enhancement that bestows incredible powers upon the users, the boomerang being less of an L-shaped throwing weapon and instead a type of stun-pistol that shoots in a revolving arc, etc. Would make it fun, given how you could go through the game a few times and suddenly get hit with "Oi! That's what that's referring to from older games!" I realize there was probably a subtext like this already in the thread, but I think it had to be brought to light, since you could interpret the whole thread as "Toss everything out, make a futuristic adventure game, and slap the Zelda name on it." too.
  5. Ero Elohim

    Sony PS3

    I used to be a Nintendo fanboy, but lately I've been pretty ho-hum on all three next-gen offerings. The PS3 is the "god in a box" without a parish to preach to. Hell, it doesn't even have a bible to work with. I.E. It has no games and no coherent following. Sony expected to throw it out and be praised for allowing us to buy their product. The Wii is a conceptually brilliant idea, one that I can come up with a dozen or so ideas that would be amazing games in their own right.** However, it seems like all the industry wants to do with it is make it into a collection of bad PS2 ports and minigames. (**Aside: As an example, one idea I had was getting Capcom to revitalize the Megaman series into a high-speed, action side-scroller, using the Wii-mote's pointing features to control an on screen crosshair allowing Megaman to shoot in full 360 while remaining completely mobile. The game would mostly center around high-energy stages, involving deft platforming and frequent hazards like spike pits and lava, combined with large amounts of mobile, hunter-killer-like enemies who would pursue you around the screen, requiring fast reflexes and good aim to shoot down timely enough that you won't be hampered in your platforming. The thought of something like this being possible while games like Bionicle Heroes are created instead make me loathe developers.) The 360 is the only one I currently own and, honestly, I rarely play it. Most of the games feel like they would've worked better as PC titles, I have no use for the multimedia features, and the game selection itself is far to reliant on the Church of the Shooter. Microsoft hasn't proven itself quite as dirty as Sony, yet, but they're also beginning to slide that way. All in all, I'm starting to agree with the people who said this console generation feels rushed. I'm still playing older PC titles and PS2 games.
  6. Unless you're 12 years old or younger, that did happen in your lifetime. Sega Saturn's "surprise" launch
  7. Ero Elohim

    Sony PS3

    Whoa, leave the PS2 out of a post that comes dangerously close to claiming that Sony hasn't always spewed bullshit. I'll admit that they were decent in the PS1 days. The PS2 however, was so much false information and hype that you can't possibly be forgetting it: Remember the "Emotion Engine" that would allow for individual emotional responses crafted for AI characters on the fly? Smells like "Blast Processing" to me. Remember the FF8 ballroom CGI in real time? Yeah, took Sony 2 years to fess up to that one. Remember "the PS2 will be powerful enough to render 'Toy Story' in real time"? Not even close, Sony. Remember when they threw up charts that compared the PS2's wireframe, no-effects full poly count to the Gamecube's all-effects on full poly count, attempting to make the Gamecube look like a far inferior technical machine? For my purposes, at least, the PS2 was the beginning of the bullshit era and one of the reasons I strongly dislike the company. That they continue it long into the failings of the PS3 is a bad sign and projects an image of a poorly run business.
  8. Possibly just summons a Metal Gear. Wouldn't really be like Snake, though. It should be what I said much, much earlier in the thread: Metal Gear Rex falls onto the stage. Grey Fox leaps onto it, slicing parts off (which fly wildly and can damage opponents). The MG-Rex eventually swats Grey Fox and Snake pulls out his Stinger. Grey Fox declares "FIRE THE STINGER!" and you push A to blow up the Gear. I'd love it.
  9. Ero Elohim

    Sony PS3

    I thought Rogue Leader was pretty good. That's... really all I had to say. Toodles.
  10. I'm going to go with "Not wavedash." If you remember the post from a few days ago, they're incorporating a better physics engine into the game (the one detailing how boxes and such will slide around and down inclines.) It looks like Wario comes back, techs his landing, but because he landed on a sloped surface, he slides along it for a few feet before gaining his own momentum. The reason I think this is because you can see him sorta crouch and bend his knees like he just hit the ground, yet he moves sideways. -shrug- Maybe wavedashing is still in the game, but I wouldn't call this proof just yet.
  11. And Baldur's Gate, Jade Empire, and the upcoming Mass Effect.
  12. There hasn't been a groundbreaking Mario platformer released in the interim for Rare to copy. Banjo 3 is going to suck.
  13. A great deal of that stuff hasn't been released yet. Of the stuff out, there's a woeful shortage of games I like. I had a huge response typed out, but I really don't want to start a flame war in the middle of the thread. I'll just say this: Your list would make me buy a XB360 if it was 2008, but it isn't and there's a lot of "upcoming" in that post that may turn out to be duds. Not to mention that the person I responded to wanted to know if there were innovative things coming out for 360. Most of the games you listed are nothing new. For instance, I'm still convinced Assassin's Creed is going to be Prince of Persia 3.5.
  14. If you're looking for something innovative and new, don't buy a 360. I'll catch a lot of heat for saying that, but I've been absurdly disappointed in mine. The majority of the games are overpriced and bring nothing new to the table. It's all graphics flash, pumped up into HD resolution, which is great (I have a 50" plasma flat-screen), but entirely unnecessary. Whenever I hit up a game store, I pretty much stare at the 360 section for a while before walking away to pick up a new PS2 or DS game because the system is inundated with shooters and sports titles. It has no non-shooter action or adventure, and very few RPGs. If you like shooting stuff, you'll probably never get tired of it, but right now the system sits around, unplayed. It bleeds into the online, too. Pretty much every game with online multiplayer is a shooter. So, again, if you like shooting stuff, hooray! Otherwise, meh.
  15. Just started over after a pretty long hiatus. I didn't get exceedingly far last time I was in-game, and that character was split between too many paths. He had combat skills, hauling skills, mining skills, etc. It was just a mess. So now I'm Janni th'Gait (stupid 2 word limit on names), a Gallente pirate-in-training. I'm tooling around in Empire, training my skills and hitting up low-level complexes in my destroyer for salvage and ISK. I'm still appalled that I didn't start with Electronics or Engineering. All newbie characters should start with level 3 of each, they're too important. Having 5/5 Small Hybrid Turret right off the bat is nice, though.
  16. Just to expand, and so the info is out there, the types of turret fall into four categories, with two designations each. They are: [Name = Short Range, Long Range] Projectile = Autocannon, Artillery Hybrid = Blaster, Railgun Laser = Pulse, Beam Missile = Missile, Missile =) Missiles are kind of in a world of their own. They follow completely different rules compared to the other three (commonly referred to as just "Guns").
  17. Pfft. Only moron Caldari use duct tape on Minnie ships. REAL Matari pilots know that the pieces flying off like that just add to the drag wing... coefficient... algorithms. They're supposed to do that!
  18. Depends on what you want to fight. If you're more for killing Frigates, kit out with Autocannons and fill your last two High Slots with Nos (Energy Vampires). Throw a Web in your mid slot and watch as the Frigs attempt to tackle, you web them up, drain all their cap, and pound them into submission. If you're more looking for Cruiser v. Cruiser warfare, I'd go with Artillery cannons and missiles. The bonus to ship velocity means you can slot sensor boosters, increase your ships max range, and stay outside your enemies' firing range while pounding them with shells. Honestly though, Minmatar are meant to be versatile, but so little of their ships have missile bonuses that it seems counterproductive to use launchers in almost every situation.
  19. Unfortunately, EM weapons (especially Amarr beams) are pretty much designed to rip shields in two. If it really bothers you, you could train up "Tactical Shield Manipulation" and slap a Photon Field on there, which won't drag on your ships capabilities, but can be activated to give a 50% boost to your shield's EM resistance. It's not the best solution (as you could still be crippled by a surprise alpha before you have time to harden up, not to mention it's taking up a slot that could be used for other things) but it's certainly a surprise when someone thinks they have your weakness pinpointed and the tables turn.
  20. Ouch. Another one bites the dust. At the rate this is going, I wonder when Sony might consider aggressively pricing the system. It's a strange slope, though. A price cut this early in the system's life might scare off potential customers as Sony "losing faith in their product." Here's hoping MGS4 follows suit, as it's one of (the last?) major franchise clinging to Sony. EDIT: Whoops. Missed a quotation in there. Stupid forum code.
  21. Seeing as it's most likely going to have a better translation, I might need to get this.
  22. Targetting system? There's a toggle on the controller that'll turn FCS Lock-On on and off, it defaults to holding the left analog stick in for about 3 seconds. If, when the system gets "knocked out," it's replaced by a series of horizontal lines directing your firing path (similar to the targetting "highway" that shows when you're using rockets), that's what's happening.
  23. Ero Elohim

    Sony PS3

    I would think that, just by looking at older interviews before the first God of War came out, you could deduce that the game wasn't innovative. I remember reading one such interview where David Jaffe specifically says that God of War wasn't anything new; He states that they're simply trying to combine everything great about other action games and polish the whole experience. Most reviews of the game echoed that sentiment as well. The whole "No, it's not new, but it's a damn good game." angle was repeated time and time again. As far as Resistance goes, I haven't played it. I've seen videos and interviews with Insomniac, though, and it doesn't look like they've done anything terribly new there. A few mildly interesting weapons, nothing like the Ratchet and Clank series, and a really pretty engine are what I see in Resistance.
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